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Contest: Win an autographed copy of Peter Hook’s ‘Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division’

With bass legend Peter Hook set to embark on a 10-date U.S. book tour early next week, publisher HarperCollins is hooking us up with copies of his new music memoir “Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division” — each autographed by Hooky himself — to give away to 10 lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The 416-page book, published last fall in the U.K., is due out in the U.S. on Monday. That night, Hook opens his tour in Brooklyn, and continues through Feb. 8 in Boston. Along the way he’ll chat onstage with Sasha Frere-Jones and Scott Heim among others (see full dates below).

But you don’t have to make it to one of Hook’s events to score a signed copy.

TO ENTER: Simply drop a comment at the bottom of this post offering your thoughts on what song, artist or band of today you feel best carries on the influence and legacy of Joy Division.

RULES: This contest is open to everyone in the world and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Friday, Feb. 1. After that point, we’ll select 10 winners at random and contact theym via e-mail — so please remember to use legit addresses when you enter. And if any winners don’t respond after one full week, we’ll select new ones. One entry per person, please.


UPDATE 2/1/13: Contest is now officially closed. Thank you all so much for entering and sharing your thoughts. Winners will be notified this weekend via e-mail.


Peter Hook “Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division” tour dates:

Jan. 28: Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY (In conversation with Brandon Stosuy of Pitchfork)
Jan. 29: Strand Bookstore, New York, NY (In conversation with Sasha Frere-Jones of New Yorker)
Jan. 31: JCC, San Francisco, CA (In conversation with David Pescovitz of Boing Boing)
Feb. 1: Skylight Books, Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 2: M-Theory Records, San Diego, CA
Feb. 4: Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 5: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
Feb. 6: Book Revue, Long Island, NY
Feb. 7: Brookline Booksmith, Boston, MA (In conversation with author/writer Scott Heim)
Feb. 8: Porter Square Books, Boston, MA (In conversation with NPR music critic Tim Riley)






  1. mark sanders


  2. No band carries on the influence and legacy of Joy Division. Well, except Peter Hook and the Light! x

  3. I think the UK band “Hurts” style and music is heavily influenced by Joy Division and New Order

  4. Jeff Merryman

    I think Interpol, especially their album “turn on the bright lights” carries joy division’s legacy the best.

  5. Depeche Mode!

  6. Black Marble!

  7. Editors or Interpol are the obvious choices here, but I think I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness fit well, too…

  8. Some have used the Joy Division essence, but no one has actually captured it without seeming like an imitation.
    The essence of JD is everywhere though…

  9. Love will Tear us Apart… For obvious reasons

  10. I would say that Interpol carries some of the JD vibe, but I can hear influences of it in some of Cold Cave’s work, too.

    Otherwise, no band can compare to Joy Division without being a blatant rip off or imitation of them. The band was too unique.

  11. There is only one joy division of course !

  12. Peter Hilton

    I guess I would say Cold Cave? But nobody really does it like Joy Division did.

  13. Tonnia Hinshaw

    The band, “She Wants Revenge” is a lot of fun. But, ultimately, no band can ever live up to Joy Division.

  14. Puck Dunaway

    Their isn’t a band that could every create the sound Joy Division created but on the right day the band Low is close

  15. Manh Tran Nguyen

    The essence of Joy Division’s unknown pleasure was definitely re-captured with the band PROJECT: KOMAKINO. Their album “A struggle for utopia” is the ultimate tribute to Joy Division and sounds absolutely amazing. The song “Civility” is a great example of how a tribute to the best band in the world should sound like. See video:


  16. Mode Moderne is the only band I’ve heard recently that really sounds like a post-punk band. Love them!

  17. While I can’t say any “one’ band carries on the legacy completely, it’s easy to hear a lot of Joy Divisions influence in bands like She Wants Revenge, The Editors, Interpol, Holograms (Sweden) and of course, Siglo XX from Belgium.

  18. I’m going with Brian Jonestown Massacre’s ” This Is the One Thing We Did Not Want to Have Happen”.

  19. Interpol!

  20. I agree that Editors and Interpol (the first album) have elements of Joy Division – namely the icy, remote feel to many of their songs. But I feel JD was always much more minimalist than either of those two bands. I suppose that’s in those bands’ favor. They’ve taken elements of Joy Division’s sound without being outright copies of it.

  21. Interpol is the obvious choice: most of “Turn on the Bright Lights” LP, but “PDA” & “Hands Away” most specifically.

  22. I’m going with Disco Inferno here.

  23. The Horrors, who much as Joy Division did, are evolving beyond their roots into a band that is comfortable with experimentation.

  24. They have made such a huge impact on music. Three bands come to mind that are very influenced by Joy Division: The Soft Moon, HTRK, and Tropic of Cancer.

  25. New Order :)

  26. I never thought I’d become this guy, but discovering new bands is happening less and less. I still listen/love Morrissey, the Cure, Pet Shop Boys, DM, Sonic Youth, etc… But instead of giving one of those acts as my answer I am going to say XIU XIU.

  27. I would have gone with Interpol after their first two albums… however, at this particular point in time, I’m going to say Savages…

  28. Editors.

  29. Kevin Turner

    the definitive song is Love Will Tear Us Apart – which is pure legacy. Carrying on the influence are Editors, Killers, Delphic and to some extent The XX

  30. I can hear their influence with quite a few bands, but I’ll go with the obvious and say Interpol

  31. The Soft Moon. Dark, ominous, post-punk. Not a carbon copy of Joy Division but JD’s influence is clearly part of their DNA.

  32. I’m yet unconvinced there’s really any band that have carried on where Joy Division left off or come close to emulating them. To me it sounds like “Atmosphere” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” are the only songs most of the current generation of JD-influenced bands have ever heard, which is a pretty narrow cross-section of what the band was about.

  33. Perhaps less obvious, but how about Eric Avery?

  34. i think Fedora Heap continues the Joy Division sound. The New Division also has a very obvious New Order/JD influence.

  35. I think Joy Division was unique, and so very much “of their time”, that no modern band really carries on their legacy in any sort of direct way. The best way to feel their essence is to go back and listen to their albums!

  36. Interpol took Joy Division’s basic approach and ran with it. I love what they’ve done with it. Editors and Mode Moderne are also carriers of the torch.

