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Gene Loves Jezebel releasing first new album in 14 years — hear first single ‘Summertime’

The Jay Aston-led version of Gene Loves Jezebel — there are two incarnations of the band, each fronted by an Aston twin — is poised to release a new studio album titled Dance Underwater, the first collection of new music from a version of GLJ in 14 years.

The first single, “Summertime,” is out now, and can be streamed in full below.

The 10-song Dance Underwater is due out in the U.K. this Friday, and will see a North American release on Sept. 15. It’s the first studio album from a version of Gene Loves Jezebel since 2003, the year that Jay’s GLJ released The Thornfield Sessions and Michael’s GLJ released Exploding Girls.

(Per legal settlement between the brothers, Jay Aston’s version of the band goes by Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.K. and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.S., and Michael’s is the opposite: Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.S. and Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.K. Got it?)

The new album — which was funded via a Pledge Music campaign — finds Jay Aston backed by past GLJ members James Stevenson on guitar, Pete Rizzo on bass and Chris Bell on drums.

Below, check out the new single “Summertime,” and the tracklist for Dance Underwater.



Tracklist: Gene Loves Jezebel, Dance Underwater

1. “Charmed Life (Never Give In)”
2. “Summertime”
3. “How Do You Say Goodbye (To Someone You Love)”
4. “Izitme”
5. “Ain’t It Enough”
6. “Cry 4 U”
7. “Flying”
8. “World Gone Crazy”
9. “Chase the Sun”
10. “I Don’t Wanna Dance Underwater”





  1. Great album, I love it, one of my favorites by the band. I really like Jay’s songs, much more than Michael’s.

  2. Human Cobras

    LOVE THEM!!!

  3. Chris Knowlton

    What a terrible song. The vocals are horrid. Heavenly Bodies was the perfect cap to a great run for this band. Should have called it a day after that.

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