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Contest: Win David Bowie’s ‘Sorrow’ 40th anniversary 7-inch picture disc

David Bowie Sorrow picture disc

October sees the release of a new 7-inch picture disc commemorating the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s single “Sorrow” — a cover on Pinups of a 1965 song by The McCoys that became a hit when The Merseys recorded it the following year — and Warner Music Group has hooked us up with copies to give away to 5 lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The 7-inch is due out Oct. 15 and can be pre-ordered now via and also will be available at your local independent record shop. The single is backed by a rare live version of the song recorded Sept. 12, 1983, at the Pacific National Coliseum in Vancouver during Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour.

TO ENTER: Drop a comment at the bottom of this post naming your favorite David Bowie single — and offer up a few words as to why you think it’s so great. Oh, and if you’re viewing this on the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, you may e-mail your entry to

RULES: Contest is open to entrants in the U.S. only (sorry, those are the label’s rules). We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Tuesday, Oct. 15. After that point, we’ll select 5 winners at random and contact them via e-mail. One entry per person.

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Thank everybody so much for entering and sharing their thoughts. Winners will be notified via email.







  1. Starman, I have an absurd amount of emotional connections and memories with this one. It is also my favorite Bowie era. It will always be my favorite. <3

  2. Debey Scheller

    Fame! Just reminds me of listening to music withy oldest sister when I was young & just getting into music

  3. Holy Holy-Moonage Daydream (Arnold Corns)- Hang Onto Yourself (Arnold Corns)
    A brilliant glimpse of things to come!

  4. Life on Mars. It’s the perfect culmination of his space themed songs and conveying the feeling of alienation we all sometimes feel.

  5. Starman. A great single in it’s own right, but along with that TOTP performance, one of the pivotal moments in rock music and popular culture

  6. “Fame”…. First Bowie song I could remember hearing through my older brother’s massive Bowie obsession. It was probably the mid 90’s and I thought the song was new!

  7. Suffragette City!

    Bowie could have made 3 or 4 songs from all the different rhythm sections in that tune. But he chose to make one stellar tune instead.

    Hey Man! It’s one of his best.

  8. Has to be ‘Heroes.’ In a very long chain of amazing songs, this one continued to change the pace of music.

  9. Ashes to Ashes…loved (and still do love) the haunting melody and equally affecting video. Viva Bowie!

  10. Hmm, STAY although it doesn’t list the chart position, i’m sure it bombed pretty bad. Nonetheless, an outstanding song; where does Bowie sound better??????

  11. Always Crashing in the Same Car. I just love the mysterious, slightly sinister ambiguity of it, and the overall vibe. But it’s hard to choose just one.

  12. Queen bitch is my long standing favourite. Simply because it makes me feel oh-so good inside.

  13. My all time favorite is off the Outside album. Strangers When We Meet, it talks about getting older, and I think it is more fitting today, then when it was first released. I would love if him and Eno would put out one more album together. From my understanding, the Outside was to have a follow up, but it never happened. For those who have never heard the song …

    • Great choice, Bug. Have you heard the original version from “The Buddha of Suburbia”? You might end up loving this one even more. :)

  14. William Haupert

    Life on Mars? A perfect song. Reminds me of my youth in the 80’s when Bowie was such a huge part of my life.

  15. ‘John, I’m Only Dancing (Aladdin Sane Outtake)’ features Bowie in all of his genres to me: rock, pop, jazz, avant-garde/art.

  16. Moonage Daydream – because it takes me to another world and another place and so perfectly highlights Bowie’s power vocals.

  17. The Man Who Sold The World. Great song, great lyrics.

  18. I almost picked The Heart’s Filthy Lesson but really have to go with Starman. Is that a perfect pop song or what?

  19. Too many to choose from but it might be “Young Americans.” That line “Ain’t there one damn song that can make me break down and cry?” is amazing!

  20. Sound And Vision is simply amazing in its lyrical brevity. The music is stunning, the drumming was like nothing ever heard before 1977, and the synths are fantastic. On the occasions where Bowie has performed it live, it’s a massive crowd pleaser. It’s otherworldly, while managing to also be organically groovy. Only David Bowie could have come up with a song so cool and hot at the same time.

  21. Only one…? Really? I’m debating…Hang On To Yourself or Rock n’ Roll Suicide…epitomizing the end of an era…before the dawn of a new one.

