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Vintage Video: Local TV newscasters try to explain ‘Cocteau Twins fever’ in 1985

Cocteau fever 2

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we resurrect something we first shared way back in 2010, and something that remains one of our favorite things to ever exist: a pair of TV news reports from WBNS in Columbus, Ohio, about the “Cocteau Fever” surrounding the Cocteau Twins’ Sept. 19, 1985, concert there — just one of five stops on its U.S. tour that year.

It’s hard to believe that a fairly obscure British band’s decision to play central Ohio merited not just an advance feature, but live coverage the night of the concert — or, rather, the “rock happening,” as the anchor calls it before throwing to a live correspondent, who announces, “Cocteau fever has hit — and guess who has it?” The answer? Apparently a bunch of weirdos with funny haircuts.

Check it out in all its glory:







  1. Cocteau Twins great days, and see it there Lone Justice, a great band that had short life

  2. You ever thought of wearing your hair that way, Chuck?

  3. Ahhhh. Brings back wonderful memories from the 80’s of being told I had my hair on backwards. “Hey weirdo!!! You’re hair is suppose to be long in the back and short in the front. Stupid f****t”.

  4. Slow news day in Cowtown?

  5. We were all this way. It was either Columbus or maybe Toledo.

  6. just saw this footage in the shoegazer documentary Beautiful Noise!

  7. Wow… I grew up in Columbus. (Grandview Heights, but close enough.) Saw plenty of shows at the Newport there. Saw the Kooks play there just a couple years ago, and I remember the Dead Milkmen and Hipsway from back in the day, if anyone knew that band.


    The Schoolkids Records where my friends and I would bike to and buy our vinyl was like a block up High Street from the Newport. Ah memories.

  8. Didn’t get to see the twins until 91 at a weird gym style venue called the Metroplex Arena. Bleachers and all. They were brilliant.

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