Contests — November 27, 2012 at 6:00 am

Contest: Win Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Elysium’ on vinyl, set of ‘Leaving’ singles — and more

As we near the end of the year, the good folks at Astralwerks are hooking us up with a Pet Shop Boys prize pack — new album Elysium on vinyl, plus the “Leaving” single in every format — to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader, plus a couple bonus items: new albums from Kylie Minogue and Diamond Rings.

The full prize pack includes:

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment below naming your favorite Pet Shop Boys album, and give us a few words on why you think it’s such a great record.

RULES: This contest is open to everybody in the world and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Friday, Dec. 7. After that point, we’ll select one winner at random and contact him or her via e-mail — so please remember to use legit addresses when you enter. And if the winner doesn’t respond after one full week, we’ll select a new one. One entry per person, please.

Below, check out a playlist with videos from Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue and Diamond Rings.

UPDATE: Congrats to winner Matt Holloman, and thanks to everybody who entered and shared their thoughts.





  1. Wayne Carter

    Classic and timeless, melancholy yet warm.

  2. Tim Anderson

    My favorite PSB LP is “Very”, followed closely by “Behavior” and “Introspective”.

  3. Brandon Neil Ragan

    “Behavior” is my favorite Pet Shop Boys album. It was the album that gave me the courage to be myself.

  4. Does “Relentless” count as an album? I love it because it was the first time I heard music that was quite definitely Pet Shop Boys but didn’t sound like anything I’d previously heard from Pet Shop Boys.

  5. Actually is my favorite PSB album. It was my first PSB record (yes, I bought it before Please) and it brings back good memories. I remember playing “One More Chance” and “Heart” over and over again.

  6. I would have to go with Very, as it’s stuffed full of great pop tunes. The PSB definitely hit a creative high when they recorded this album. I love the singles, Can You Forgive Her?, to Yesterday, When I Was Mad and Go West. Plus I absolutely adore Young Offender, The Theatre and To Speak is a Sin. Plus if you bought the ltd edition, you got the bonus of Relentless.

  7. “Please” – Lets make lots of money!

  8. Behavior: because it’s the soundtrack of my life.

  9. BILINGUAL. It’s their most successful happy/sad balance between pop and art. Cynical, but still fun and positive. All great songs that form a cohesive suite and flawless production that’s mindful of the day’s trends but is confident enough to do its own thing (and sounds almost timeless–no small feat for a disco-pop record).

  10. Behaviour… why? Because there is no better record who make nice notes masterfully melancholic.

  11. John Pascavage

    “Actually”…. Dusty Springfield and “What Have I Done To Deserve This?”… enough said….

  12. Actually. Great production and probably their best song, “Rent.”

  13. “Behaviour” because is the top of their incredible career

  14. Scott Mueller

    “Very” . . . because it was the album (and promotional videos) that made me realise how funny Chris & Neil are. “Of course it’s all on tape / But no one will find out.” Brilliant!

  15. Discography is my favorite. Why you ask… It was my first EVER Compact Disc and had all the hits from my PSB vinyl collection that I could now listen to on my NEW Sony Discman.

  16. carlo mascheroni

    INTROSPECTIVE! I think it’s their best record. it surely is at the top of my list of the records that i would take with me… I dunno, if I should go to the moon. The NME once said that the PST are The Smiths you can dance to. I totally agree. And as they get older they get better and better. What about the cover? Pure pop perfection. As Introspective is. Ciao and hope to win. Fingers crossed

  17. Favourite is Bilingual. Es el álbum más subestimado. (By a mile)

  18. Behaviour, great album all the way through. Being Boring and How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously? Introspective is another one I can listen to anytime.

  19. “Very” – pure electronic pop goodness…

  20. Very… a great combination of electronics and strings. Every song could be a single. It also ushered in the era of kitschy PSB album design.

  21. ahhhh…. I love Pet Shop Boys since so many years ago…. oops! How Old am I!? haha… I wanna win, Please!!!!!

  22. Behaviour – they’ve yet to top it, but have often come close.

  23. I always liked “Release” best, because it isn’t a over the top party album as some of the other PSB records are, but solid pop songwriting instead.

  24. Dennis Burlingham

    I always liked Very the best.

  25. Behavior is my favorite PSB album followed by Very.

  26. Their latest album Elysium is amazing, just with the album reference alone and the amazing hits I know its going to be good. All their albums are like amazing :

  27. Behaviour is immense. Deep, lyrically amazing and so moving!

  28. Behavior …. because it contains my fav all time PSB song “Being Boring”

  29. Matthew James

    Very, of course. Perfect straight through. Beautiful packaging. Best bonus disc of any PSB album.

  30. Kevin Griffin

    Release – It is the most honest album the PSB have put out and allowed everyone to see how talented they are even when stripped down from their heavy synths and electronics. Elysium I think is the closest they have come to following up this great record.

  31. Nightlife. Because it makes the sun shine on rainy days. Simply perfectionism.

  32. Behaviour, just great music

  33. Nightlife: hands down my favorite album by PSB because of it’s melancholy songs juxtaposed with New York City Boy. An amazing album!

  34. Actually is actually my favourite one. Maybe because I fell in love with PSB music with this one…

  35. Acoidán Hernández

    I would say ‘Fundamental’. It’s Pop, art and perfection.

    • I almost picked that one since it a very well rounded PSB cd, it has good dance tracks and good slow to medium pace songs about love, life and the political landspace at that time and currently.

  36. I suggest “Behaviour,” because it balances a wry sense of humour with the genuine difficulties of ‘modern’ romance within a soundscape that I simply enjoy.

  37. Nightlife. I know it’s probably not their best, but I grew up listening to it over and over again and so “Vampires” became one of my favourite sexy songs of all time. I’m not even that into “NYCB”.

  38. Actually – it contains some top singles and is great all the way through

  39. “Relentless”. Was a great album to commute to, lots of energy and driving beats.

  40. I’ve been a fan since WEG, but the period of Behavior, Discography, Very and Alternative, is as pop-perfect as you can get. Behavior is my all-time, desert island, favorite record.

  41. A favorite? That’s a tough question. I would say my favorite is Fundamental. The tour following Fundamental was one of the few times PSB came to SLC. Great show.

  42. Controversially, Yes. By 2009, PSB were well placed as part of the Pop Establishment, but had been suffering commercially for some time. So they went right back to their roots and created an album of pure, unashamed, unadulterated pop.

  43. First and foremost Pet Shop Boys are my all time favorite group. Notice there is no The in front of PSB!!! The sign of a true fan. I have been a fan since the first single West End Girls and have seen them on every concert tour. My favorite record by them is “Very” It has all the classic elements that make PSB great. Musicality Humor Style and most of all Intelligence. No else in Pop music can claim that!!!

  44. Please remains the favorite, as it was the first I knew and loved. Being Boring, however, is the best song.

  45. ‘Behaviour’ is my favorite, for tackling mature themes in modern pop. And the production is so lush.

  46. Bilingual. Brash and bold, and Very Pet Shop Boys.

  47. Definitely Please. West End Girls was such an enigmatic song to a young 11 year old. Then Opportunities hit MTV and I was hooked. A couple of years later I bought the cassette and loved every track and played the tape to oblivion.

  48. Behavior. Poetry with a beat. I never tire of this album. It has some of the finest and purest songwriting. Very defining of the PSB and their abilities.

