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Duran Duran reveals tracklist, cover art for ‘A Diamond in the Mind’ live CD/DVD/Blu-ray

After teasing its release with a fairly uneventful video clip, Duran Duran now has released the full tracklist and cover art for its upcoming live package “A Diamond in the Mind,” which is set for release in the U.K. on July 2 on all-region DVD and Blu-ray, in addition to a deluxe edition that features the 19-song concert film on both formats in addition to a bonus CD with 14 of those songs. It’s not year clear whether a U.S. release is in the cards, too, for the concert film, which was recorded Dec. 16, 2011, in Manchester, England.


Tracklist: Duran Duran, “A Diamond in the Mind: Deluxe Edition”

DVD and Blu-ray
1. “Return To Now”
2. “Before The Rain”
3. “Planet Earth”
4. “View To A Kill”
5. “All You Need Is Now”
6. “Blame The Machines”
7. “Safe (In The Heat Of The Moment)”
8. “The Reflex”
9. “The Man Who Stole A Leopard”
10. “Girl Panic!”
11. “White Lines”
12. “Careless Memories”
13. “Ordinary World”
14. “Notorious”
15. “Hungry Like The Wolf”
16. “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise”
17. “Wild Boys/Relax”
18. “Rio”
19. “A Diamond In The Mind”

1. “Before The Rain”
2. “Planet Earth”
3. “A View To A Kill”
4. “All You Need Is Now”
5. “Come Undone”
6. “Blame The Machines”
7. “The Reflex”
8. “Girl Panic!”
9. “Ordinary World”
10. “Notorious”
11. “Hungry Like The Wolf”
12. “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise”
13. “Wild Boys”
14. “Rio”






  1. Boring setlist. Only the ‘greatest hits’ and new songs. And not even the best of the new ones, where is ‘Being Followed’, ‘Mediterranea’, ‘Other Peoples Lives’? Where is anything rare that would make me want to buy this?

    Very disappointing, I’ll stick with the ‘Live From London’ 2004 live DVD.

    Duran Duran had better start shaking up their setlists or they are going to lose concert-goers.

    • @Joe… LOL, you’ve just named my 3 least fave tunes on All You Need Is Now! Anywho, we’ve all got opinions, and favorite tunes, and songs all thought should or shouldn’t have been there. It is what it is. :)

  2. Duran Duran are a great live band but i agree, their set lists are getting fairly predictable. The last time i saw them was at the 02 London in 2008, a few new songs from that disastrous Massacre album and all the hits – very 80s revival circut if you ask me ;)

  3. Agree with Paul & Joe, Duran Duran play well live, but when I saw them last year it was only 17 songs and just the hits and some new songs. Boring.

    Their latest US tour is a run of casinos and winery’s. I mean, it’s getting geriatric, lol.

  4. A lot of people may disagree with me but i honestly think that the 2003 Fab Five reunion was the worst thing they could have done, up until then they had made a steady progression in terms of making interesting music with Warren Cuccurullo (Medazzaland is their finest hour imo). They became a museum, collecting all the has-been awards and their albums since 2004 have sucked.

  5. No Paul, the worst thing Duran Duran did was lose Roger & Andy back in ’86, and then put out an ‘adult contemporary’ record (Notorious) dressed in tuxedos when people wanted the ‘View to A Kill’ and ‘Wild Boys’ sound to continue.

    Except for ‘Ordinary World’ they never really regained momentum from that debacle.

    The reunion was great because we got Andy back, but then they stupidly lost him again over the Timbaland/Timberlake debacle with Red Carpet Crapstorm.

    Over the years the band has made some really dumb choices, and this DVD is yet another one

  6. I disagree, the Duran Duran of 1986-2000 was a fine band, 1990’s Serious is their best track, just my opinion is all.

  7. Andy Taylor cant touch Cuccurullo, it was a crime to get rid of him.

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