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The Cult at Coachella 2014: Watch full 50-minute webcast from Weekend 1

The Cult at Coachella

The Cult took to the stage at the Coachella festival late into the evening on Friday, playing an 11-song, 50-minute set that drew on classics (“Love Removal Machine,” “Rain,” “Wild Flower,” “She Sells Sanctuary”) as well as newer material recorded in the last few years. Watch a rip of the full webcast below (via gotsome2013).



Setlist: The Cult at Coachella, 4/11/14

1. “Rain”
2. “Spiritwalker”
3. “Gone”
4. “The Witch”
5. “Sweet Soul Sister”
6. “Lucifer”
7. “Embers”
8. “Phoenix”
9. “Wild Flower”
10. “She Sells Sanctuary”
11. “Love Removal Machine”






  1. 30+ years and still sound amazing!

  2. sergio carvalho

    Always the best live performance even the setlist perfect,thanks for take a party of my life.

  3. The first four songs are great before the AC/DC era comes in. It is especially fantastic to see Gone on the setlist. That 1994 record is the only other truly good one after Love.

  4. Let’s not get crazy here. Pretty sure Electric is one of the best albums of the 80s and probably the best Cult record ever.

  5. It seems like the posters on here never heard Choice of Weapon.

  6. Ian doesn’t put in the effort, or can’t, and they weren’t all that tight. Billy is the best part. I thought the song selection was disappointing too. Only one track from Sonic Temple?

  7. dammit it’s already gone. anybody have the audio or another version of this?

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