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Stream: New Order’s ‘Lost Sirens’ — 8 tracks from band’s 2005 recording sessions

In addition to our contest to win five classic New Order albums on vinyl, we can now bring you — via —a full stream of the band’s forthcoming Lost Sirens mini-album, a collection of eight previously unreleased tracks and mixes from the sessions for 2005′s Waiting For the Sirens’ Call, which is due out Tuesday.

The collection features six songs that are completely unreleased in any form, as well as a previously unreleased mix of Waiting For the Sirens’ Call track “I Told You So” and the “original non-radio edit form” of “Hellbent,” a track that first surfaced last year on Rhino’s new Total compilation of New Order and Joy Division tracks.

The long-delayed Lost Sirens, first revealed by ex-bassist Peter Hook in 2011 in an interview with Slicing Up Eyeballs — will be released digitally in the U.S. next week and as both standalone CD and CD/vinyl combo editions in the U.K


STREAM: New Order, Lost Sirens (via






  1. Low-Life, offers everything that made me fall in love with New Order!

  2. Substance – You can hear them evolve from Joy Division to New Order right before your ears.

    It is the perfect example of where New Order came from, what New Order could be, and where New Order would go.

    It is in my holy trinity of top three “desert island” albums….

  3. Heidi Langman

    Low Life – back in high school, it was the album that made
    me fall in love with NO and the Perfect Kiss was the soundtrack for
    an entire year of my life.

  4. PC&L to Technique is their best period, to think how much they changed in a span of just 6 years is amazing. After listening to Lost Sirens, the thing that strikes me immediately is the decline of the lyrics, the instrumentation sounds just fine. If they do endeavor to create more music minus Peter Hook, I hope they take the time to get a producer that challenges them to mix things up a bit, DFA, Nigel G, Richard X, Danger Mouse . . etc. It would make things very interesting.

  5. Sorry Cwiz, all those producers would change it too much that they sound like everyone else, nothing special. I think its best that they are left to their own devices.

    • Dram, I don’t disagree they would sound like everyone else, hence why they need to come up with a producer who could still let them be “them.” The only one who could do this is most likely Andy Weatherall.

  6. Reminds me of a collection of b sides, but better than I expected. I will definitely be buying this.

  7. Power, Corruption & Lies ~ “Leave Me Alone” both breaks my heart and has always pulled me in.

  8. Their best album since Technique, and the missing link between Electronic’s first and second album.

  9. Ok well I’ve been a NO fan since I was in elementary school(12yrs old). First album I heard from them-thanks to my now deceased older brother- was Substance. I was hooked from start to finish with that album, I can honestly say that I got chills with every listen.I ended up wearing off/out the my brother’s cassette. Obviously I latter discovered that the aforementioned album was a compilation album, so I started buying their earlier releases. I became a hard-core fan then. I would learn years later about JD – but that’s another story. Technique was amazing album, and probably their last great album. Republic was Ok also, but is not in that level though. Now, honestly this album really sounds like crap to me. The first track exited for the first 30 seconds -it kinda reminded me of Electronic’s second album-,but it went nowhere from there. The remaining seven track are just deplorable. Basically, I can do without this album just fine. I’ll stick to their more memorable material 1981-1989.

  10. A decent little diversion really. Less of a sign-off from the Hooky era and more coming across as making me keen to hear again from the current Barney-helmed line-up.

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