New Releases — September 8, 2014 at 12:01 am

New releases: Morrissey, The Ocean Blue, New Model Army, KMFDM, Paul Weller

Morrissey cROP

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs.



RELEASE: “Introducing Morrissey”
BACKSTORY: Shot over two nights on his 1995 tour, the ex-Smiths frontman’s long-out-of-print “Introducing Morrissey” concert film finally makes it debut on DVD this week. Features 15 songs, including a cover of “Moon River.”


The Ocean BlueThe Ocean Blue

RELEASE: Waterworks
BACKSTORY: The reunited indie-pop outfit follows up its 2013 reunion album with an expanded reissue of this 2004 EP, adding three new tracks to what was originally a six-song collection when it came out a decade ago.


New Model ArmyNew Model Army

RELEASE: Between Wine and Blood
BACKSTORY: The long-running U.K. post-punk act follows up last year’s Between Dog and Wolf with a new collection that combines a mini album of six new studio tracks and an 11-song live album.



BACKSTORY: The German industrial giants celebrate their 30th anniversary with this new 16-track live album featuring “favorites new and old.” Also includes a download card good for four more tracks.


Paul WellerPaul Weller

RELEASE: Classic Albums Selection
BACKSTORY: Universal Music this week releases, in the U.K., a new box set featuring Paul Weller’s first five solo albums on CD: Paul Weller, Wild Wood, Stanley Road, Heavy Soul and Heliocentric.





  1. Waiting patiently for my New Model Army to arrive…

  2. Three new TOB songs! Saw them this past weekend in Los Angeles – excellent show as usual.

  3. Also new this week from Factory Benelux: Testament by The Wake, a best-of collection spanning their Factory and Sarah records years available on CD and vinyl. The vinyl includes a bonus CD of early demos and live tracks

  4. Now I feel sufficiently hoodwinked for paying about $9 for the 6-song version of ‘waterworks’ when it first came out.

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