  37. Local Dutch heroes Rats on Rafts do a pretty good job at keeping the Joy Division/post punk fire burning…!

    Would love to win Hooky’s book – the one on the Hacienda (How not to run a club) is a classic!

  38. Brian Jonestown Massacre is the only that’s close.

  39. Agree with Ian, it’s Peter Hook and the Light, and Curtis that new bands are fewer and farther between for me.

  40. Interpol, She Wants Revenge, The Faint

  41. No band truly comes close to capturing the emotion and power of Joy Division but having seen Interpol live, I’d say them.

  42. I feel Interpol really brought the sound of Joy Division back to the forefront with Turn on the Bright Lights. Still live that album. Bass Driven like JD.

  43. Chuck McPherson

    She Wants Revenge is one I haven’t seen mentioned…or White Lies (even though they’re not fans of Joy Division, probably because of the constant comparisons).

    Both bands carry on the moody, post-punk sound that Joy Division pioneered, as well as a focus on songs of love and loss.

  44. Sorry – I don’t listen to any bands of today. Can I STILL (get it) win? Joy Division has been my fav. since the 80’s!

  45. I would say their influence can be seen in a lot of different groups. Light Asylum, to an extent Zola Jesus in a different, muted way. I feel Editors and Interpol based themselves a lot on JD, but so did just about every band involved in the 2000s’ resurgent interest in post-punk music from the late 70s/early 80s. JD is there in the first Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, everything Prinzhorn Dance School has done, and basically everywhere.

  46. I would have gone with Interpol until Carlos D left (which is kind of like Joy Division without having Hooky in it).

    So I guess I’ll say The New Division from Los Angeles. Because it’s in their name for crying out loud!!!

  47. I don’t believe anyone will ever be a match or live up to Joy Division. Influenced by Joy Division: Halcyon Days, The Horrors, Editors

  48. Editors but can also hear them in some LCD Soundsystem

  49. Certainly Interpol and the White Lies for sound…

    But for influence and the total package? I would say Mumford and Sons has a shot.

    They certainly don’t sound like Joy Division but the are very self aware and consistant likeJoy Division.

    But yea, no band will do what Joy Division did… they are truly one of a kind and a product of their day and age….

  50. The Soft Moon

  51. Superunknown

    A cross between an Scottish Band and an American Band, From Scotland , we have : ” IDLEWILD ” and From Good Old USA we get ” ALICE IN CHAINS” Tragically Layne Stanley is dead ,like Ian Curtis in depressing mysterious circumsstances, but luckily we still have the IDELWILD lead singer, Scotiish Fiction is almost a perfect copy of the JOY DIVISIN and so is DIRT as a whole album.

  52. no one comes close! if i must though –interpol

  53. Michael Tate

    I’d have to say The Killers … though no band can ever come close to matching New Order/Joy Division.

  54. David T Jones

    I’ve always gotten a strong Joy Division vibe from Interpol. They’ve streamlined the sound a bit, but I think they definitely carry the torch of dark and haunting pop songs.

  55. I can’t wait for this book! Love Joy Division and New Order!

  56. I’d say Interpol does it pretty well.

  57. Agree with most of the comments about legacy – I think the essence of Joy Division was finding new ways to make sound – and the aforementioned Soft Moon is an excellent example. Really, anything from Captured Tracks would be a fair leap in terms of a label with a real touch of quality like Factory had back in the day.

  58. Interpol’s ‘Obstacle 1’ definitely sent me back to explore the JD catalog a bunch. While “Turn On The Bright Lights” is different enough to be unique, the influence is pervasive throughout.

  59. Hard to pick a song from today, but recently, I would have to say She Wants Revenge. After initially hearing them, I almost believed it was Joy Division reformed. Especially the songs These Things and Out of Control.

  60. I would say The Killers and interpol. My favorite Joy Division song is Atmosphere.

  61. I hate to go with the obvious, but only so much time to type while leaving (not taking) a shite.
    Thanks for the contest!!

  62. Current band A Place To Bury Strangers blend elements of Joy Division into their glorious noise.

    • Great comparison. On a purely noise level, I equate APTBS with My Bloody Valentime but as far as atmosphere is conerned … APTBS is carrying a black flag for Joy Division.

  63. Can’t wait to attend the Skylight Books event in L.A!!!

    I hope Hooky drops hints for confirms US dates for his Movement/PCL tour. The youtube videos of the Manchester show last week were awesome.

    Oh, and my favorite Hooky bass lines? Too many, but here are just a few …

    – Regret
    – Hurt
    – Disorder
    – Sunrise
    – Elegia
    – many many more … like I said, too many to list!

  64. Michael Toland

    Interpol has always seemed to me to borrow some superficial aspects of Joy Division and folks like Nine Inch Nails seem to blow up the emotional aspects to cartoonish proportions. I honestly can’t think of anyone who embodies both the spiritual and sonic influences of JD without sounding like clones. Maybe A Place to Bury Strangers?

  65. I’d have to say Interpol does the best job, IMHO, of capturing the JD atmosphere, though there can never be another JD.

  66. Like others, I think no band hold the Joy Division mantle. I liked “Turn on the Bright Lights” 10 years ago. It conjured a moment that only reminded me of Joy Division. However, it didn’t have the danger that Joy Division had.

  67. New Order, obviously. ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ is the perfectly sad Coda for Joy Division and the transition to what would come next through their rebirth.

  68. Jacob Harris

    cold cave or the xx maybe

  69. Influence of Joy Division…Interpol.

  70. interpol!!

  71. Interpol and early She Wants Revenge.

  72. One more vote for Mode Moderene. I have never heard Joy Division in interpol. I must be the only one.

  73. Interpol

  74. i want the signed copy of the book, but …no one comes close. if i have to say one to be included i’d say interpol might be on the outskirts of the county, but definitely not in the same city.

  75. Jason Adkins

    I think Interpol owes much of their sound to Joy Division but no band will ever be able to fill the void left by the loss of Ian Curtis. I’m so glad Peter Hook has played the albums and I hope he continues to play them. Hook is the reason I play bass guitar. I look forward to hearing the real story…

  76. Radiohead!!! I think this quintet really exhibits a lot of the style of Joy Division within their music. The post-punk vibe is inherit within RHs music. I believe if Ian Curtis was still alive today, JD’s music would sound a lot like what Radiohead’s music has sounded like in the past ten years!

