Video: Watch BBC’s ‘Punk Britannia: Part 2, Punk 1976-1978’ — full episode

Last night, Britain’s BBC Four aired the second installment of the new three-part “Punk Britannia” documentary series, billed as a look at the “historic cosmology, meteoric impact and smouldering aftermath of the most genuinely transformative force in British popular music history.” Thanks, once again, to YouTuber syden1, you can now watch the full, hour-long Part 2, subtitled “Punk 1976-1978,” via the playlist embedded above. The final part, “Post-Punk 1978-1981,” debuts on BBC Four next Friday, June 15.

And if you missed Part 1, “Pre-Punk 1972-1976,” it can be seen in full here.







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  • No mention of the Ramones’ transformative London concert in 1977. Also, the arc from ‘punk’ to ‘post-punk’ without more mention of the Stranglers (#2 hit with ‘Golden Brown’ in 1981) seems a bit remiss, especially as they came up through the pubs, and ‘rode the wave’ through punk, and came through quite well.

  • Agreed with AJ that the lack of mention of The Ramones UK tour in either of the first two episodes was a big oversight. As influential as the New York Dolls were on McLaren/Pistols, the Ramones shows – especially the one recorded for “It’s Alive!” – were a big influence as well. Really surprised that they were ignored.

    As for The Stranglers – Hugh Cornwell makes a brief appearance in this episode, but I’m assuming (or hoping, at least) that they’ll be featured more prominently in next week’s, since it covers the 1978-81 timeframe during which “Golden Brown” was a huge hit.

  • Nick O'Riley

    Wow – Ummm, I’ll just say, look closely at the guy at the very beginning. He’s talking about how life in England was painted in three colors: ORANGE, RED and BROWN – while sitting on an ORANGE & BROWN Banquette !! Also, it’s getting a bit tiresome to hear the stalwarts of punk drone on and on about the evils of conservatism, whilst never saying a wit about what their own party did to them. Come on all you punks – a little bit of self-inspection never hurt nobody!!

  • Your missing the point.the title says punk Britannia.

  • Squid

    Loving this series. I made a related playlist on spotify



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