  49. My favorite PSB album is “Alternative” as it present the other side of what the PSB are.

  50. Alternative.
    With B-Sides as good as this, who needs singles? Although they’re not bad as a singles band, either…

  51. Introspective because it has my favortive PSB song I’m not scared. It was sort of the song of my life growing up as a teen to not be scared of who I am and to accept it, plus the music is great on that song. I love the other songs on this CD. It is a cd that relaxes me and put me in a good safe place.

  52. I would have to go with Please. Any artist can make good singles, but a true musician can make album tracks that stand out even more. “Two Divided by Zero”, “Tonight is Forever”, and ” Why Don’t We Live Together?” all have stood out even beyond the awesome singles!

  53. Introspective – in 1988 I gave in and bought a cd player. I had 2000+ lps and swore I would never own a cd. I gave in because of Introspective. I wanted to hear it in it’s pure, digital beauty. It was well worth it. I played it over and over. I still have my lps, as well as over 1200 cds!

  54. Behaviour – Further Listening. This album is deep – the music, the lyrics, the themes… The music stands the test of time, and does not sound 20 years old. Simply superb! A rare ‘listen all the way through’ experience for me.

  55. Behaviour. This is still the perfect album to drift off to blissful slumber alongside. It’s slow and soothing, but does have great hits like “So Hard” too. Nothing else in their cannon tops the album ending trilogy of “Nervously”/”The End of the World”/”Jealousy”

  56. Alternative. 4 words…It must be obvious.

  57. Actually – nothing beats Dusty

  58. INTROSPECTIVE, I Had Just came Out and All so got kicked out of the Navy for being GAY. I loved playing this CD in my apartment and dance around feeling free…years later Very-Relentless, gave me the feeling of being free again and dance dance dance….

  59. ”Behaviour, because it’s a great mix with songs that make me travel in my mind, whatever, is a huge album, real pop, SO magical.”

  60. Disco 2! Put this album on and before you know it, the dishes are done, your albums are organized, and you’re dancing around looking for something else to do.

  61. Very. It’s very pet shop boys…

  62. ALL the Very album. It’s a musical tecnological jump, and the cd box (like a Lego brick) it’s a little pop art piece.

  63. Behaviour-without a doubt the height of PSB’s greatness.

  64. My pick is ‘Fundamental’. The theme and the “feeling” of this LP is wonderful. “I made my excuses and left” is so sad, and has the beautiful intro sung by Chris. “Minimal” is just fantastic pop. And there’s “Luna Park” – one of my favorite PSB songs ever. Tough to pick a favorite though. Longtime fan since ‘Please’. I will say ‘Elysium’ is very well done and I love listening to it.

  65. My favorite album is Please , hit after hit. Oh and West End Girls

  66. It has to be “Please” – West End Girls was the first song I heard from PSB and I have never looked back.

  67. Normally I would say “Behaviour” since it spoke to me at that time in my life. I used to listen to it endlessly but perhaps a bit too much. Nowadays when I want to listen to PSB I get “Please” most often since it’s pop at it’s best from beginning to end.

  68. Pet shop boys, Please.
    The textbook example of how brilliant a pop debut could be

  69. Alternative. Intelligent pop music.

  70. Behaviour for sure. Not the most heralded album in their catalog but it’s the best complete album they ever released in my opinion.

  71. Though Actually and Introspective sealed my fanship, the 1990s needed to end with Nightlife. Nightlife it is.

  72. Introspective, if only because it contains the absolute best PSB single ever, and probably the best single of the 80s period, in Left To My Own Devices. I would LOVE to win this! Huge fan.

  73. Actually is a close second but Behaviour is definitely number one for me. An overall great album and it includes my favourite PSB song, Being Boring.

  74. Actually.
    I love it because of its distinction from other PSB’s albums./

  75. Elysium – A great mixture of Happy/Sad songs.

  76. Please is brilliant.

  77. “Behaviour” brilliant songs with brillant videos !

  78. My all time favorite is “Nightlife”, I remember how my sister used to play it and of course my favorite song was “New York City Boy”.

  79. The other Keith

    Behaviour. Classic and timeless, melancholy yet warm.

  80. Alternative for the great remixes.

  81. Fundamental
    Awesome up-tempo album!

  82. I have to go with Behavior. This album was integral to my high school and college days. It was filled with so much originality and class.

  83. Nightlife is my favorite PSB album. I think it is their most perfectly conceived concept album and it includes two of my favorite songs: For Your Own Good and Closer to Heaven. Also, just to keep with the theme of the contest, it included a duet with Kylie (In Denial). Thanks.

  84. Tony Simmons

    Introspective is my favorite PSB album. It May have been the timing of it that made it special but just graduating from high school that year in 1988 I had lots of time to listen to music and pretty much wore out my tape of it. Love their music from start to finish though.

  85. Behaviour because they were at their best. its also the first album of theirs i bought long before i bought any others and i know all the songs by heart.

  86. Very. It was the soundtrack to my college years.

  87. Release is my favorite PSB album. It is more of a rock lp and I love the song I Get Along.

  88. “Please” I have fond memories of receiving this album as a gift in high school. I was hooked when I put the needle on the record and “Two Divided by Zero” began playing through the speakers.

  89. Behaviour. First tour of the US, and the first of the FIVE times I got the pleasure of meeting them. I was subsequently ‘published’ in the book “PSB vs America” that chronicled the tour, including my picture with them and a portion of a letter I had left in their dressing room…what more could a fan ask for than to be so personally acknowledged?

  90. Behavior– because of “Being Boring,” of course. Between that and “Jealousy” it was almost a snapshot of my life at the time it came out.

  91. Dion Chanyungco

    My favorite PSB album is Nightlife. Simply because they have a duet there with Kylie titled In Denial :)

  92. Bilingual, just because it was fun to hear what they could do with atypical rhythms for half an album.

  93. Favorite Pet Shop Boys? It’s A Sin to have to choose betwixt and between Please and Actually since some great songs arose from both but I love S h o pp ing so Actually it is! Plus love Dusty Springfield appearing on What have I done to Deserve This…probably nothing other than remembering my lost youth and this would be great way to bring the past up to date..nothing like the music of the good ol days on vinyl, no less, along with new advances in tech. Love it!!!

  94. Behaviour; because i had it on heavy rotation, when it came out.

  95. Behaviour, because if I had to explain to something on another planet who PSB are, this is what i would play

  96. jasmine garden

    My favourite psb album is behaviour because the lyrics and music are both fabulous and poignant. I think this is the pet shop boys most emotive album and as I am a libran i particularly am fond of October symphony which is a beautiful piece of music.

  97. Xavier Rodríguez

    Nightlife, because of the song In Denial with kylie Minogue.

  98. the pets rule – ever did!

  99. Behaviour is my favourite PSB album for several reasons. It’s lyrically one of their best, musically varied and there’s a perfect mix of fast and slow tracks. Emotionally and thematically it’s also a very strong record, covering subjects as common as a break-up to more diverse topics such as The Russian Revolution. However the most important reason for me is my engrained emotional connection to it and the years that followed, where I had my first major relationship with a PSB fan. I still listen to this album now.

  100. Behaviour.

    It transcends every mood, every season. Without a doubt, it’s their warmest and most personal record to date.

  101. Yes (2CD version); I love the early stuff but this CD has been a staple since its release.

  102. #1 Behaviour: “My October Symphony” is the Pet Shop Boys at their literary best.

    #2 Bilingual Further Listening: Their cover of the Bernstein/Sondheim classic “Somewhere” is brazen and sublime at the same time.

  103. The best Pet Shop Boys album is Very because they really changed the pop music in that year, it was so advanced for the era, I could describe it as avant-garde electronic music. I still do listen it, is that kind of albums that make a whole atmosphere in the middle of your room.