  77. Bleddyn Williams

    No one really, but the closest is Interpol.

  78. cold cave for me.

  79. I’d have to say Editors as well. Thanks for the contest.

  80. Being a band now is vastly different than it was during the time of Joy Division but if I have to pick someone I’d say A Place to Bury Strangers. Yeah!

  81. Iceage

  82. Bertrand Leclercq

    Radiohead? Thank you for the contest!

  83. As someone who’s listened since the Unknown Pleasures days, I still feel that although some bands get referenced to the JD influence, the combination of Curtis’ stark visions, the washes of guitar and percussive tones, Hook’s whistling-in- the-haunted-house bass teased by Morris’ frenetic drumming and Hannett’s framing of the band in such a metallic and cold light make them to this day like no other. For better or worse. Each song is a world unto itself, most often uncomforting and yet provocative. They remain unique.

  84. No one carries the Joy Division legacy. but this is a contest, so I guess Interpol “carries” the legacy

  85. i would give it to i love you but i’ve chosen darkness. the right blend of texture and mood.

    interestingly, i think they would have followed a progression similar to the cure had ian and his discerning ears been involved; and i think new order would have been a bit more economical with their track count.

  86. I think that Interpol had a close sound, and I think vocally The National is very close as well. As far as I’m concerned Joy Division had a unique voice with the interwoven electric sounds and the use of melodic bass which has influenced my own style( thanks Peter).

  87. Not sure. A ton of bands seem to have benefited from various aspects of Joy Division. Lyrically, Xiu Xiu comes to mind just for his sheer audacity and uncompromising bleakness.

  88. Chris Nicholson

    I have to say, there’s not much that carries on the influence and legacy of Joy Division better than my iPod! :)

  89. Interpol….just live them. The first album is completely a JD tribute.

  90. lourdes meza

    I think New Order carries on Joy Division’s legacy more than anyone because obviously they formed from the remaining members of joy division after Ian’s death. Also new order’s music is very similiar to joy division’s, except that new order is less serious and more new wave.

  91. As many have said it’s tough to choose a band (or song) that really captures the spirit of Joy Division. I think rather than naming a song or band I’d have to say the rising number of DIY bands out there that are producing and releasing their own music in the same spirit as Joy Division and Factory Records did once upon a time. There is something very honest about Joy Division’s music and I think that is what you get when you have a band that does it their way. Bands like Screen Vinyl Image and Ceremony Give me the same sort of feeling in regard to doing music they love with a clear mission of keeping it that way.

  92. It is Interpol. The vocals, the song structures and the atmosphere of their songs are very close to Joy Division.
    Long Live Ian Curtis!

  93. Interpol, or the less known band The Drums. Interpol for the style of music and The Drums for carrying on the style of a great front man.

  94. I agree – no band has really captured the sound or essence of Joy Division. The first Interpol album probably comes closest. White Lies has a great JD type sound – if only their lyrics didn’t completely suck. On a tangential note Letting Up Despite Great Faults really nails the early New Order sound (instrumentally).

  95. I think New Order played a big influence on the sounds of Thieves Like Us, Wild Nothing and Chromatics. These bands definitely carry on the legacy of New Order style and sound.

  96. Spoon. They don’t sound like Joy Division at all, but their approach — minimalism at its finest — is similar.

    A lot of people here have merely cited artists who *sound* like Joy Division, or have a similar vibe. That really misses the point.

  97. I’ll go for the obvious – Peter Hook and The Light

  98. Shaun Nelson

    I agree with a lot of users above, Interpol. Seen them live a couple of times. Very raw and unique sound.

  99. Well, someone can’t answer the question correctly. I answered for New Order and not Joy Division. Here is my copied and corrected response from the previous with an appropriate reply to the question.

    I think Joy Division played a big influence on the sounds of Editors and She Wants Revenge. These bands definitely carry on the legacy of Joy Division style and sound.

  100. There can only be one Joy Division. Pretenders to the throne include Interpol, White Lies and Uni-Form (from Portugal)

  101. Sarah Wolfgram

    Interpol. Could Paul Banks sound more Ian if he tried?

  102. Donna Shiono

    I feel so OLD saying this but I don’t really keep up with too many contemporary artists so I don’t think I can answer this. I still listen to bands I grew up with, like JD. Newer bands that I HAVE heard are unimpressive. “Hey! Get off my lawn, you damn kids!”

  103. Interpol and Cold Cave as far as sound. Influence and legacy though? There are few bands that have left the lasting legacy that Joy Division left, especially considering the short period of output.

  104. Riot Nrrrd™

    I’m not entering the contest because I’m buying the book at Hooky’s L.A. signing and also because no band carries on their legacy today (other than Hooky’s own band, I guess).

    But anyone saying Interpol is just fucking lazy. That, or you’ve never heard The Chameleons. Interpol isn’t remotely like JD.

  105. I’d have to say The Editors, and perhaps Ikon to some degree. Ikon’s vocalist also seems to be channeling the great Mr. Curtis.

  106. Nicole Glennon

    Agreeing on all the Interpol, Editors and Cold Cave comments.

  107. new order (seemed so simple)

  108. Jack Watters

    What made JD so special is twofold: their sound and their lyrics. Sound-wise, the seemed to come out of nowhere; though you vaguely heard a few influences…they were unto themselves. Lyrically, Ian was a poet on the highest order, yet they were peppered with simple phrases that drew you in and you could relate and apply it in your own life and times.
    To me the band who are that to me NOW are Radiohead. NO, they don’t sound the same at all, but the emotions that they carry and sound aesthetic they adhere to make them, for me, the closest to encapsulate Joy Division.

  109. Joy Division / New Order – best band ever! I will likely be listening to my last days.

  110. The Trims from San Jose, CA.

  111. no band comes close to that, but Dragons with their record “here are the roses” are kind of what your asking for.

  112. early U2. and basically any post punk band from the early 1980’s. The Sound, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen… etc.

  113. simply put: None.

  114. Coldcave

  115. It’s not something I think anyone could really carry on. Joy Division were from a time and a place that doesn’t exist anymore.