  22. Rebel Rebel is my favorite.

  23. Brent Chaikowsky

    Queen Bitch,its catchy and underrated

  24. Allen Lineberry

    Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – The brooding, forlorn subject (“Still this pulsing night/
    A plague I call a heartbeat”), the green, red, blue eye imagery (from Bowie natch), the juxtaposition of fire and gasoline. A dark single with Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar, what’s not to love?

  25. Gloria Bradley

    Rebel, Rebel — one of the best dance songs ever. You never go wrong with any Bowie song!

  26. I have a soft spot for Sound and Vision and the album Low especially. I love the vocal performance by Bowie, the melody, the mood and the sound of that song and the whole record. The interesting thing about the song and the album, “Heroes” and to a lesser degree Lodger, as well, is that it sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday just as easily as 1977.

    The Secret Life Of Arabia could have been my pick if it had been released as a single. What a wonderful, funky and weird track with another great vocal performance by Bowie.

  27. The Man Who Sold The World. It was one of the first songs I heard from Bowie. I think it was a b-side of Space Oddity on 45, in my sister’s collection. From that day, that song steered my musical taste.

  28. Going with “Heroes” sure its had its share of covers but every time I hear the original, crank it up.

  29. Ashes to Ashes. I love the vibrato piano part.

  30. Blue Jean. Great extended video and cool picture sleeve.

  31. “Heroes” is not just a top Bowie single, but it has to be one of the greatest songs of all time. I love that he did versions in French and German to go along with English.

  32. Ashes To Ashes – I was 10 at the time, saw the video and thought this is the most fantastic thing ever. Obsessively bought anything bowie since and actually love tin machine (never let me down though ironically does).

  33. Recently got a chance to see the Bowie exhibition in London. If I wasn’t amazed by that man this would have knocked me over and made me sell all my music just to replace it with his stuff- luckily I already have some great CD’s but nothing like this vinyl. I hope to see the exhibition come to the US so I can take my niece and nephew and hopefully turn them to Bowie fans.

  34. “Heroes.” Emotional on so many levels. Can energize you, make you smile, get the tears flowing–often in the same listen.

  35. Chris Goddard

    “The Laughing Gnome” He has a massive back catalog of poptastic tunes, but this is the one that truly stands apart from the rest.

  36. jay boddington

    Sorrow is my fav, love the sax in the song!

  37. Rebel Rebel…rock n’ roll and dance/pop music all at once. it’s odd enough to make it distinctly Bowie.

  38. Heroes – because it doesn’t matter the situation but when you hear it with someone it just picks you up and gets you going for the next thing, whatever it may be, and if there’s another person sharing the moment it always seems to connect you to that person, in that time and that place.

  39. My favorite is Changes.

  40. Very difficult to choose the best single—–
    Fascination is my favorite, followed closely by Stay. Honorable mention to Moonage Daydream…and actually–any single on Ziggy Stardust

  41. “Life on Mars.” Without a doubt my favorite Bowie single. Beautifully written and executed. Reminds me of the days I would take road trips with my friends around Southern California in the latter half of the eighties. The imagery in the song is so perfect for the landscapes that passed as we drove for hours on the open road.
    We would play the live version of the song from the same show “Sorrow” was from (mentioned above). Also, my favorite live version of the song.

  42. Tough choice, but I will go with “Changes.” Genius, introspective lyrics. Gotta love it!

  43. Ashes to Ashes. Because it doesn’t sound like anything else. Only Bowie could have made this song.

  44. Lady Grinnning Soul. Possibly the best song showcasing how truly great of an artist he is, both vocally and in writing music. It’s so underrated, which is a shame because it has the perfect blend of melancholy and sensuality that I think really reflected who David truly was. Sends shivers down my spine whenever I hear it!

  45. My head says “Space Oddity,” but my heart says “Young Americans.” A great song I that sticks with me every time I hear it.

  46. So many to choose from. I love Starman and Ashes to Ashes, but I think I will go with Golden Years.

  47. Golden Years. Such a smooth , funky song!Possibly one of my very favorite songs from anyone!

  48. “Changes” because change is good

  49. “Life on Mars?”
    The way the song builds intensity and rockets you into deep space blows my mind. I wish I could write a song like that.

  50. I’m afraid of americans, he should be :)

  51. Quicksand.
    The world stops for 5:08 minutes.

  52. Jason Wilbert, former Jawa

    Ziggy Stardust. Done.

  53. Golden Years. Such a smooth , funky song!Possibly one of my very favorite songs from anyone! Station to Station is an amazing album as a whole, and this track in particular gives that Thin White Duke feel.

