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Stream: Dead Milkmen, ‘Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch’ 7-inch — 3 new songs

The Dead Milkmen are celebrating Halloween today by debuting three brand-new songs off the first in a new series of limited-edition 7-inch singles online — but only until midnight. The tracks include “Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch” and “Ronald Reagan Killed the Black Dahlia,” off the 7-inch itself, and a bonus digital track: a cover of ROME’s “Little Rebel Mine” featuring Audrey Crash.

You can stream them today via the band’s Soundcloud page; after that, you’ll have to hunt down the vinyl. And if you’re in Philadelphia, they’re playing a Halloween show tonight.

As Rodney Anonymous writes on the band’s message board:

“In honor of Halloween (The greatest holiday in like the history of Forever) we’ll be placing all three sides (WTF? OK. There’s two sides with an extra digital track ) of the first in a series of limited edition vinyl singles on Soundcloud for you to hear for 24 hours. And that’s 24 hours in-a-row mofo’s! None of this 38 seconds here-and-there BS that tragically marred the release of Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ (Available at Walgreen’s)”


STREAM: The Dead Milkmen, “Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch”






  1. Eh… not bad. First song is classic DM. Would really like to see these guys do a real tour. Not sure one offs here and there.

    Get out on the road, 20 – 25 dates in the major cities, and give everybody a chance to see them live again.

  2. Notch Johnson

    I’ve been on a milkmen kick of late. I think I’ve listened to “in praise of sha na na” about 10 times in the last week…

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