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Video: Nine Inch Nails bring ‘All Time Low’ to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ in network TV debut

Nine Inch Nails

Hard to believe, but last night’s appearance by Nine Inch Nails on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was billed as the band’s first-ever network television performance. Trent Reznor and Co., in Los Angeles to play the Staples Center tonight, performed a mini concert on Kimmel’s outdoor stage, with Hesitation Marks slow-burner “All Time Low” getting aired on the show.

Below, check out the clip.







  1. Yeah. This is not exactly the sort of stuff I had hoped to hear from Trent upon his return. One of the many disappointments from the new album. I didn’t sign up as a NIN fan for the funk quotient, lol. I understand artists evolve… that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy everything they do.

  2. If you’ve been following Nine Inch Nails, Trent and Atticus, or HTDA – You’d not be surprised by the sound of this new album. Exactly what I hoped it would be and quite possible my favorite NIN album.

    Great performances last night too!

  3. Totally disagree. I love this song. Sounds fantastic live also.

  4. He went to a lot of trouble just to rewrite Bowie’s “Fame.”

  5. Hmmm, first-ever network television appearance? If you count the USA network, that would have to be in 1989 on Dance Party USA:

  6. ‘im oooooollld… and i haaaavvvee a lot of monnneeey!! THIS FUCKING SUCKS! i hate this new material.

  7. Modern Everyman

    This is one of my favorites from the new album. I think we should give him the room to try new things.

  8. This was pretty boring for me. NIN with backup singers? Trent is showing his age and losing his edge. I listened to this album many times trying to like it, but for me it just sounds like he’s trying to rekindle a sound that he done when he first started. What I can say that I liked about it is that I am glad that he brought electronics back into his music

  9. It is clear that the new Nine Inch Nails will divide fans’ opinions, but I am one of the listeners who are truly surprised how good “Hesitation Marks” is.

    As a true Cabaret Voltaire fan I am delighted to hear Trent Reznor using the electro-funk pattern of the Sheffield legends to create probably his best album.

    And I just prefer Nine Inch Nails to sound more like Prince/David Bowie rather than like some tired “metal-post-hardcorish” band.

  10. I actually like the new album, I think it’s pretty good.

  11. Modern Everyman

    Yes…it is pretty good. I didn’t really even listen to Year Zero or The Slip, but I like this one.

  12. The second half of the song is good.

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