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Video: The Cult opens ‘Electric 13’ tour in San Diego — watch full 106-minute concert

The Cult

Late last month, The Cult embarked on a lengthy U.S. tour dubbed “Electric 13,” during which the band will be performing ts hard-rocking, Rick Rubin-produced third album Electric each night in its entirely, plus an assortment of other songs. Below, via vegasvinyl1, we have full video of the July 25 tour opener at San Diego’s House of Blues.

The Cult opened the show with a full performance of the 1987 album, albeit with its cover of “Born To Be Wild” replaced by “Zap City,” one of the songs from the aborted Peace album, the Love follow-up ditched in favor of Electric that has now been released as part of the double-disc Electric Peace reissue.

The U.S. tour continues into early September.

Check it out the full show:



Setlist: The Cult, House of Blues, San Diego, 7/25/13

1. “Wild Flower”
2. “Peace Dog”
3. “Lil’ Devil”
4. “Aphrodisiac Jacket”
5. “Electric Ocean”
6. “Bad Fun”
7. “King Contrary Man”
8. “Love Removal Machine”
9. “Zap City” (Substituted for “Born To Be Wild”)
10. “Outlaw”
11. “Memphis Hip Shake”

12. “Honey From a Knife”
13. “Rain”
14. “Sweet Soul Sister”
15. “Embers”
16. “For the Animals”
17. “Rise”
18. “The Phoenix”
19. “Lucifer”
20. “She Sells Sanctuary”

21. “Spiritwalker”
22.” Sun King”






  1. Fucking love these guys!

  2. Fucking love these guys!

  3. I love it, at 4 minutes 38 seconds Ian pulls up his pants! A little adjustment was needed…

  4. The tracklist is way off. Missing some songs and some are in the wrong order.

  5. Ian seemed to be struggling with his vocals. Maybe he’s just learned a new delivery after being with the Doors…

  6. I’ve seen these guys several times over the years(including the original “Electric” tour) and I went to the Charlotte show this past weekend and they were fantastic. The guys from Big Country had just played the night before and their current drummer(Mark Brzezicki I think)who played on “Love” came out and did “Rain” with them. It was very cool. Ian also sounded on point that night.

  7. Saw them last night in Orlando. My 5th Cult show. The best one yet. Billy Duffy is playing better than ever. Four songs off Choice of Weapon fit right in.

  8. El Arreglardo

    Was really looking forward to watching Duffy rip through Born to Be Wild. This truly bites!

  9. Garth Bachman

    I love the Cult, have all their albums but this was horrible. I almost went to the HoB show in Anaheim. So glad I saved my $90. Hang it up Ian Talking through the songs is no way to do a show.

  10. What? No Fire Woman? Any band should play the hits to satisfy their fans

  11. Where are the Canadian tour dates? Come on boys, we wanna see you in Toronto or London, Ontario.

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