  54. Changes! It’s a song that shouldn’t have been a hit, but it’s just too catchy not to sing along.

  55. Ashes to Ashes. I’m about 10 yrs old. The video hit me like a ton of bricks. Images to this day I can still see in my minds eye. One of the all time greatest early music vids.

  56. chadwicktron

    I don’t think it was ever a single, but “As The World Falls Down” from the Labyrinth soundtrack kills me every time. I always play it on the jukebox at the local tavern I go to and the bartender sings along with me!

  57. chris flisek

    “Heroes”. This song never fails to make me well up (the live version on “Stage” even more so). It was also the last song of the night played at my wedding reception and it was just my wife and I on the dance floor.

  58. dashboardhula

    Fascination. I just can’t drop it off of my playlist on my iPhone. I loved what he did on the show EXTRAS. That was great! lol

  59. Lady Stardust. My favorite track off my favorite Bowie album. Despite the title, it doesn’t seem like it even belongs on this album sound wise. Great lead in to the up “Star”.

  60. Terence Concannon

    The Laughing Gnome. Because its David Bowie singing a song called The Laughing Gnome and I’m sure he’d like to forget it, but its better than anything on Never Let Me Down.

  61. Ain’t there one damn song that can make me…

    Young Americans!

  62. Blue Jean

  63. “Be My Wife.” A different sounding Bowie song from his best album!

  64. “Heroes” hands down. Bowie is one of those artist that has made a ton of amazing music. And after listening to his music over the past 40 years, the one song/single of his that always makes me turn it up to 11 is Heroes. That hope can overcome despair, if just for one day, is always a welcome sentiment. Even the German version of the single (Helden) is great.

  65. Jason Robinson

    I’m Afraid of Americans. Great song co-written by Brian Eno and Trent Reznor’s appearance in the video was very cool.

  66. peter Spencer

    Rock n roll suicide. so epic!

  67. Picking one single is very hard, but I will go with “Ashes to Ashes.’ Bowie does the avant garde pop thing so incredibly well and this track never fails to move me.

  68. Fashion. Great dance song and great video.

  69. Murphy's Law

    Let’s Dance

  70. David Bowie has one of the most impressive lists of awesome singles in the history of pop. My personal favorite may be “Rebel Rebel,” the single version particularly, because it is like a teenage call to arms. “Sorrow,” co-written by my friend Richard Gottehrer, is a sweetly nostalgic door into the rest of the Pin Ups album and a great radio hit for any decade.

  71. Rebel Rebel,…1974 …this song was just way ahead of its time. Lyrically it’s taboo sounded way over the top for FM radio at the time. But the beat and guitar riff side blinded FM listeners and carried them away to groove. I was 7 years old when I heard that track in 74. My face is still a mess….

  72. Heroes …… never dissapoints and always gives a lift. You can always sing along and feel good about yourself, just for one day.

  73. Golded years just a great song and many good memorys that go With it

  74. Matthew Daneman

    ‘Five Years.’ The way it builds from quiet brushes on drums at the beginning to Bowie practically screaming “Your face! Your race! The way that you talk!” to tailing off again softly at the end – that’s some masterful songwriting.

  75. Jacob Harris

    Life on Mars? Favorite Bowie song/single, I love the piano and the lyrics in this track. I think this song is an accurate depiction of David Bowie’s persona circa 1970’s.

  76. Kiri Klawitter

    “heroes” – the yearning and gut wrenching emotion in the vocal. and how for me it it evokes a feeling of hopefulness and helplessness all at once.

  77. Gloria Bradley

    Suffragette City — we were lucky to see Bowie in concert here in the US — would love to add this to the collection. By far one of the best concerts ever!

  78. Ashes to Ashes! Everything about it.

  79. Laura Breshears

    Definitely “Let’s Dance”. One of the sexiest, best dance songs of all time. The great opening buildup, amazing bass lines and his voice just get me every time!

  80. Valerie Walker

    “Breaking Glass” from Low I discovered this album by freshmen year in hs in 1985 and this song still sounds as contemporary today as it did then, many years later

  81. Tiffani Gulbransen

    “Sound and Vision” is probably my very favorite Bowie song. There’s something bittersweet about this song that has always reached inside me and taken hold.

    However, at different points in my life I could easily have said a different song.

  82. Ashes to Ashes is my favorite Bowie song and the video is just everything, New Romantics inspired the look and the sound, my favorite Bowie period

  83. “Loving The Alien”.
    a great comeback record from David, with an excellent video treatment as well.

