Auto Reverse, Mixtape — February 26, 2014 at 7:55 am

Stream/Download: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (February 2014)

Auto Reverse Mixtape: February 2014

With just a couple days left in February, we’ve just managed to squeeze in this month’s (belated) installment in the Auto Reverse series: two fresh 45-minute sides that you can stream via Mixcloud, or download, at least for a limited time, courtesy of the link included below.

This month’s tape includes music from Joe Jackson, Morrissey, Thomas Dolby, The Call, Crowded House, World Party, Dramarama, The Jam and, in honor of the late Bob Casale, a true Devo classic.

Check it about below — and enjoy.


DOWNLOAD: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (February 2014)


1. Devo, “Beautiful World”
2. World Party, “Way Down Now” (Live)
3. Joe Jackson, “I’m the Man”
4. Ramones, “I Wanna Be Sedated” (Ramones-On-45 Mega-Mix)
5. Joe Strummer, “Redemption Song”
6. Depeche Mode, “Dangerous”
7. Morrissey, “Satellite of Love” (Live)
8. The Call, “Let the Day Begin”
9. The Cure, “Seventeen Seconds”
10. Soft Cell, “Memorabilia”
11. Daniel Ash, “Coming Down Fast”


1. Echo & The Bunnymen, “Do It Clean” (Live)
2. The Waterboys, “Glastonbury Song”
3. Bob Mould, “See a Little Light”
4. Garvey f/ Q Lazzarus, “Goodbye Horses”
5. Dramarama, “Last Cigarette”
6. Thomas Dolby, “Hyperactive!”
7. Oingo Boingo, “Who Do You Want To Be Today?”
8. David Bowie, “DJ”
9. The Jam, “That’s Entertainment” (Demo)
10. Crowded House, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (Extended Version)
11. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Just Like Honey” (Demo)






  1. Could you upload the fikes in other server because I can´t download from Mega. Thanx

  2. God! I love these mixes!!! The version of “way down now” is amazing. Such a great song from a great and highly underrated band. Thanks for fitting in Joe Jackson. Still think Look Sharp is one of the best of the 80s. And this should go without saying, but Strummer was a god. Saw him at the Troubadour in Hollywood just shy of a year before he passed. Still miss him!!

  3. Goodbye Horses? Oh my! “Would you f**k me? I’d f**k me. I’d f**k me hard.”

    And the other stuff is pretty good, too.

  4. Hunh, usually I’m pretty familiar with who the original artist was in a cover song, but I had no idea NIN’s Memorabilia wasn’t an original NIN song!

  5. Holy crap. I’m in the process of downloading the mix tape but just saw the Goodbye Horses thing in the comments. One of my fav songs ever. Dang. Looking forward to it!

  6. No new mixtapes since February. So is this it? No mas?

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