  116. I’d drop a name just for the sake of playing by the rules but the truth is, I really don’t think any band carries the torch. I hope that still counts as an entry.

  117. Interpol is the obvious choice for a band carrying on the Joy Division legend! But any dark, moody band up to and including emo, witchhouse, etc., owes at least something to Joy Division.

  118. The Knife – the minimalism, mystique, lyrical oddities, they like Joy Division seem to be able to process it all without extreme pretention.

  119. For me, I’d say Interpol & She Wants Revenge. Soundwise (is that a word?) at least.

  120. The Light and partly The Cure as well

  121. Craig Small

    I always felt a strong link existed between Joy Division and Interpol, at least in spirit.

  122. Often imitated never duplicated. No one can walk in Joy Division’s shoes.

  123. Peter Hook & the Light of course!

  124. Misty’s Big Adventure — Brummy not Manc, but same deadpan humour underneath the bleakness.

  125. Honestly, I don’t listen to very much new music/bands. I would not compare any new band to Joy Division. Just me maybe. J.D. Is my favorite band so no band out now would compare to them in my mind. Just saying.

  126. Editors and the Soft Moon do it best. Editors for the sound, The Soft Moon for the dark content of the lyrics. But it’s hard to match up to the Joy Division legacy..,

  127. Richard Whitehead

    The influence is everywhere….however, no band has ever come close to replicating the sense of icy,fractured loss provoked by Joy Division. They were peerless at the time and remain so today.

  128. The Milling Gowns!

  129. Tough question. I’d say She Wants Revenge, they have a nice Joy Division-ish vibe to them.

  130. With out a doubt Interpol!

  131. Savages “Flying to Berlin” is a good example. They are obviously influenced by Joy Division as are so very many bands today however, Savages are also unique and creating their own sound which is what Joy Division did and this is how the legacy can truly be carried out not by just copying but by being inspired to create something uncommon and surprising.

  132. Hooky looks like he could be my dad’s twin.

  133. Mikal Wentz

    Everyone says Interpol but I don’t know if anyone can do what they did.

  134. Interpol’s PDA has always reminded me of Transmission.

  135. The National

  136. Editors on some songs

  137. Joy Division… epic.
    If you haven’t seen Control, check it out.

  138. New Order is first when I think of who walks in Joy Division’s footsteps.

  139. A lot of bands show excelent songs influenced by them. But any of them add to it lyrics as intense as the ones Curtis wrote. So, to say the band taht best best carries on their legacy, it must be Interpol. But just for the music, their lyrics are very far from what Joy Division did.
    (Sorry – my English is not perfect).

  140. ian christensen

    Editors or Interpol.

  141. Marty Smith

    Interpol and Editors both became awful.

    Joy Division – The Twilight Sad. Look up the video For “Dead City”. Black, bleak, beautiful. Rest of the album is just as good. And a ‘regional’ accent instead of the usual London/southeast stuff.

  142. Interpol

  143. No band can compare to what Joy Division did. Their legacy will last forever.

  144. Editors. No doubt about it.

  145. White Lies

  146. hate to be redundant with everyone elses answer… but my first thought was interpol, followed by she wants revenge

  147. evil Kelly chan

    there are a few bands that come to mind – Interpol, Cold Cave, and the Editors. and they are all fantastic bands. there will be only one Joy Division.

  148. Henry Bemis

    It seems to me that Radiohead would be the best answer. But in all reality, no one can touch or carry on what Joy Division did as a band. They were absolutely amazing!

  149. Will Parish

    Interpol follows in the footsteps of Joy Division, but Ian and the boys really stand in a league of their own.

  150. I’d have to go with Interpol for sure.

  151. Interpol or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

  152. Tough question. It seems to me that Bill Callahan has carried on the spirit and passion of JD.

  153. The majority rules in this thread, and rightly so. Nobody is carrying on what JD did, because that kind of thing can’t be replicated. Not even New Order did it.

    But as for the spirit of Joy Division, I’d say Antony and the Johnsons are in the ballpark. “For Today I Am A Boy” slays.

  154. Well I think there have been a number of fantastic comments about what band carries on the legacy of Joy Division. Interpol, Light Asylum, etc. However, I do think that New Order still carries the torch the best for their fallen band mate from “Ceremony” to “I’ll Stay with You.”

  155. Scott Stalcup

    As Dave’s turn on “Love Will Tear Us Apart” at Musicares demonstrated, no one comes close but Depeche Mode. And they (and any other band) will only ever “come close.”

  156. Interpol.

  157. The amazing band Ikon, from Melbourne, Australia
    Recently supported Peter Murphy on his Melbourne tour.
    Has bottled the essence of Ian & the JD’s, playing there own style of darkwave since 1991.
    A pure joy

  158. the Killers blend the guitars and keyboards thing really well. the Stars track “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” is totally awesome and totally a Peter Hook bassline

  159. Well, first of all, obviously New Order. Ish. Their style differs. But any band similar to JD with that old progressive-industrial semi-mixish bands like…The The, or people like that would be influenced by JD.
    I love JD and New Order!

  160. Interpol is the first that came to mind, especially live. Also, Anything Box and New Order.

  161. No one can match the danger and simultaneous fragility of Joy Division, but I feel New Order (with Hooky) did a good job of carrying on their legacy. Paul Banks and Tom Smith would be my outsider picks.

  162. In 1980 Ian Curtis died, in 1980 The Cure released their masterpiece called “A Forest”: dark, hypnotic, atmospheric track. I think that there is a connection between the two things. I would like to hear Ian sing that song.

  163. Have to agree with the editors and Interpol (first CD only). Elements of JD have also inspired U2, the Killers and Echo and the Bunneymen. And of course Morrissey sounded like JD for one song (Disappointed.)

  164. Editors and Interpol of course.
    I loved Control, and New Order are amazing.

  165. I think Interpol is the most obvious choice, but my heart belongs to She Wants Revenge.

  166. pete ahearn

    I’d say Interpol is one of the most obviously influenced, but to a fault. There’s a line between influence and duplication which interpol has seemed to cross. Long live mr. Hook!

