Video — April 26, 2012 at 6:19 am

Video: The Cult, ‘For the Animals’ — first single off upcoming ‘Choice of Weapon’

With the release of Choice of Weapon — The Cult’s first new album in five years — now just a month away, the band this week released a music video for the record’s first single, “For the Animals.” The clip, which you can check out above, only features the band members in short cameos. The new album arrives May 22.







  1. Mystic rocks, alright! Seriously, that was a very tight single. It would be a real coup if that one made it onto the charts with the likes of the Black Keys or Jack White. Great song.

  2. Great song and outstanding video. The actress perfectly embodies the message in a performance as powerful as the song itself. If this doesn’t hit the charts and win awards, something’s really wrong.

  3. Good lord! Sorry to disagree Andy, but to my ears, that was one of the most utterly horrendous songs I’ve ever heard! And I am speaking as an ex-Cult fan…whatever it was that once made them magical has sadly gone…just my opinion of course. Video a bit cliche’d too.

  4. Love the song! The Cult still have it and it’s stronger than their last album for sure. My favorite band still has some life left in’em. I saw them at SXSW this year and they blew the roof off.

    Too bad the video isn’t too thrilling, but I don’t blame them for not sinking a lot of cash in it since no one plays videos that much anymore.

  5. No harm, Clive. I’m not that great of a Cult fan. I’ve only owned Dreamtime or Love and have only listened to those albums all the way through.(both on cassette by the way) I just like the immediacy and simplicity from a popular song composition pov. Also, I could see this played in between the late 60’s Rolling Stones and the Clash on a radio station in the desert and enjoying the hell out of it. Regarding Cult magic, I agree there is no magic in this song, I think it’s bones are made of the nerve and perseverence of these old gents rocking. I absolutely enjoyed what I perceived the video as, a bit tongue in cheek, thus the mystic rocks.

  6. This is the first new song since ‘Rise’ that has actually sparked my interest in The Cult. ‘Born Into This’ was awful, as was the EP they put out.

    This is a decent song. I’ll get the album and see the show when they play in my city, as they always put on a good show.

    People have to understand that none of the bands featured on this site from the 80’s will ever put out music remotely as good as they did in the ‘hey day’.

    Duran Duran came close with AYNIN… but for the most part, I haven’t heard anything from the 80’s band genre that has really impressed me in a long time.

  7. Jack Dale

    I find the song pretty good! anyone know the name of the actress??

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