Single News — May 12, 2014 at 12:05 am

Morrissey to release new single ‘World Peace is None of Your Business’ this week


With Morrissey’s tour under way, despite a bit of a bumpy start, it’s time for some new music — and it appears we’ll hear the title track off Moz’s upcoming album World Peace is None of Your Business when it’s released Tuesday as a single in the U.K. As fan site notes, a listing for the song has has popped up on as a digital single.

The full album is due out in July, and Morrissey has been playing three of the new songs, including the title track, at his U.S. shows this past week.

That’s the single’s cover art posted above.






  1. Horrible sleeve. Hope the single is better.

  2. Best not to mention that “morrissey solo” site/forum into any respectable piece of writing because it’s a crock of shit full of trolls and Morrissey himself called it “So Low.”

  3. Gilson Dee

    great sleeve, great song, great singer!

  4. fear4the1000s

    Bricky With A Quiff.

  5. The sleeve is ok, I thought this was the album cover so a bit relieved that it’s just the single artwork.
    Hoping the album cover is a bit nicer.
    Can’t wait to hear the new songs!

  6. Reginaldo Pontes

    Horrible sleeve. Hope the single is better II

  7. karaoke king

    Not by much unfortunately

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