  167. Interpol’s first album resonated of Joy Division.

  168. No one really treads the same territories as JD. Different places, different times, different people.
    And as a fan of JD for about 30 years and also someone really into Interpol, I don’t really see the latter as “carrying the same flag” – they owe more to the Chameleons in my opinion and have anyway managed to create an identity of their own.

  169. I hear Ian and Joy Division’s influence in a lot of bands – most notably She Wants Revenge, Editors, and Interpol. Watching Brandon Flowers of The Killers, you can see he was influenced by Ian’s performances.

  170. Band of today I feel best carries on the influence and legacy of Joy Division:


  171. It’s impossible to pinpoint which band today best emulates Joy Division. Sure, sounds like Interpol and even the Killers have some obvious influence. New Order was a powerful transition. Their legacy is unparalleled.

  172. Probably Mogwai. They seem to get it.

  173. Interpol…..of course!

  174. Tough to pick one band. The Horrors, Colder, A Place to Bury Strangers, British Sea Power, Editors and Interpol depending on the song/album but how about Ceremony by New Order!!

  175. Interpol !!!!!

  176. Eric Avery

  177. David Levesque

    Like a lot of people, no actual band sounds like Joy Division

  178. Without a doubt, the band that carries on the Joy Division torch would be Interpol

  179. Paul Shrier

    Joy Division has influenced countless bands so its hard to choose just one but I would say the Killers

  180. Jeff Johnson

    Interpol comes first to mind.

  181. Nine Inch Nails

  182. Watching love grow – Forever

  183. Looking forward to reading this. JD’s influence on modern music has been incredibly significant. Hook’s perspective will be fascinating.

  184. Tony Simmons

    Bauhaus is a band that comes to mind that made me think of Joy Division quite often. And of course the first album by New Order carried over a lot of influence from Joy Division.

  185. Definitely Interpol. Paul Banks wears his inspiration on his sleeve but still brings something new. A band who made me excited with each release, like Joy Division did.

  186. Estella Ferenczy

    What an amazing question. Interpol. I doubt they could ever produce the music they do without the influence of JD.

  187. The killers .

  188. Alberto Cabezas

    For me, Joy Division was so unique in all of its majestic desperation and glory that there’s no band on Earth could be linked directly to its legacy. Maybe New Order, but they had new directions artistically speaking. Now, many living acts are digging on Ian’s significant and everlasting influence.

  189. Mr Joy Division

    I’m with anyone who said no band. Radiohead is a joke, Interpol is a carbon copy and I can’t even be bothered to comment on the list of crap people have suggested. The legacy of Joy Division, is left by the band themselves. Wake up kids, go listen to the real thing and just go and buy the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Marc Church

    Maybe not the closest comparison to Joy Division, but surprised no mention of Detachments yet. Bands from Manchester and been personally invited by Peter Hook to perform covers of three New Order songs (Perfect Kiss, In a Lonely Place and Mr Disco), plus a version of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart with Peter Hook on bass live. That’s an endorsement if any. :D

    Win or lose, look forward to reading the Hook Book!

  191. Interpol, Ikon, Editors

  192. Interpol. Turn On the Bright Lights, especially.

  193. Todd Burchard

    That’s a tough one. Perhaps The National, and perhaps some, very, very small influence, in the Witch House scene with Crystal Castles or Grimes. I always though The Cure’s Pornography was wonderful, but that was long, long ago, and nothing that I’ve come across that is recent caries the mood of Joy Division.

  194. Definitely Editors – and they put out new albums at the same frequency.

  195. Spicy Sammich


    Not sure which band carries the spirit of Joy Division but Interpol’s “Turn on the Bright Lights” has some eery resemblances…

  196. For me it has to be the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

  197. Darren Warren

    Matt, I would definitely have to say The Killers do a great job of producing the feel of a Joy Division/New Order song. They did a great version of Shadowplay on their Sawdust album. It was also featured in the film Control, about Joy Division & Ian Curtis’ life & death.

  198. Sorry, but I don’t think any current band fits that description. But I would love a signed copy of the book!

  199. Interpol TOTBL.

    • Maybe this is a ‘jump the shark’ moment, but I also think some Bowie has slid close–Heathen (The Rays) has their space, but his voice would rarely get as detached enough to bring the melancholy — it always carries more empathy in it, and he wouldn’t dwell on ‘that’ sound enough for it to be a style he’s expressing over an album. Considering Bowies ‘Berlin period’ including the two Iggy records were a major influence on JD in their day — ‘Shark!…’.

  200. BomberBooey

    To me I would have to say that A Place To Bury Strangers is a band of today that carries on the influence of Joy Division.

  201. Katy Perry.

  202. Joy Division.

  203. I have to say Eric Avery. Awesome bassist and highly influential with every endeavor he undertakes. Hooky was his main influence. I wouldn’t say EA is carrying the Joy Division torch but he definitely has the spirit and integrity of the band. True artist.

  204. Half of the 90s Brit Pop invasion, though Americans, Germans, Swedes were spotted amongst them, would not exist without Joy Division. But it is most immanent when it comes to Editors and Interpol. And the world could never be the same without Love Will Tear Us Apart!

  205. Interpol sound more like the Psychedelic Furs. Joy Division is just a lazy comparison. Like when everyone said Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sounded like Mary Chain when they was really more Spacemen 3/Spiritualized. Even tho no can really come close to Joy Divisions perfect storm I have to nominate someone, so I’m gonna go with Snowman, a now defunct Perth band. Their second album, ‘the Horse, the Rat and the Swan’ distills the rhythms and spiky guitars into something that’s of Joy Division but more than Joy Division. Failing that, how about the Liars?

  206. Low, The Cure, The Smiths and She Wants Revenge are obviously influenced by Joy Division, although no one came close to the talent thay had.

  207. daryl morazzini

    While no one can do what Joy Division did (does) there are three bands that I think carried (and are carrying) the torch.
    “Bell Hollow” I think came the closest, and they broke up after two and half records. Their sound is the most purely Gothic and love worn, like Joy Division.
    “Interpol” is the band that sounds the most Joy Division-like, and their music and style is very much like Joy Division. Again, another great band that broke up.
    “Rome” is the band that is still around and I think carrying on the idea of Joy Division, but bringing it into the present day with multi-languages, samples, and multi-media. I think this is the best band, today, that represents that dark sound of Joy Division.
    Pick Me!

