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Listen: Gary Numan, ‘What God Intended’ — 2nd single off forthcoming ‘Savage’ album

The release of Gary Numan’s 21st album, Savage (Songs From a Broken World), is now just a little more than a month away, and the former Tubeway Army frontman has offered up the second taste of the new LP in the form of moody single “What God Intended.”

Numan says of the track:

“‘What God Intended’ is one of the stranger songs on the album. The choruses are mostly instrumental and the three verses, each entirely different from the other, all sit over a huge, slow moving groove.”

The new album, Numan’s 21st and first since 2013’s Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind), is due out Sept. 15 and is produced by Ade Fenton. It was funded in part via Pledge Music. Numan is now offering pre-orders of Savage on his site in a variety of formats, including CD, vinyl and cassette.

Numan will embark on a previously announced 22-date North American tour this November.

Below, listen to “What God Intended.”






  1. Sounds pretty savage. Look forward to this release. Wish his tour would touch the southeast US a bit.

  2. Ok Numanoids! This is IT! Make this album chart at #1! DO NOT wait to buy it in a week or whatever! Pre-odor it…or whatever it is y’all kids do nowadays!!! “Splinter: Songs From A Broken Mind” (2013) was the FIRST Numan album to crack the USA top 200 since “DANCE”…and that was 1981! Come ON! Let’s make this happen! And above all, get Gary to do a concert down here in Hell, err, South Florida (same thing!), and even if it’s opening for NIN like in ’13, I’LL TAKE IT!!! (Numan’s opening sets for NIN in Sunrise, FL {west Ft. Lauderdale suburb} Oct. 30, ’13, was the 2nd largest, and the Orlando Halloween show THE LARGEST audiences he’s played before in the USA…EVER!) It’s really all but impossible to find an artist other than Numan who’s produced such a seismic shift & influence in music, from electronica/industrial (NIN, Manson, Foo Fighters, Republica, Basement Jaxx, and even LADY GAGA and KANYE WEST!), to metal (Fear Factory who remade “Cars” with Gary!), to even RAP (Afrika Bambaataa remade “Metal” with Gary!), and get NO CREDIT, than Gary Numan, and it is LONG overdue to put Gary OVER THE TOP!!! It’s NOT impossible, it’s just a matter of time, and it is up to US! So get a move on!!!!!!!!! HAIL GARY NUMAN!!!!!!!!

  3. naah. Bjork’s done this already in the 90’s.

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