Digital Music, Reissues — April 3, 2013 at 7:00 am

Stream: Electronic 15-minute sampler of new expanded reissue — with unreleased clips


The 1991 self-titled debut from indie supergroup Electronic — featuring New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and guitarist Johnny Marr of The Smiths, with the occasional assist from Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant — will be reissued in the U.K. next week in a 2CD expanded edition, and the band is offering a 15-minute streaming sampler of 10 of the set’s tracks, including some of the previously unreleased inclusions.

Check out our original post for full details of the reissue, and listen to the sampler below. Plus, The Quietus currently is streaming Disc 1 of the reissue, but none of the bonus material.







  1. Still love this album, wish they would slap a DVD with all of their videos on it! I also hope that the so called “remastered” stuff isn’t just made louder :(

  2. Code Blue

    Great album but horribly produced. Looking forward to the remaster.

  3. The video incorrectly identifies the last few songs.
    at 10:21-11:48 …the > indicates Twisted Tenderness, its actually Free Will.
    AT 11:48, Until the End of Time starts and the > indicates Free Will.
    And Feel Every Beat (last track) isn’t even indicated on the video whatsoever.

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