  104. My favourite PSB album is Behaviour, such a great album with wonderful production and wonderful songs, such as Jealousy, Being Boring and So Hard.

  105. Daniel Sean Sallier


    Not because it put them on the map, because it’s a fantastic album from beginning to end.

  106. Very – it’s a brave and honest and uplifting album from a band that so many people marked off as ironic, deadpan, etc. it’s also their first ‘makeover’ from a band that has undergonre changes and ‘makeovers’ for nearly 30 years while still holding onto the heart of PSB and what makes them so original, so unique, and so beloved by their fans, traits that describe ‘very’ as well

  107. Richard Mann

    Nightlife. Because of the strings, the songs, the artwork and Kylie Minogue.

  108. let me add one more sound to the crowd – “Behaviour” tops it for me. autumnal, poignant and still very pop – it’s the sound of growing up before one’s time.

  109. Shane Collins

    Favorite Pet shop Boys album would have to be Please it was good

  110. Alternative is my favorite PSB album. They have the best b-sides of any group out there!

  111. I am going to have to go with Introspective. That mix of Domino Dancing is just superb – not to mention Left to My Own Devices. Fabulous!

  112. peter polegate

    I adore all the pet shop boys albums but my favourite has to be Behaviour because the melodies are beautiful, the lyrics are sensitive and I particularly love Nervously.

  113. Actually album is the best of all petshop boys album for me. “what have i done to deserve this”, “Rent”, “its a sin” etc..this album is solid.

  114. “Very” it makes me happy and dance !!

  115. David Sutton

    My favorite PSB album is Behaviour. It encompasses every mood and sound the PSB create and stand for.

  116. Name just ONE!?!? That is going to be hella tough, but if I HAD to pick just one it would be the first one, Please. Every song on it was a hit in my opinion. I could listen to it over and over and not get tired of it.

  117. Behaviour, because is a “frame by frame” of my life…

  118. I was suffering from a broken heart in a unfamiliar city in a rented appartement and the only LP available was “Actually”. For two weeks I heard nothing else and Neil mended my broken heart.

  119. For Best, I may have to agree with most that Very is (sorry) very very good. But Nightlife and Behaviour make it difficult to choose.

  120. Jose Luis Quiroga

    My favorite PSB album is BEHAVIOUR, cause I think in my humble opinion, that its the most melodic album and have songs with marvellous lyrics. Also, without doubt, is the best PSB album to date.

  121. Behaviour: such a classic, timeless, ahead of its time, beautiful melodies and deep lyrics that encouraged me to be who I am today.

  122. Hi, for me the best album of PSB is Behaviour. Remember me winter afternoon like in 90s, when i back from school , and rain is coming, and listen the face of truth. Everytime i listen behaviour i remember my good teen times. For me this album is jewel of music. Greets from Chile ..

  123. Behaviour. Such a departure in tone from the earlier albums, and still timeless in it’s quality. Being Boring is my fave PSB song ever.

  124. nightlife, love that album & it was a great tour too

  125. my FAvourite would be Fundamental.its very un-PSB yet very PSB.”whos that knocking on the cellar door…its Fundamental.”

  126. Nightlife: This album really opened my heart to them and from that moment they are a very important part of my life.

  127. Christopher Rusk

    Very is my favorite. It was released when I was very insecure about my life and lifestyle. It gave me confidence to move forward and dream about my reality. I share many amazing memories with friends because of the Pet Shop Boys. Very was the inspiration for my designation. Thank you!

  128. Bilingual: Mainly because Se A Vida E was the first Pet Shop Boys song I ever heard and its so beautiful and summery! Red Letter day and The Survivors are also brilliant, and I love the darkness of Discoteca!

  129. At the moment “Elysium” is my favoutite Album because it reflects the way the autumn of life feels like.

  130. Behaviour!!!

    Simply direct to heart with few great songs!!!

  131. Please
    It’s their first album with some of their best singles and back then I was old enough already to appreciate the music. Also “please” do let me win the big prize :)

  132. Very (1993)

    This is the first music albut that I’ve ever listen to (in 1994) and since than no matter what music I liken now – “Very” is still my favorite one !

  133. Very, it’s dancey and very good. Not to mention as a supporter of the LGBT community it’s pretty cool to have songs talk about supporting gay rights before everyone else did. Mad props to the Pet Shop Boys.

  134. Behaviour, because it’s classic and timeless. The Pet Shop Boys are at their best.

  135. Is difficult choice only one album from Pet Shop Boys, but Behaviour is one of my favorites. Great lyrics, melancholic and perfect sound.

  136. Very.

    Best album ever. Best album cover ever.

  137. Soficrazyinlove

    My favorite álbum is Nightlife!! I really really love that album, i listen to it always and i don’t get tired. It has a lot of energy, good lyrics and i Think it is an album different from the others!! I like cd Very too but I prefer Nightlife!!!

  138. Natasha Karol

    I love Actually and treasure my version on vinyl. The Pet Shop Boys were the first band I bought a ticket for and they will always be my favourite band.

  139. Jessica Beulshausen

    My favourite PSB album still is and always will be BEHAVIOUR. I think the songs on the album speak for themselves. Being Boring is my all-time favourite. But all the other songs have this unique magic as well- great lyrics, brilliant sounds, especially My October Symphony, Jealousy and This must be the place. I always feel like being in another world when I listen to it. It’s like daydreaming.

  140. Younji hwang

    My favourite Pet Shop Boys’ album is Introspective. Everything about that album is perfect. The lyrics are beautiful, and it has perfect combination of joyfulness and sentimentality.

  141. Behavior, especially these dark days of the year. This year start to listen in october (my october symphony) and probably stop listening december 21 (the end of the world)

  142. Elysium, I love it, I’m always a fan of PSB, now I can not stop listening to “Elysium”, is my favorite masterpiece at this time. xx

  143. Alternative, packed full of hidden masterpieces.

  144. Behaviour. It’s the sound of a century

  145. Gary Lambert

    Discography (Singles collection) ! It has it all!

  146. Bilingual, Release and Yes. Why? Because those are the albums I’ve always kept playing.

  147. ‘Please’ has always been their greatest LP, and ‘Elysium’ isn’t far behind it.

  148. Actually. is the best! was my first cassette of them . sounds great

  149. “Please,” because in 1986 it was the first cassette that actually had me turning around to see what was bleeping and pinging from my back seat speakers.

  150. I loved Alternative. The 2-disc B side collection was like hearing 2 brand new albums! (I’d never heard most of the singles’s b-sides since I already had the original albums.)

  151. Actually. My first record ever bought!

  152. RELEASE … it tells a story ! no other album of the boys is as good as RELEASE so far to me. They showed how talented they are in lyrics and music and it´s different to the other ones I do love as much a fan do love the BOYS.

  153. ‘Nightlife’ has to be my favorite album as every song speaks to me at a certain point in my life.

  154. My favorite album from the Pet Shop Boys is ‘Very.’ It’s extremely artistic and it’s overwhelmingly brilliant. Songs like “One In A Million,” “Can You Forgive Her?,” and “Young Offender” make this album stand out from the others!

  155. introspective i love it!

  156. “Please”: you never forget your first love!

  157. my favourite! PLEASE! the first album!!!

  158. I think PSB’s Behaviour is their best album to date. Such powerful songs like “This must be the place”, “So hard” and “How can you expect to be taken seriously?” are here accompanied by mature words and a classic like “Being boring”: speechless

  159. I thought I was one of the few that loved “Behavior” more than the others but it seems to be the winner. There is a sadness to the album that as a whole the others are missing. There is a a warmth to it as well. That said..they are all great in their own way.

