New Model Army

Long-running U.K. post-punk act New Model Army returns this fall with its 12th studio album and first in four years, a 14-track set dubbed Between Dog and Wolf on which the band debuts its new bassist and of which bandleader Justin Sullivan declares, “Sonically, this is the best album we’ve ever made, whilst creatively it has opened lots of new doors.”

The self-produced album, which was completed earlier this year in Los Angeles, is due out Sept. 23 on Attack Attack Records in the U.K. It features the debut of new bassist Ceri Monger, who replaces Nelson, who left the band in 2012 after 22 years, citing family and personal reasons.

Sullivan, the band’s lone original member, says of the new record:

“We were always planning to do something a bit different with this album, and it has turned out much more and much better than we could have imagined. Sonically this is the best album we’ve ever made, whilst creatively it has opened lots of new doors. The title comes from a medieval French expression for dusk – when it’s hard to distinguish between dog and wolf, friend or foe. That sense of contradiction represents the band very well and there’s something of this sense of transformation in the album. It has been a stormy four years since the release of the last album. With the sudden death of our manager, the loss of our studio in the fire, subsequent theft of remaining equipment and our old bass player Nelson’s departure, we in essence lost everything. We used this to make a new beginning and part of the change was effected with the arrival of Ceri and the refreshing energy and musical influences he brought.  We are very excited about the new album and what the future holds for the band.”

The band, which embarks on a lengthy European tour this fall, also announced that a four-years-in-the-making feature-length documentary about New Model Army is in the final stages of editing, and is due for release early next year.


New Model Army,  'Between Dog and Wolf'

Tracklist: New Model Army, Between Dog and Wolf

1. “Horsemen”
2. “March In September”
3. “Seven Times”
4. “Did You make it Safe”
5. “I Need More Time”
6. “Pull The Sun”
7. “Lean Back and Fall”
8. “Knievel”
9. “Storm Clouds”
10. “Between Dog and Wolf”
11. “Quasr El Nil Bridge”
12. “Tomorrow Came”
13. “Summer Moors”
14. “Ghosts”




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