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Daniel Ash box set, expanded reissue of David J debut due from Cherry Red next month

David J and Daniel Ash

That 25th anniversary edition of Peter Murphy’s sophomore album isn’t the only Bauhaus-related title on Cherry Red Records’ November release calendar: The U.K. label also is planning a 3CD box set of Daniel Ash solo material spanning his Beggars Banquet years as well as an expanded 2CD reissue of David J’s solo debut Etiquette of Violence.

Like the reissue of Love Hysteria, these new releases also arrive Nov. 25 in the U.K.

The three-disc box set Anthology includes Ash’s first two solo albums, 1991’s Coming Down and 1992’s Foolish Thing Desire, each “newly mastered from the original tapes” and expanded with period B-sides, as well as a third disc featuring 20 rare tracks, B-sides and demos. The set also includes new sleevenotes featuring a new interview with Ash and “upgraded artwork with many rare photos and memorabilia.”

The reissue of David J’s 1983 solo debut, out of print on CD since 1990, also is newly mastered from the original tapes, according to Cherry Red, and includes a second disc with 17 home demos, rare B-sides and other bonus tracks, including 11 previously unreleased tracks and the CD debut of 1983 single “March of the Sinister Ducks.”

See full tracklists below:


Daniel Ash, 'Anthology'

Tracklist: Daniel Ash, Anthology

CD 1: Coming Down
1. “Blue Moon”
2. “Coming Down Fast”
3. “Walk This Way”
4. “Closer To You”
5. “Daytripper”
6. “This Love”
7. “Candy Darling”
8. “Blue Angel”
9. “Me And My Shadow”
10. “Sweet Little Liar”
11. “Not So Fast”
12. “Coming Down”
Bonus tracks:
13. “Walk This Way” (Groovy Vocal Mix) (UK This Love 12″/CD Single)
14. “This Love” (Midnight Mix) (USA Vinyl Only Promo Unavailable In UK – Unavailable On CD)
15. “Heaven Is Waiting” (USA This Love CD Single)
16. “Walk This Way” (Groovy Guitar Mix) (UK This Love 12″/CD Single)

CD 2: Foolish Thing Desire
1. “Here She Comes”
2. “Foolish Thing Desire”
3. “Bluebird”
4. “Dream Machine”
5. “Get Out Of Control”
6. “The Void”
7. “Roll On”
8. “Here She Comes Again”
9. “The Hedonist”
10. “Higher Than This”
Bonus tracks:
11. “Here She Comes” (Wobble Mix) (Edit USA Promo CD – Mixed By Jah Wobble)
12. “Get Out Of Control” (Thyroidinal Mix) (US Promo CD Single – Remixed By J.G. Thirlwell – Non-UK Remix)
13. “Get Out Of Control” (Aotolesque Mix) (UK CD Single – Remixed By J.G.Thirlwell)
14. “Get Out Of Control” (Prostated Mix) (UK CD Single – Remixed By J.G.Thirlwell)
15. “Get Out Of Control” (Dub Excemahemic Mix) (UK Promo 12″ Single – Remixed By J.G.Thirlwell)

CD 3: Bonus material
1. “The Push” (Daniel Ash)
2. “Spooky” (Psychobaby)
3. “Fever” (Nettwerk – Nip Tuck Soundtrack)
4. “Flame On” (Daniel Ash)
5. “Indie Boys” (Daniel Ash)
6. “Someday” (Daniel Ash)
7. “Candy Eye” (Daniel Ash)
8. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” (Daniel Ash)
9. “Hold Your Head Up” (Daniel Ash)
10. “Rock On” (Daniel Ash)
11. “Rock On” (Space Echo Mix) (Daniel Ash)
12. “Gimme Some Loving” (Daniel Ash)
13. “That’s What She Said” (Radio Edit) (Daniel Ash)
14. “Goddess Georgeous” (Daniel Ash/King Brain)
15. “Trouble” (American Psycho Soundtrack)
16. “She’s A Sad Song” (Daniel Ash)
17. “Echo Plex (The Eno Shuffle)”  (Daniel Ash)
18. “Firedance” Japan Only Edition Of Foolish Thing Desire (Exclusive To Japan)
19. “Acid Rain” Japan Only Edition Of Foolish Thing Desire (Exclusive To Japan)
20. “Paris 92” Japan Only Edition Of Foolish Thing Desire (Exclusive To Japan)


David J, 'Etiquette of Violence'

Tracklist: David J, Etiquette of Violence

CD 1
1. “I Hear Only Silence Now”
2. “No Ones Sending Roses”
3. “The Fugitive”
4. “Betrayal”
5. “Joe Orton’s Wedding”
6. “The Promised Land”
7. “With The Indians Permanent”
8. “Say Uncle”
9. “Disease”
10. “Roulette”
11. “Saint Jackie”

CD 2
1. “Diamonds From Rome To Milan” (Previously Unreleased From Etiquette Sessions)
2. “Saint Jackie” (Alternative – Previously Unreleased Single Mix)
3. “A Seducer, A Doctor, A Card You Cannot Trust” (Alternative – Previously Unreleased B Side)
4. “The Gospel According To Fear” (Full Length Unedited Version Previously Unreleased – Edit From Joe Orton’s Wedding Single B Side)
5. “Alternative 2” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
6. “Limbo Land” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
7. “The Face Of Don Repo” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
8. “The Look” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
9. “The Yes Man Who Said No” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
10. “Nothing” (1981 Situation Two Single)
11. “Armour” (1981 Situation Two Single)
12. “Destiny” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
13. “With The Indians Permanent” (1983 Demo For Etiquette Of Violence Previously Unreleased)
14. “Requiem For Joe” (1983 Joe Orton’s Wedding Single B Side)
15. “Point Of Departure” (1983 Joe Orton’s Wedding Single B Side)
16. “Old Gangsters Never Die” (1983 Single A Side)
17. “March Of Sinister Ducks” (1983 Single AA Side – Never Before on CD )




  1. I will absolutely buy the Ash Anthology. I have the remaster of Foolish Thing Desire already but this is a no brainer.

  2. Regarding the Daniel Ash box set.
    What is the design of this?
    I hope it will be card sleeves/mini vinyl replicas with original artwork (similar to the recent 5 album sets by Beggars),
    inside a clamshell type box?

  3. I think Disc 3 of the Daniel Ash set”s got just enough songs I don’t have(8?) to make it all worthwhile. Though why not include his latest self titled disc to round it out?

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