  160. Nightlife is great

  161. nenad jevtic

    introspective – after actually changed my life, introspective helped me to know myself better

  162. jeff appleton

    Very/Relentless. I remember when it first came out with the Relentless disc, thinking that it did something that I’d not heard before. Everything on it seemed so new and polished :D

  163. Very – because “Can You Forgive Her?” is a great song, “Yesyerday When I Was Mad” and many others are longtime favorites.

  164. actually is the best for his hits!!!



    It’s the first album that I started to fall in love with PSB, until today. It’s also PSB’s pre-Disco era, which saw raw tunes from the duo. Classically brilliant!

  166. If I have to choose, it would be Pop ’cause I just like the best of the best, and every single song takes me to a different time in my life that really means too much. TNXS PSB.

  167. Neil Andrews

    “Behaviour” because it isn’t being boring.

  168. Actually… many great songs in that album, I was 8 when I listen Heart. Really love that song.

  169. Actually – simply perfection & you never forget your first

  170. My favourite album is Nightlife
    It’s the very first album by th Boys I bought and it includes the song that made me discover their wonderful music, “I Don’t Know What you Want”. More it is very well produced, I really enjoy the dance/trance feel to it. Basically it includes some of my favourite tracks of their career. Highlights are For Your Own Good, Radiophonic, In Denial, Closer to Heaven, I Don’t Know What You Want, Vampires. A great album!

  171. Sofia Georgiadou

    “Actually”, it’s such a classic!

  172. I think that the best album for me is “Very” because there’s a song “Dreaming of the Queen” which I love very much for a long time. But to be honestly, all PSB’s albums are great!

  173. I always come back to “Please” – I was a kid in Wyoming when it came out, and it was such a revelation – the combination of pop hooks with erudite, ironic lyrics suggested a whole world I didn’t have access to, but desperately wanted. I’ve grown up with PSB, and have memories associated with all of their albums, but “Please” is iconic.

  174. Please
    – the first was the best (for me) and then
    But there was always more than one song that touched my heart on every album.

  175. Erick González

    My favorite is the album “Actually”, I think it’s a very creative album, with songs dedicated for different moments such as “Heart”, “It’s a sin” or “Rent”. It really has original sound and I think Neil’s voice sound best in this album

  176. Yes, because. XD

  177. Kendall Butler

    Behavior is my favorite PSB album because it has my all time favorite song “Being Boring”!!

  178. Introspective. Clever. Beat driven. Orchestral. Euphoric. Six tracks of pop perfection. Hasn’t and can’t be beaten.

  179. Amaury Nogueira

    It’s Very/Relentless, because it’s varied and mostly uplifting. And it’s got the best cover and the best videos and singles covers.

  180. kevin lindsay

    favoutite album is PLEASE,it was 1st of many marvellous albums, and has SUBURBIA, one of my favoutite songs

  181. Christopher Bailey

    Very. Complex layers force you to listen to it on CD so you dont miss anyhting.

  182. Behaviour, because is the album I grow up with

  183. Carlos Alvarez

    My favorite PSB album is Very. Amazing and beautiful experience to touch the cover and listen to it back in 1993.

  184. Pet Shop Boys – Please.

    I was 11 years old and a cassette of Please somehow ended up in my possession. When I listened to it, my life changed that day and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since.

  185. It’s difficult to pick my favorite album so I’m choosing the album that brings me back to a wonderful time in my life…Actually…I have very fond memories associated with the album.

  186. My name is Gabriel I love Pet Shop Boys, plus what was really ticked when I saw the documentary to life in pop
      where Chris mentions the EGO of music, the explicit desire to be loved by fans, and makes it clear that this is not your GENUS. By Neil othe side says if it were necessary I would have learned choreography of the show bussines hahahha.
    And on the ripening what can I say? which to choose?
    Leaving or Being Boring? Pet shop boys is eternal @!
    And when they come in Brazil I’ll find a way to be there!

  187. I think fundamental is the best pet shop boys album. It is cold, catchy, almost industrial, and tackles modern day society in such a wonderful way.

  188. The best album for me is Behaviour since it was the album that made me discover the passing of time from my childhood to adulthood!!!

  189. “Behaviour” has an amazing sense of space and atmosphere about it. Pet Shop Boys successfully melded together textures from many genres to form the songs on this masterpiece. “Being Boring” is an excellent example, being both one of the greatest dance, as well as chill-out tracks ever. On the lyrical side, observations range from the large, general sweeps of “How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously” to the minute details of “Nervously.” All around, it is a solid piece of work and stands alone as a milestone of pure quality in Pet Shop Boys’ catalog.

  190. Till Wesenberg

    “Actually” because it contains almost only classics, including my favourite PSB-Track “King’s Cross”. Very nice cover too, actually.

  191. Different from the rocking point of view, the majestia of Go West.
    Is it even if I’m talking about an album Very commendable of PSB.

    I love gabriel the PSB!

  192. Very because this is the first album where Neil addressed gay issues headlong rather than just suggestively.

  193. Yes is my favourite record, because it shows how ‘modern’ they can be after such an long career, even the artwork is marvellous.

  194. Jorge Sampieri

    I’d say ‘Bilingual’ … It’s so-latin-and-emotional … specially ‘Up against it’ and ‘To step aside’ … love those both songs A LOT. Best wishes to everyone on contest and hughs to the WINNER.

  195. Introspective, because Always on my mind, the synth riff on Domino Dancing, the intro of Left to my own devices, and most of all because it was the first record I’ve ever bought

  196. I have to go with Very… 20 years later it still holds up so well… and they made some of their best ever videos from that album as well!

  197. VERY is my favourite PSB album, although it is hard to choose. The album is rich with lush pop arrangements, lyrics that punches and of course, the brilliant bubblewrap-esque rubber sleeve!!

  198. Release is my favorite Pet Shop Boys album. You can feel the emotion of what Neil and/or Chris went through when creating the song. You can feel the heartbreak and sadness.

  199. My favourite PSB album is YES cos it’s fresh and they prove they was able to refresh themselves and make some great new singles as good as It’s A Sin ! They entered the 2000 years with SUCCESS ! They are the best !

  200. BEHAVIOR. Because Being Boring is my favorite song and it reminds of their breathtaking 1990 Performance Tour.

  201. My favorite album is “Yes”, return to the classic sounds mixed whit a new stlye.

  202. My favorite album has to be “Actually”. I was on my teens when it was released and some of its music was at every party I went to. Enjoyed it a lot !

  203. Yes.
    It was my first PSB album I heard. And probably the only album I went wow I must have this from listening to it just once. I have since listened to the other PSB albums. Very comes close as 2nd best in my opinion. But nothing tops the sheer fun and upbeat music of Yes for me.

  204. Tough choice – I am going to go with behaviour… this was my teens in an album, oh the tears and joys of life I faced with that album on repeat in my Sony walkman… Being Boring is a timeless genius – To face the truth STILL makes me get sentimental for a lost youth when I hear Neil sing it, Jealousy was my big tear jerker, reminds me of my first ever break up with a Boy friend. I can remember most of the journey from the IOM to Portsmouth I took at the age of 15 when I heard the album the first time – man. That’s why Pet Shop Boys will always be important – The Sum of my life in fact. :)

  205. Behaviour – it’s full of classics, emotion, poetry and got me hooked on their vibe

  206. I would have to go with the new one – ‘Elsyium’. This album has such a sweet mood about it. With so many of the songs being about growing older, it is a theme that I can especially relate to.