  84. Time for the lyrics so beautiful, pure poetry!
    Breaking up is hard, but keeping dark is hateful
    I had so many dreams,
    I had so many breakthroughs
    But you, my love, were kind, but love has left you
    The door to dreams was closed.
    Your park was real dreamless
    Perhaps you’re smiling now,
    Smiling through this darkness
    But all I had to give was the guilt for dreaming

  85. Sorrow…this song pulls at my heart strings.
    Golden Years….played this at both of my weddings.

  86. Trena Rentfrow

    Rebel Rebel will always be special to me. It reminds me of a friend (whom I met through our love of Morrissey) that left his small town in Oklahoma (where we’re from) to NYC to live. To make extra money, he got to DJ events he named “Rebel Rebel”. I can’t listen to that song without thinking of my friend.

  87. Even though it’s not necessarily my favorite song, I’d have to say Fame. It was the first piece of Bowie vinyl I ever bought and I still have that 7″ single today. After I nearly wore out the A-side, I listened to Right until it was almost worn out. And then I graduated to his albums.

  88. Word on a Wing – it’s simply heartwrenching.

  89. David Donatelli

    Young Americans, it was the first David Bowie song I heard when I was young so it has to be my favorite.

  90. David Julian

    Moonage Daydream…one of his best…amazing vibe.

  91. “Space Oddity” has been my favorite song since I was about 5… my earliest solid memory of popular music is riding around in the car with my Dad, asking him to put in the tape of “that weird guy”, which was the “ChangesBowie” comp, and “Space Oddity” was the song I wanted to hear.

  92. Sean Haezebrouck

    Quicksand. I saw him perform it in Detroit at an amazing theater and it was one of the most musically moving experiences in my life.

  93. Nathan Collins

    Starman – my favorite Bowie moment is his arm around Mick Ronson on TOTP

  94. “Heroes” was hooked after watching Live Aid.

  95. Really really hard to say, but I’ll go ahead and name Life On Mars ? Beautiful song that I have a lot of emotional attachment to. Plus, I named my college radio show after it :)

  96. Sound and Vision-Sonically and musically a timeless single. This is just a great song to chill out to.

  97. Kevin Taggerty

    ‘Sorrow’ IS my favourite David Bowie single even though itr is a cover version, though at the time I thought it was HIS song. I was just starting to listen to what was being played on my Mum’s radio, and she bought the PINUPS album because she liked the single so much. She gave me the LP inner lyric sheet of which one side was more like a poster and I had it on my wall for many years. Yes, there are so many different great songs he released as singles before and after but Sorrow is my favourite and a great one to singalong to :)

  98. James McQuillan

    Modern Love. The song is just super catchy. Makes me want to dance.

  99. Heroes (German Version) because it reminds me of Christiane F. which is one of the greatest films ever!

  100. I discovered the other day that my two favorite Low tracks – “Sound and Vision” and “A New Career In A New Town” – were 7″ bosom buddies at one point. So, that.

  101. 1. Sound and Vision. The marriage between pop and experimental is beautiful.
    2. Let’s Dance. A great song to dance to at a wedding and a great karaoke song.
    3. Where Are We Now? So beautiful and a wonderful gifts for all fans.

  102. Dean Digaetano

    Sweet Head. Because it’s about getting sweet head, obviously.

  103. Dean Digaetano

    Sweet Head. Because “while you’re down there….”.

  104. It’s always been HEROES for me. It always hits me the same way. You’d think that after all this time a song would lose some punch but for me this one never has.

  105. “John, I’m Only Dancing,” because I find his fluidity in terms of gender and sexual identity – even over 40 years ago- extremely bold and progressive.

  106. Let’s dance – youth gone, memories alive (fading)

  107. Every Bowie song holds substance and familiar recollection in my life’s soundtrack. Surviving the awkward alienation of junior high to Lets Dance is no way to showcase Mr.Bowie’s talent & choice musicians. Considering it the least cerebral in his catalog,I did however witness the most beautiful variation and dedication to Let’s Dance at the Area 2 concert that made for the most human & emotional experience ever felt. David said “I’d like to dedicate the next song to a very special young woman here today”. At that point I felt the overwhelming glow and emotion of the girl behind me in the wheelchair quivering with joy & tears knowing that this song meant more to her than I could ever fathom. When I hear that song, I always think of & feel that moment that did not belong to me but realize how his music reaches out in so many ways.

  108. Contest is now closed. Thank everybody so much for entering and sharing their thoughts. Winners will be notified via email.

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