  208. PHL, Interpol, French Films, Cold Cave. Bass, drums and vocals, lyrics.

  209. The legacy of Joy Division lives on and continues to be influential in all types of music, be it mainstream, indie rock, alternative, metal, and the list goes on.. at least one or two members from any of these genres of music can not and will not deny it. To list one artist or song of today that best carries Joy Division’s influences is of personal opinion.
    JAMES (Manchester) to me is still a modern band and these new tunes they have been working on, which will be showcases this April during a 10 city UK tour will also prove that.

  210. New Order

  211. New Order obviously ! She Wants Revenge too.
    I so want this book !!

  212. Joy Division’s influence – U2, yep U2. I know they don’t actually sound like JD anymore but let’s not forget our history here. Joy Division were the template they follow way back in the late 70s/early 80s and where would the the giant rock behemoth be today without those early years?

    Joy Division’s Legacy – The Horrors. The Horrors have discovered themselves a step at a time over the last few years, created a sound for themselves but above all stuck to their principles.

  213. chris kouzes

    Gotta be Love Will Tear Us Apart. Its a perfect song. .. though I’m more of a Transmission fan.

  214. Editors, A Place To Bury Strangers, and Interpol are more or less direct copies, but you can hear their influence everywhere, especially those keyboard passages in Love Will Tear Us Apart.

  215. None of these choices is perfect. No two bands are the same. Hot Hot Heat has some elements that feel like JD: the tension, the tortured vocals, the manic instrumentation, and the melancholic rage in composition. No perfect match, and maybe other bands sound more like JD, but Hot Hot Heat feels like they understand JD better than some of the more obvious knock-offs.

  216. while not a very current band, i feel that Abecedarians carried the torch in a very unique direction. since there will hopefully bring some renewed interest in the band lately, i though plugging them here might be fun. not to forget The Sound either, most bands who were worth their weight at the time were NOT direct copies, but at this time, the if there’s an obvious influence it is more like a direct copy.

    • some of the current shoegaze related bands stand the chance of not being total rip offs. first one to come to mind would be They Black Rhyder who to me give off similar vibes

  217. The editors for sure. But I hear the influence in certain songs all the time. Really anytime the tune has extremely melodic, higher register bass lines.

  218. Trent Reznor seems like a decent answer. That said, Joy Division were one of those bands that can’t be defined or replicated. They were really that special and unique.

  219. I’d have to go with either the Soft Moon or A Place To Bury Strangers.

  220. Does any song other than “Love Will Tear Us Apart” tell the JD story better? No.

  221. Peter Hook and The Light, of course. But they get a lot of stick for it.

  222. The Music…but they are no longer around…

  223. Interpol of course, but also a new band called Cold Showers. Try their first LP ‘Love & Regret’, it’s sounds a lot like unknown pleasure.

  224. I hear bits of Joy Division in most of the bands listed thus far. But I didn’t see any reference to Sonic Youth yet. Not only are they influential in the own right; their foundational roots have been fertilized by Joy Division. With that said, there will only be one J.D. — R.I.P. Ian Curtis.

  225. How about The Rapture?

  226. To echo the sentiments of (mostly) everyone on this thread, Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights and susbsequent recordings parallel Joy Division. I will say Lowlife really took what Joy Division had begun and carried it to newer hights. Not necessarily better, but Lowlife took a course along a similar vein as Joy Division.
    For the record (and laugh as you may), when I took up playing bass guitar, my first though was to learn how to emulate Hooky’s bass lines on “She’s Lost Control”. It took multiple attempts, but when I nailed it down it was one of the happiest days of my life. Hooky’s my idol – I’ll read his book regardless of I win this contest or not. :)

  227. Editors, Interpol, The National and the rest imitate rather then let JD influence them. I think the bands that were truly influenced were those that came up in 80’s, Bunnymen, JAMC etc that took that influence and created their own sound. NIN is probably the biggest band to be influenced by JD and I hear Trent is working on a new record, so I would say NIN.

  228. Interpol

  229. The Horrors do a great cover of “No Love Lost” live..

  230. Er….no one I can think of. Obviously no one carries on their influence better than Peter Hook & The Light themselves!! :)

  231. i hear a lot of joy division/new order in a group called Craft Spells

  232. william rodgers

    Peter Hook himself. the rest are just pretenders to the throne.

  233. i would agree with interpol probably distilling joy division the best for modern ears. i dont think paul banks sounds THAT much like ian curtis, but its more the whole depressive dancey rock with cool bass and angular guitars thing that ties them together in my mind.

  234. Section 25. R.I.P. Larry!

  235. Dinis Baptista

    Like someone before said, Project:Komakino is a very expressed Joy Division legacy. This band is one of the most recent bands that is with great sadness that didn’t continue. If someone related to them is reading this, please write more songs!!!

  236. I see a lot of Joy Division in White Lies. The stage presence of Harry McVeigh is very Ian-esque as well.

  237. Young Empires (let you sleep tonight)

  238. Interpol musically seems to be the closest.

  239. Pawel Kubiak

    Joy Division was very primal, physical, melodic, dark and ecstatic. I also believe it wasn’t a depressive band before Ian’s death, but very rockish in its magic essence. Every time I listen (especially live) to “A Place To Bury Strangers” I experience something similar. Sound is different, but the energy and feeling is similar. And I usually get goose bumps.

  240. Interpol mirrors their vibe.

  241. There is a Russian band called “Motorama”. Their first EPs have the exact spirit and mood of Joy Division records. Search for them, it’s really worth it

  242. It may sound like a stretch to some, but Black Rebel Motorcycle Club carries on JD’s legacy rather well!

  243. There is no equivalent today. However I think clearly today New Order is doing best to maintain the legacy of Joy Division. I am interested in reading P. Hooks thoughts on it.

  244. Honestly? New Order. Hearing Bernard sing 4-5 Joy Division songs on the most recent N. American New Order tour was refreshing.

  245. Editors, White Lies, Interpol, all She Wants Revenge all directly bear the mark of that Joy Division dark angular spacious sound, but other post-punk revival bands such as The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, the Strokes, and the Arctic Monkey owe a debt to the influence of JD. BTW if you want to hear a really cool forgotten Peter Hook bassline, check out “Wish Upon a Dog Star” by Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party.