  207. Ramón Turpín

    I love “Very” this album gave me the door to Pet Shop Boys´s Universe. The best travel in my life.

  208. Such a difficult question, but Behavior, I believe, wins out. The album is brilliantly sewn together, and the songs somehow are both timeless and capture that time period better than any other album I know.

  209. My favorite would have to be Concrete. I love the live verson of West End Girls.

  210. nightlife because it helps me to relax especially in denial with kylie great album

  211. My favorite pet shop boys album is Behavior. That was the album was the turning point of their career.

  212. Peter Castillo

    Nightlife, as the album helped me cope with a painful divorce with songs about emotional hurt and how to survive and to be yourself.

  213. jose castillo

    Very – It came out at a time in my life that I consider to be the most fun. I was barely 20, discovering myself, going out all the time, and VERY was the soundtrack to that time period. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

  214. My favourite album is VERY because of its brilliant sound. But I love all the albums of PSB!

  215. “Actually” – IMO the most perfect album by PSB. Summed up 80’s London in a nutshell. Very personal and life changing for a child who grew up in Thatcher’s Britain.

  216. Behavior is my favorite.. great messages set to very moving music!

  217. I absolutely love Very Relentless. I love the playfulness of Very with the contrasting subtlety and moodiness of Relentless. I feel like Relentless was such a different album for them and I love it.

  218. “Fundamental”, because it’s quite varied in terms of topics (politics, love, art, psychology etc.), tempo (ballads, mid-tempo songs, stomper) and moods (sadness, disappointment, joy, criticism etc.).

  219. pet shop boys = greatest band of all time. behaviour is my all time favorite and go-to PSB album…its emotional, intellectual, and timeless, everything you want in music

  220. Bleddyn Williams

    Behaviour – mature and… perfect

  221. Actually is my favourite and I must say Yes is pretty amazing as well. I am all for pop music :-)

  222. Discography… classic. Left to my own devices it’s alright. So hard being boring . :-)

  223. Yes – such bitter-sweet ^_^

  224. BEHAVIOUR – this was the VERY first time I ACTUALLY listened to PSB lyrics. YES, it was a CONCRETE masterpiece that was INTROSPECTIVE, and had affected me during a FUNDAMENTAL time in my life (PLEASE don’t ask me to go into details…). It went beyond their usual DISCO 1-2-3-4 pop song formula and NIGHTLIFE-type aesthetics, and has time and again carried me CLOSER TO HEAVEN. Bravi! Bravissimo! (Yes, I’m BILINGUAL!) I’ve had it in any FORMAT: cassette tape, vinyl, CD, and CD boxed set. “Behaviour” really is THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING they ever did RELEASE! A close ALTERNATIVE choice would be ELYSIUM!

  225. I fancy the album “Very” because it was the first PSB album I was able to purchase with my own money and I think all the songs on that album are just fantastic!!!

  226. Behaviour, because its an anthem to melancholy, great orchestrations and exquisite graphic design!

  227. cosmin manecan

    “Bhaviour”…simply the best:lyrics,melodies,sound…perfect atmosphere…

  228. has to be Introspective, why because i said so lol, but always on my mind is just so good and gets me doing a jig

  229. My favourite PSB album is Actually. I don’t know how to describe my feelings when I listen to most part of the songs from there like It’s a Sin and especially It Couldn’t Happen Here, one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs.
    Concluding, Actually is a awesome album, even though it was made in the beggining of their career but still be fantastic and shows how amazing Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are. I love Actually, I love all the songs from there and I do love the Pet Shop Boys!

  230. Actually – It’s a flawless piece of the 80s in every way.

  231. My favourite PSB album is Bilingual. The song ‘Metamorphosis’ feels like it’s speaking about my life. So much so that I have some of the lyrics as a tattoo!

  232. RELEASE.Because it’s a very nostalgic, has beautiful songs with lyrics that invite you into their world..

  233. favourite album is nightlife as i experienced my first ever concert by psb. listening to this album always reminds me to this awesome experience to saw them live and also has great songs on it too

  234. i dont have a favorite album as i love them all…but i do love the old shep pettipone remixs of the old stuff,i want a dog,what have i done/carnt take my eyes off u..eyslium is a fab album and some of the remixs are class of the old days forever psb :P

  235. Behaviour is the first PSB album I’ve heard. My first love. It is everlasting.

  236. All of them-such a perfect body of work who could pick just one?

  237. Fundamental, I love the dark lush sound, and bonus points as they were in peak form rather late in their career.

  238. The best PSB-album is still Actually. Everything just makes sense and still manages to impress me: the soundscape, the synthesisers, the mixing, the vocals and — of course — the songs. This is the album that not only defines ingenious song writing, but also defines spot-on production to this date.

  239. “Please”. The magic journey of Pet Shop Boys from the 80s which still last and still deep in my heart.

  240. Hard choice, but Very-Relentless is my pick. I loved the CD case and the fact that they remade U2 was awesome!

  241. Melissa Jones

    Behaviour is still my favorite. It was so moody, with such great depth of emotion. Love it!

  242. Elisa Rugarcia

    My favorite will be Alternative. All those b-sides that where finally released. And having Miserablism in it, which is one of my PSB favorite songs. Followed by Behaviour and Yes. So hard to choose one!

  243. A magical moment on “Release” – the end of London and the begining of Email…

  244. Behavior is my favourite! The hits like “So Hard” and “How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?” denotes a mature great record.

  245. Fraser Barrett

    Favourite Pet Shop Boys album is Introspective. An album of 12″ mixes, marvellous

  246. Actually…best album ever. Full of classics

    Yes is also a great album…their best “dance” work.

    Very: the “orange” packaging was revolutionary. And the videos where terrific

  247. Chris Lovelace

    Introspective – the last one I bought on vinyl. I remember the day it was released, cycling back from Woolies with the LP in a plastic bag, flapping from my handlebars. And Left To My Own Devices just blew me away.

  248. “Please” is the best. I’m only 27 but my whole life, feelings, love, fear and hate is inside this CD.Pet Shop Boys recorded a lot of successfull albums with stronger sound and kick ass singles,but I feel “Please” is very genuine one.West End girls, Suburbia, Violence, Why don’t we live together are the most mindblowing songs.

  249. I love all of them, but as I have to choose I`d choose Release as my most favourite because it`s full of life :)

  250. This is the hardest question ever! I love them all for many different reasons but Nightlife has been on repeat for the last few days. Brilliant album from beginning to end!!! Not to mention PSB & Kylie together!!!

  251. Behaviour is my favourite album – suave and sophisticated sounding without being bland, and not a weak track to be found.

  252. Alfredo Jose Laguna Chadid

    Mi favorito es VERY porque estaban es su mejor momento y este album parece un album de grandes exitos, todas las canciones son excelentes. Soy de Colombia de una pequeña poblacion en la costa norte llamada San onofre en el departamento de Sucre.

  253. Adriana Matiuzo

    I really love all the Pet Shop Boys’albums , but my favorite is “Behaviour” because it was the first I ever bought (when I was 15) and that led me to get interested and discover an absolutely delightful and unique work, that made ​​my life much more intense and exciting, no doubt.

  254. Behaviour is my favourite album, as I found it very inspiring, I went on to become a nurse in Newcastle. My first concert was the PSB at Whitley bay ice rink. Plus Neil is a local lad and I always support our fellow Geordies.

