Film, Video — April 17, 2013 at 5:00 am

‘Stone Roses: Made of Stone’: Watch trailer for U.K. documentary on band’s reunion

The documentary chronicling the rise, fall and improbable resurrection of The Stone Roses hits U.K. theaters in June, and now fans finally can get their first glimpse of “The Stone Roses: Made of Stone” via the movie’s official trailer. Directed by Shane Meadows (“This Is England”), the film will premiere May 30 in Manchester at a special screening attended by the band. It will open throughout the U.K. and Ireland on June 5.

At this point, there is no announced U.S. release — perhaps not too surprising given the tepid response to the first-ever American concert by the Roses’ original lineup last weekend at Coachella. The band will play a second show at the California festival this weekend, but no other U.S. dates have been announced.






  1. Chris Causey

    I believe that scene of Mani throwing his bass took place in Atlanta, GA. I was there.

  2. Really liked “This is England”. looking forward to this. damn that album haunts me. i was 19 when it arrived. a great soundtrack to a great time in my life. cheers !

  3. I read a P4k review of their performance at Coachella the other day and the reviewer said something along the lines of “there were more empty bottles of water than people when The Stone Roses took the stage” which was not only saddening to hear, but incredibly surprising to me. Them along with Blur and The Postal Service were the only acts that I wished I could have seen there.

  4. The fact that the Stone Roses can play a gig like Coachella and receives a mediocre reception indicates the lack of music diversity in America. The Stone Roses changed history….. everywhere except America. I remember raves in Los Angeles were the only places where you can hear the Stone Roses. Radio wouldn’t play them. Plainly put….the Stone Roses phenomenon didn’t happen in the U.S. American audiences are completely lost on the significance of what the Stone Roses did.

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