  246. There are so many, but Interpol did it so well.

  247. Early The Bravery albums and THE Cure

  248. I can’t answer that question. Bands like Interpol, The Editors and MGMT are only second-rate copyists, with no song-writing or style innovation to justify their borrowed licks. The only bands that seemed to capture the dual nature of Joy Division (dour/playful) were Department-S, along with the early Echo & The Bunnymen and The Sisters Of Mercy.

  249. The only one that comes to mind right now is Interpol as far as the sound but I know there are a couple others that remind me of them. I remember the first time I heard them on college radio before they were mainstream and thought to myself is this a Joy Division song I didn’t hear before?

  250. Phil Bjorneberg

    I’d have to say Frightened Rabbit. Their depth of emotion and music that radiates the cold, dark sounds of an urban landscape may not actually sound like Joy Divsion, but they make me FEEL the way Joy Division made me feel…alive, disturbed and invigorated.

  251. Ed Spitzbarth

    Possibly Lowlife?

  252. Interpol is the most obvious choice here. To some extent She Wants Revenge.

  253. Interpol possibly (as cited in the previous comments) but I don’t think there’s anyone who really comes close to the quality of songwriting that Joy Divison perfected.

  254. I always thought “The Overload” by Talking Heads was very Joy Divison sounding…

  255. New Order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Band of Today: Soft Kill. Check out their new album Circle of Trees. And since Interpol released their last proper album in Sept. of 2010 I would call them Band of Yesterday. (for some reason my post from yesterday disappeared?)

  257. spirit: the national; legacy of sound: probably mogwai or yo la tengo.

  258. Alien Sex Fiend

  259. Of the bands I’ve been listened to last month I’d say DIIV (for the bass lines) and Merchandise (because of the vocal kind of Moz/Curtis style).

  260. dave hirsch

    the twilight sad and frightened rabbit – not for sound, but for spirit. super-personal lyrics, dark and intense. and i agree with the suggestions of a place to bury strangers and the soft moon…

  261. Sandro R. Silva

    I Think Interpol, but is impossible another Joy Division in my opinion.

  262. Miserylab…

    Tomorrow For Us, Children of the Poor, From Which No Light Escapes….

  263. Though I don’t think they are still a band, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness from Austin always gave me a strong Joy Division vibe. Same with Canada’s Radio Berlin and Bloomington, IN’s Turn Pale.

  264. Interpol always comes to mind with its songs of both despair and hopefulness. Hasn’t been an album since Turn On the Bright Lights that’s had any substantial effect since any JD album

  265. most recent release that made me think of Joy Division was Savages live ep.

  266. Both Interpol and Editors come to mind. And after recently seeing New Order live, I have to say they’re really continuing on and doing it well, even if it’s without Hook. It was a great performance.

  267. Some of Smog’s earlier stuff has the same-ish dark/dancy vibe… or… not really. I don’t know. Tough question!

  268. I would have to say White Lies an English rock band from Ealing, London does it for me.

  269. I’ll go with INTERPOL…

  270. I think Joy Division were very unique and I don’t think any band now is close to what they were.

  271. Brandon Hurley

    It may not be original, but I think Interpol really carries the Joy Division torch. That said, with Interpol basically being gone, I think the band Craft Spells carries it the best.

    Some people mention the Horrors, which I get, but I think they are closer to the Chameleons than Joy Division.

  272. I would definitely say Interpol reminds me of Joy Division more than any other band. Their songs seem to portray dark, closed-in feelings along with releases of sudden, dis-organized excitement. Paul Banks’ hypnotic baritone range really reminds me of Ian. Still Sad.

  273. Eyeless in Gaza.

  274. Sean Koepenick

    No band can sound like Joy Division because there is only one Peter Hook.

  275. Marc Hemrick

    I would agree with “Interpol” Carlos Denger was considered the best musician in that band, I think there is no Replacing Peter Hook. I don’t know what the “other three” are up too, people that have been together for so long, we should be thankful for the music they produced.

  276. Interpol.

  277. Doug Stalnaker

    Joy Division were truly one of a kind. No one compares.

  278. Adrian Reilly

    Has to be Peter Hook and the Light.

  279. I don’t feel that Interpol sounds anything like Joy Division. At least, I don’t feel like they try to sound like Joy Division. That said, the band I think is closest to Joy Division is… Interpol!

  280. I think of Joy Division everytime I hear The Mark of Cain’ s songs.

  281. I think of Joy Division ev’ry time I hear The Mark of Cain ‘s songs.

  282. Peter Hook and the Light is the only option

  283. The first time I heard Interpol and She Wants Revenge I thought they were influenced by Joy Division

  284. Harold Grey

    Definitely Interpol…

  285. Kimberly Raymond-Jensen

    Definitely Interpol and occasionally when I hear The Editors, I hear JD influences.

  286. Michael Roeder


  287. Interpol

  288. I think the Horrors. They are upbeat while also being melodic and dramatic.

  289. Love WILL Tear Us Apart… from a divorced mom of 3. :-)

  290. Editors and Interpol come closest, but Joy Division were really a one-off.

  291. sarah sepanek

    I’ve seen it mentioned here, but I also say Editors.

  292. Bertrand Leclercq

    New Order!!!

  293. New Order – hands down

  294. This totally reveals my ignorance of today’s music, but Radiohead and Interpol are the only ones I know of!

  295. I’ll go with Interpol, they’re doing the best job of carrying the torch.

  296. Jesse Martinez

    Interpol, hands down!

  297. the song “season in hell” by dum dum girls throws me back to joy division everytyme…so much i ofter find myself hittin repeat as if it were “disorder.” i think it’s the combination of bass and drum solid and movin followed by those dark put piercin vocals…. and yes, then the guitar interludes with that perfect riff…. it’s a modern day female joy division..

  298. Lisa Galindo

    I think The Swans were influenced by Joy Division…Michael Gira has the same haunting and personal lyrics that touch so many souls as did Ian Curtis…. the Swans did a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart that I believe Ian would’ve enjoyed listening to….