  255. Guillermo Ángel

    It’s a very difficult task to choose just one. Each one has its own personality!
    But I choose YES. It shows they can always sound actual, and it’s a nice record to introduce the band to someone who hasn’t listened nothing of them…

  256. Gert Ludvigsen

    It must be the “behavior”, classical music instruments, combined with Neil Tennant’s fantastic voice, listening to the album is like eating Werther’s Original.

  257. It’s so hard to chose a favorite because I love them all. I fell in love with Very plus the bonus disk Relentless, but then when Bilingual was released, I wore that album out too. Discography allowed me to experience their best. I’m sorry, but at this point in my life all of their albums are my favorite! “It Always Comes as a Surprise” was played as my first dance with wife!

  258. cosmin manecan

    “Behaviour”,no doubt…best lyrics,melodies,sound,atmosphere,…just closest to perfection!

  259. It´s so hard to pick just one! But if i must, i choose Very, just because Dreaming of the queen is one of my favourites songs.

  260. PLEASE is ACTUALLY my VERY favourit album(s).

  261. I was at home minding my listening Dreaming of the queen, and then saw how the Pet Shop Boys are important in my life! I was doing wrong, and improved the momentum of PSB ….. wordless
    Very Best album of 1993 the group most loved by me.
    Hugs and Chris Neil!

  262. love all psb albums but if i had to pick all time best it would be “NIGHTLIFE” just a great album.

  263. The best album has to be fundamental, its a complete mix of what PSBs do best, theres a song on there to suit every mood..classic!! Have to say though, release comes a pretty close 2nd, its very different and birthday boy is one of my favourite songs xx

  264. Popart: a lesson in pop with a great package

  265. Actually. It brings me back to my teenager days when I discovered the Pet Shop Boys <3

  266. Ragnar Storstrøm

    I think “Nightlife” is their best album. It opens with “For your own good”, which blew me away the first time I heard it. And by the time my now all time favorite “Radiophonic” had finished, I was gobsmacked. There are no weak songs on this album, simply put.

  267. My fav PSB album is Billingual, cuz is amazing how PSB include some Latin rythms in the tracks, specially on Se A Vida E, my favorite song of PSB

  268. “Yes”. It came out not long after I lost my brother, and the mix of emotional highs and lows with a dance pop beat just seemed to put me in a better mind set.

  269. It’s unfair, couse it’s very hard to select on of all.
    Ok. It could be Elysium.
    Because with every new album your songs become more beautiful.
    Elysium is such tender and full of love like Please and Realese, such sad like Actually, such airy and clever like Behaviour and Fundamental. I like all your albums, but when i listen to Elysium i hear not just it’s songs, i hear all your songs that you ever done. It’s like magic cristal.

  270. Brett smiths

    Fav PBS album for me would def be introspective as this album holds great memories of great singles such as its alright, domino dancing, as soon as I hear them still they take me back to my late teens! Will always love ya PBS!!

  271. sharon thomas

    Actually – the first psb album which I bought. This I thank for starting my lifelong addiction to the psb’s – and I don’t regret a single moment :-)

  272. Michael Gill

    Yes! is the best album. Building a Wall is fav from the album. After the Event best PSB song ever.

  273. Introspective. Still enjoy listening it!

  274. Actually from their “Imperial phase” as Neil puts it so perfectly. A game changing album. All killers, no fillers. And most important of all, their most beautiful song of all time – “It couldn’t happen here”. For an album which features a yawn on its front cover I have never grown tired of it.

  275. Best PSB album – Behaviour

    After listening to the Pet Shop Boys for 25 years since their first album please, this for me is the definitive album and helped me through coming out.. Being boring is my favourite track of all time!! The craftsmanship and creativity the beats the vocals just pure quality.

  276. Introspective – The remix of Domino Dancing is perfect and I Want A Dog is fun fun fun!!

  277. “Actually”… was the first album I ever owned & even back then, when I was still a kid, I really identified with & appreciated the depth of the lyrics (not to mention those fantastic, classic PSB sounds)…so different to a lot of what was being produced in the 80s.

  278. “Very” is by far their best album! It was the first PSB´s record that I bought and contains nothing but hits! It´s a masterpiece. The music are awesome and the lyrics superb! Can You forgive Her will be they finest track ever.

  279. My favourite is Behaviour, because it’s the most autumnal of all: cold but warm-hearted, and full of melancholy. I’m glad that Elysium recovers that spirit!

  280. Right now the best in my opinion is Yes, but it might change after I’ve heard all the albums. I wasn’t that much into PSB until this year and still haven’t had the time to listen to the earliest albums. So I’ll go with Yes.

  281. Behavior is a masterpiece. The wistfully melancholy undertow of Being Boring sets the stage for a perfect Autumn album, and the lyrical nods to being gay and AIDS make this a transformative entry in the stellar discography of the band.

  282. Bilingual – I love the latino influence, and To Step Aside is just gorgeous

  283. I’m an Introspective fan, as well.
    Song for song, each one is strong and could have been released as a single. Close runners-up are Behaviour and Alternative.

  284. gina nrwbold

    Behaviour is my favourite album the songs were prevalent to my life at the time the best song being boring brilliant lyrics and timeless

  285. Mister Carotone

    Discography, with all the gems put together

  286. I have to go with what many others before me have chosen as well: Behaviour! Since it’s just an impeccable collection of beautifully crafted and perceptive pop songs that really show the boys at their best.

  287. Raquel Casillas

    It is extremelly difficult to choose. I love all Pet Shop Boys music, but I like Elysium a lot it has so much emotion in it.

  288. hector rosendo

    Because it fills me with happiness, jealousy, frustration, hope, dreams and peace.

  289. Franklin Cooper

    My favorite album from the Pet Shop Boys is Elysium! I never thought I would hear such a fine album with exquisite melodies and absolutely flawless lyrics. Pet Shop Boys never disappoint!

  290. I am amazed to see so many people considering Behaviour their favourite. behaviour is my favourite as well, not only for personal reasons (as it was the first PSB album I bought -in vynil then-), but their work was more mature. Also Being Boring is my favourite PSB song.

  291. Yes.
    I absolutely love this album because the piercing lyrics remind me of how far I’ve come in life.

  292. Very – As an album it’s not afraid to poke fun at itself, and its subject matter – but all done in classical PSB style, with huge songs and great hooks

  293. John Hamilton

    Very / Relentless. Very has a great feeling of ‘freedom.’ Go West has to be one of best tracks ever! Relentless is like a trip into Outer Space…. Fantastic!

  294. Bilingual. Whenever I feel a little down, its upbeat rhythms perk me right back up again. “Delusions of Grandeur” may be my favourite PSB song – I’ve always admired how they combine classical music and themes with a pop beat.

  295. David McCallum

    Behaviour – the album is a perfect album and the remixes/b-sides accompany perfectly (“So Hard (dub),” “Being Boring (extended),” “We All Feel Better In The Dark,” “How Can You…? (perfect attitude mix),” “Where the Streets.. (ext.),” “Losing My Mind”)

  296. Greatest PSB album of all the times is Actually. Though I like each of their album in its own way… Not just because it’s the most commercially successful album but maybe because it reminds me the times when I was so young and naive, and it still sounds perfect for me. Each song is a masterpiece.

  297. Behaviour – because it’s classic, Elysium – because I can’t stop listening.

  298. Михаил Румянцев

    All more albums I love Elysium! He staggered me in a heart and inverted my life. Such happiness I did not test a long ago. Even if I will not win, however I will leave off to love Pet Shop Boys.

  299. Behaviour is my favorite. The atmosphere, the lyrics. Is the album I listen in rainy nights.

  300. My favourite album is Yes. It is a combination on every type of songs Pet Shop Boys have made, but they’re all even better than before if that’s possible. The songs are so gripping you just have to wonder how they did it – again.

  301. Behavior was the best Pet Shop Boys album…it was moody with such beautiful writing…and most of the songs where used on the boys 1991 Performance tour.

  302. Alisa Dougherty

    Upon some serious reflection that required pulling out all my CD’s and some vinyl to achieve, I would say PopArt is my all time favorite. With such a selection of delicacies including my all time radio faves: What Have I Done To Deserve This, It’s A Sin and Always On My Mind, as well as other tantalizing tidbits like You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk and Can You Forgive Her? it reminds me of a time in my life where almost every song accurately described my world. It evokes so many emotions – both good and bad ones – that helped mold me into the woman I am today.

    For the concept, new songs in long version, for its design, for the magnificent beggining with “Left with my own devices”… For one of my favourite songs, “I want a dog”. Because I love this album and because I was young then!

  304. Behaviour. I discovered PSB when this album came out, and it helped me through a very turbulent time in my life. I was dealing with “coming out” and this album’s warmth and mood hugged me like a best friend.

  305. Michael Jørgensen

    Pandemonium. They have done so many great albums and I find it hard to pick one in particular. But the Pandemonium live performance was a brilliant show and every time I put that CD (or the DVD) on, it sends me straight back to that fantastic evening. And it contains a lot of those tracks that I count among my favourites – and several of them in new updated versions that make them even better. Yes, Pandemonium must be my favourite if I have to choose.

  306. Robert Schulz

    Behavior. Made me a fan.

    Cheers Rob

  307. Stephen Banks

    It is very hard to make a choice because they make varying types of albums:

    1. Studio albums.
    2. Disco albums.
    3. B-side albums.
    4. Greatest hits albums.
    5. Albums from film scores, mucicals and ballets.

    For studio albums I would choose ‘Behaviour’, ‘Nightlife, ‘Very’ and ‘Relentless’.
    For Disco albums I would choose ‘Disco 3’.
    For B-sides albums I would choose ‘Alternative’.
    I will not include greatest hits albums.
    For other work I would choose ‘Closer to Heaven OST’.

    I think overall I will choose ‘Relentless’ because they could have released ‘Very’ without this. So to a certain extent they could do what they liked and I felt on this that they really experimented to their heart’s content. I particularly love ‘The man who has everything’.

    As other people have said their music has been a soundtrack to my life and certain songs can evoke long ago emotions and memories.

    Long may they continue.

  308. Behavior is the very first album i fell in love with,Very crashed my mind, but now Elysium is my everything

  309. I think, behavior and very, but i’m a very fan of PSB, so, all album are fantastic !!!

  310. Sandro Lattanzi

    actually,because it`s the soundtrack of our lives….

  311. Alison richardson

    Nightlife is my favourite album “drunk” was the first song I heard and it really struck a cord I was 1 bad relationship away from 30 cats!!!!
    Great album.

  312. Alison richardson

    Nightlife is my favourite album because I first heard ‘drunk’ then. I was 1 bad relationship from getting 30 cats!!!
    Best ever album. Love it!!!

  313. behavior – it is the sound of a generation.

  314. Behaviour. Recently back on my playlist. Beautiful. Melancholy. And uplifting in places too. We were never being bored….

  315. I think Actually album is the best, it’s Pet Shop Boys essence.

  316. Behaviour is the best!

  317. Joakim Dyredand

    That’s a difficult question, ACTUALLY. I would have to RELEASE all my intellection to answer this. YES, I hope that is ok.
    During my NIGHTLIFE I came to the conclusion that DISCOGRPAHY is VERY good. But this one doesn’t count. DISCO 1-4 would be the ULTIMATE answer, but these are excluded, too.
    To be CONCRETE, I’m not BILINGUAL, but I would say that INTROSPECTIVE is THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING. For me there is no ALTERNATIVE Can I be a winner now, PLEASE.

  318. My fave album is: Nightlife-“New York City Boy” is a brilliant song on so many levels, “You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk” is one of my all time favorite songs,ever “In Denial” w/ Kylie=bliss, “Vampires” all of it marvelous

  319. Thanx for offering this.

  320. It’s SO tough to pick a favourite because I love all the albums for different reasons. But, I guess if I must choose one, it would be the album that cemented my fandom: PLEASE. It’s Neil and Chris as they began: raw and rugged sound.

  321. Elysium – I love this album from the first listening. The songs Leaving and Invisible are great. I cant stop listening to them. Very sugestive songs.

  322. My favorite album is Nightlife. It has something, that touch my heart deeply.

  323. Leonardo Aguirre

    Very. Very is very PSB! Very hedonistic, very sad, very uplifting, very moody… very good!

  324. Darren Wiltse

    Very Relentless: Very was the album that I always to back to listen to first and Relentless was such an awesome bonus!

  325. Gabriel alves

    Todos os albuns sao lindos mais o que mais me coloca pra lembrar das coisas boas é Very 1993..

  326. Gabriel silveira

    You guys are amazing, I love your work.
    And I fleeces in Brazil soon!

    YES wonderfoul album !

  327. Mine has to be “Fundamental”. It’s such a ridiculously beautiful album and very under-rated. Songs like Numb are just gorgeous.

  328. PLEASE. Because once (1987) it was pleasant to Vince Clarke from Erasure

  329. I actually prefer the newest PSB album (Elysium) the best: they’re constantly evolving and becoming better artists. The song construction and lyrics are mature and brought to perfection.

  330. ‘Yes’ has to be favorite PSB album, they were able to collaborate with modern producers yet leave their distinctive stamp over every track

  331. Actually- It’s both a catchy and beautiful record which is not only music of the 80s, but a soundtrack of the time. You can feel the time without even having lived it(I didn’t.)

  332. *Please*, because it has all the songs that knowledge, and the songs are able to reach out to all people regardless of age, I have only 19 and I think the songs are exquisite, actually all are, but this album the more I like the pace of PSB so amazing, really makes me dance, sorry for my bad English, but I am Mexican :) <3

  333. Alex Tushinsky

    Behavior is my favorite album. Being Boring is a timeless classic.

  334. please is favourite PSB album of all time.
    Its from that album that make me like PSB until now. it consist of timeless classic hits such as opportunities, west end girls, love come quickly, suburbia.

  335. Ralph Covino

    Actually: Because they brought back the late, great Dusty Springfield and celebrated everything that makes pop music art.

  336. “Fundamental” because when it was released, it just sounded like the most polished album. Plus the whole darker sound and the neon theme of the cover and the tour is just lovely.

  337. Ulf "flu" Persson

    “Very” and “Release” toghther they create a perfect balance

  338. Opportunities, Suburbia, and and West End Girls — classics.

  339. Da'Ron Brown

    My favorite PSB Album is “Please”
    classic and timeless. It started me off on a lifetime of listening pleasure.

    Perfect lyrics with brainy historical references, stories of loss, betrayal and hope. AND THOSE ANALOG SYNTHS. pop perfection.

  341. “Very”. All of their music, lyrics, album art is genious, but “Very” is extraordinary.

  342. VERY It´s fresh,makes me feel optimistic and it´s perfect pop reinvention.

  343. Introspective – only 6 songs, all superb!

  344. Very hard choice, I think “Actually”, ’cause I really like “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” & “Rent”.

  345. Please. The production is amazingly intricate.

  346. Very is my choice, ‘cos it represents the perfect mix between pop-dance tunes and high class and deep lyric, a truly pop gem from the 90’s.