  299. Interpol does a good job of carrying on Joy Division’s sound.

  300. Interpol seems to be the popular choice… but let’s go with Doves… Nice boys from Cheshire that met at the Hacienda.

  301. The Chapman family does a fine job of carrying on the sound, as do Savages. Editors had a JD feel on their first album or two, but appear to be off doing something else. Honestly, I think it’s disrespectful and shameful to a visionary band to try to copy them exactly, so I appreciate the bands that bend the rules a little and keep post-punk moving forward in some ways. I wouldn’t want to hear another band JUST LIKE Joy Division; if I want that, I’ll put on the real deal.

  302. Hands down, it’s got to be Interpol.

  303. Iceage definitely has an early Joy Division/Warsaw thing going on. This band I just checked out today, Future Islands, has got a good New Order/later Joy Division influence, too; they’re definitely borrowing from the Peter Hook playbook.

  304. Katie Shreve

    Definitely Interpol! Saw them on their first major US tour then again on their tour for Our Love To Admire and the moodiness mixed with the obscure double meaning lyrics well represented the pioneers that were Joy Division.

  305. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry for me, though they haven’t been around for quite awhile.

  306. Interpol, particularly the first couple of albums.

  307. Freida A. Custodio

    Editors, Interpol, She Wants Revenge

  308. I would say there have been plenty of bands who have carried the torch, NIN, Interpol, Placebo. But their flame burns out real quick.

  309. Editors and White Lies deserves a bit bigger recognition in the States, though.

  310. “Neu English” has a Joy Division influence but of course! There’s only one JOY DIVISION.

  311. Michael Link

    King Parrot!

  312. Brian Castro

    The short lived band, Elefant, had hints of Joy Division sprinkled throughout their debut album. Peter Hook’s bass influence could be heard in “Now That I Miss Her” and “Tonight, We’ll Dance.” Even Diego Luna’s voice, albeit it higher than Ian Curtis’, conveyed the rawness of thought into lyric… A trait well-noted in Joy Division’s music.

    Long live Ian Curtis & Joy Division. Their musical influence lingers on.

  313. I would say that Zola Jesus continues the legacy in that she makes emotional and dark yet beautiful music that sounds like nothing else out there right now. Much like Joy Division did back then. They don’t sound anything alike really.. but then again who would want another clone?

  314. Christopher Ockman

    I’m sure others have mentioned Interpol. They sound almost like a cover band of Joy Division. I wanted to come up with an original answer, but they’re clearly the ultimate progeny of the band.

  315. Interpol has always seemed heavily influenced

  316. It would be easy to think of bands like Interpol and Editors as carriers of the Joy Division flag, but I think that in this age of online connectivity, it would be difficult to replicate the hunger for connection in Ian Curtis’ lyrics.

  317. While I agree with many of the posters who cite Interpol’s sound and vibe, I also think of darkwave bands who are bringing the intensity from somewhere deep like Clan of Xymox and Lycia (fewer beats per minute, but dark and heavy). And women can do it, too – I wonder if Zola Jesus came from the same depths Ian did.

  318. I think Interpol is one of the bands that has a lot of influence by Joy Division, they have a very dark, daunting, clever sound that fits into Joy Division style. But again so many bands have been influenced by them, even The Cure has some riffs from JD, so…. It’s such a great music legacy they had left behind…

  319. I am gonna side with a bunch of people and say Editors for sure!

  320. Savages more than anyone around right now!

  321. Editors I would say!

  322. UNI_FORM has a strong resemblance.

  323. Joy Division was too unique to have a certain group to copy their sound…however there are some influenced by this legendary Manc band…using elements and ideas from them.

  324. nobody

  325. Several: 1.) Interpol 2.) Weekend 3.) Editors

  326. have to chime in for sake of the contest, Interpol, Editors, She Wants Revenge, Zola Jesus… but also agree that while these bands have some varying elements of Joy Division, none capture the full essence or channel the soul of JD….

  327. Interpol if forced to chose, but there really is nothing like the original!

  328. No other band comes close, but many are certainly influenced by JD. I have to agree with others and say Interpol, especially “Obstacle 1”, and The Horrors. Also She Wants Revenge is definitely influenced by them, particularly “Tear You Apart”.

  329. there are many, but I will throw in Wonky Doll and The Echo from Greece…

  330. Cold Cave

  331. She Wants Revenge

  332. There is only one Joy Division, of course, but one new band that reminds me of them, even down to their graphics is The Soft Moon. The singer’s vocal style, the dark apocalyptic nature of their overall sound, everything gives the listener the idea that they were influenced the most by Joy Division.

  333. To me the contemporary band that best fits the Joy Division sound is Weekend – especially their freshman album, Sports. Coma Summer has the driving drum line of early JD and End Times, the first song I heard them play live, is rich in the JD vein.

  334. Editors
    The Prids

  335. As many others have said, there can be only one Joy Division. That said, Ian’s unmistakable baritone vocals can be heard in many of the aforementioned bands like Editors and Interpol, as well as Crystal Stilts and Philly’s Psychic Teens. Another that comes to mind is the intro to the Silversun Pickups “The Pit”–it’s distinctly influenced by Peter Hook’s basslines and New Order.

  336. Interpol. Although they do enough of their own stuff, The influence is there and they do a great job of setting the similar tones of Unknown Pleasures.

  337. New Order and Peter Hook & The Light are the only bands that carries on the legacy of Joy Division.

  338. I think “Mode Moderne” has a lot of Joy Division influence. It could also be “Blessure Grave” although they sound more like Death in June.

  339. Kyle Hernandez

    Some bands may say they are influenced by Joy Division, but few show it in their sound. Interpol is one of the few that actually carry on the legacy.

  340. New Order carries on their legacy (evident by the songs NO played at their 2012 concerts and the merch they sold) but no one will ever compare! Still, Interpol’s “Turn on the Bright Lights” was a very nice album.

  341. All right, contest is now officially closed. Thank you all so much for entering and sharing your thoughts. Winners will be notified this weekend via e-mail.

  342. Jan Michaels

    Many bands have been influenced by JD but noone’s quite captured the beauty,the angst,the power of this band……whether it was a particuliar moment in time(the bleakness and bad economic times in Manchester),the mad genius of Martin Hannett their producer or the chemistry that brought it all together there will never be quite another band like Joy Division!

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