  347. Paul Martin

    Introspective… The pinnacle of their Imperial phase. Bold, confident and colourful, from the brilliant cover to the epic, expansive tracks on it. The album version of “Left to my own devices” is my most favourite track ever.

  348. “Bilingual” because it’s very sunny, funny, serious and sad album in the same time. It’s part of me, my youth, hopes and dreams!

  349. Matt Holloman

    I’m thrilled to see each one of Pet Shop Boys’ albums earning shout-outs on this thread. Looks like every studio set and every compilation is gettin’ love. As my personal all-time favorite album from Neil & Chris, my heart selects “Behaviour,” since its release coincided with my transition from high school to college and all the personal growth it accompanied, but my gut chooses “Fundamental,” which via political subtext, ominous foreshadowing, and reliably catchy tunes hammered home that PSBs are still as relevant as ever and the kings of witty pop culture commentary.

  350. Elinor Lambert

    The ‘Yes’ album is simply the best.’Love etc’ is a superb track on it and my favourite. The album has a mixture of old and new Pet Shop Boys mixed in so it can please any new or old fan. All tracks are catchy and different and most of the songs are strong.

  351. Jon Aanensen

    Behaviour. Every track a timeless classic.

  352. Harris Toser

    Very is my favorite though it’s really difficult to choose just one favorite. Very has great songs from start to finish with no clunkers anywhere in between. So many of PSB CDs are classic — all of ’em, really. Would love to win this package!!!

  353. Triantafillos

    Introspective – Because it makes me burn (and i don’t care) the woofers with the “Always on My mind” starting baseline!

  354. Very – includes the lyrics To Speak is a Sin, You Look First and Stare, and Once in a While, You Smile if You Dare + 12 fantastic songs, all of them could have been hit singles.

  355. I would have to say the debut album “Please”, not so much the album itself, but their debut 12″ single “West End Girls”, the original 1984 version. I bought that 12″ single and it literally changed my world. It brought me into contact with some co-workers who happened to be also DJ at some local gay clubs & led me to check out their scene and ultimately led to my becoming a club DJ for 11 years.

    While not homosexual myself, this 12″ single and album singlehandedly open some doors to me and exposed me to many different people, ideas & lifestyles that undoubtedly shaped me into the liberal person I am today as well as turned me onto DJ-ing which was arguably the happiest decade of my life.

    So for me the Pet Shop Boys isn’t just great music, it’s the turning point of my life and a major factor in who I am today. POWERFUL.

  356. Very is my favourite Pet Shop Boys album. It marked a new sound, new energy and just grabbed me on its first listen and still hasn’t let go!

  357. I think VERY is the most beautiful PSB has done so far.
    If you wouldn’t know what the singles were and you had to choose the singles, you just couldn’t decide which one to release.
    Every song is a perfect pop song, catchy chorus, danceable, etc.

  358. Yes.
    1. Actually, I’d like the new PSB album please?
    2. Just like the pop material that PSB are known for; catchy tune to clever lyrics. This album has some wonderfully catchy material and spawned the best tour to date.

  359. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to say ‘Please.’ Very electronic and renewing. For that matter I like Yes and Elysium very much too..PSB continue to discover themselves over and over again…that´s why I love them so much!

  360. Ok, I admit that I love their entire discography

  361. Brian Barnes

    For me it has to be Introspective as if it was not for that album I may never of loved PSB. This album made me want more and I am glad they have never let me down in enjoying not only the original tracks but the remixes and B sides some of which deserve to be singles in their merits. What with singles of the past to listen to on a daily basis and now memories of the future. PSB have gone a long way and have always kept up with the modern day in music and art.

  362. Kyle Megginson

    Would have to be “Very” for me. So many great tracks on that album that never saw any play time on the radio.

  363. lourdes meza

    My favorite Pet Shop Boys album is ‘Actually’ probably because ‘Always On My Mind’ was the first Pet Shop Boys song I heard and I like the album cover : )

  364. Actually is my fave album. Why? Because it made me feel alive.

  365. Release. It’s my entire life. I love it, my inspiration.

  366. Ben Copperwheat

    I love Introspective.
    Firstly a beautiful sleeve.
    Opening track ‘Left to my own Devices’ says everything about my life that’s is worthy saying.

    Pathos of I want a dog and I’m not scared.

    Early house euphoria of It’s alright and always on my mind.

  367. I must say you know how put in a difficult situation. But ok! If i really wanted to win this competition.i would say the best album is “Release” because PSB presented this album as a personal Release. But for me best album is “YES” because he very bright full of love, energy and positive. And he also for me personally this album became as renessans PSB in me because before i knew PSB as a good group but really i newer was the big fan of PSB i just liked some songs.But this album change everything . Now am just in love with PSB. And am really very grateful them for bring in my life so much love, energy and warm.Thank you very much for that! And this is very difficult choice select the one album because in every album each of us can find very valuable songs for yourself.

  368. Hilary Walker

    My favorite PSB album is Nightlife.
    It’s criminally underrated, but I love it because of it’s creativity and excitement!

  369. “Please” is their album simply because side 1 has awesome dance tracks!

  370. Still have to say “Please” since it was one of the first tapes I ever bought and considerably changed my musical tastes forever!

  371. Behavior CD IMO one of the best pop CD’s synth pop released. “My October Symphony” a non commercial release in US is an outstanding pop song and under rated CD overall.

  372. Felipe Mendes

    as a brazilian, i think that “Bilingual” is the best album, because it have a lot of our influence and music. it’s so amazing the fact that Pet Shop Boys have been influenced by a lot of our artists and show the world our music.

  373. I would have to say ” Very “.
    It got me through my make-ups, my break-ups music for my take-outs My doldrums, my bold ones, spending time with my hoodlums , the beer , the tears and the fear of being queer. The high hat ,the bass , of being face to face.
    The tick – tock ,the tick – tock , the talk, talk, talk. Cause I dance to Disco & I don’t like rock.

  374. Matthew Jessee

    What a difficult question – but Very is probably my favourite, I played it more times then I can remember (especially if you count Very Relentless – the Relentless tracks are fantastic as well!) The album proved that their pop career wasn’t over just because they’d released a greatest hits album (and were out of their “Imperial” phase as Neil puts it).

  375. ‘Please’ stands out for me. Mainly because it was one of the first sophisticated ‘college radio’ type albums that really nurtured my need for that type of style of music. And yes…I was an adolescent in high schoole then…

  376. Elysium is my favorite album by PSB.
    it’s a culmination of and compilation of everything I love about them. It gave me comfort and breathing space thru a difficult few months and a life changing six weeks of volunteering in the Rockaways post-Sandy. It’s risky familiar and new and like the best albums, should be listened to from start to finish.

    I’m listening to them now, performing WEG with a full orchestra and choir –

    Tennant and Lowe are gentleman and artistic geniuses.


  377. just had a quick glance thru the previous posts. Yes, Bilingual and Behavior are all incredible albums, but Elysium has a bit of each of them running thru it.
    IF PSB never recorded another album their legacy is complete.

    eagerly anticipating Electric and
    the Turing project they gave a preview of yesterday.


  378. Andrew Shaw

    Elysium – the latest record is always my favourite at the time and gets played over and over again. ”Leaving” is sheer class, Memory of the future a subtle return to Eurobeat, ”Winner” a lighters in the air anthem, ”Give it a go” a heatfelt gem. ”Hold on” gives a shot of optimism in the arm Give this album a go if you haven’t already!!!

  379. Contest is now closed. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on your favorite PSB albums. Winner will be notified via e-mail.

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