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Contest: Win tickets to see The Church at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles

Australian rock legends The Church are in the midst of a North American tour in support of their forthcoming album Man Woman Life Death Infinity, and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve got 5 pairs of tickets to see the band in Los Angeles to award to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The winners of this contest will receive two (2) tickets apiece to see The Church at the Fonda Theatre this Friday night with Helio Sequence, courtesy of the concert’s promoter, Goldenvoice.

(Tickets also are available to purchase here if you don’t want to leave it to chance.)

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, name your favorite song by The Church, and let us know why you think it’s so great. If for any reason you’re unable to comment, please email your entry to with the subject line “THE CHURCH IN L.A.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. PDT Thursday, Sept. 14. After that point, we’ll select five winners at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winners do not reply to their notification email within 8 hours, new winners will be drawn. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.





  1. Reptile is my Favorite The Church Song, I will never forget seeing the video on MTV the first time after Under The Milky Way was done being promoted.

  2. “Unguarded Moment,” is one of my all time favorites from The Church. It’s a song I can just get lost in. It’s atmospheric, and to me it captures both strentgh and vulnerability.

  3. My favorite song is Reptile – love the guitar solo!

  4. Peter Castillo

    Columbus off of Heyday for the feeling of loss when a relationship ends as I always seem to start playing this song when a relationship ends as it sums up how I feel on things I should have said.

  5. Garth Bachman

    My favorite song is reptile, it reminds me of sitting at the beach bar at Papas and Beer in Rosarito with my good friend Conley at the end of a long Baja surf weekend enjoying a cold Corona and just looking at the waves.

  6. Graeme Wright

    The Disillusionist. It’s the closest any rock band has come to lyrically challenging (or channeling) Charles Baudelaire. The 6/8 tempo, the evil carnival organ, the feeling of barely hanging together through the chaos of the chorus, the lack of discernible ends and beginning of verses. A masterpiece.
    Antenna is a close second.

  7. My favorite track is Myrrh from Heyday, as it contains all of the hallowed traits by The Church in one song, and could stand alone even without the music as prose.

  8. My favorite band … but Already Yesterday is just fantastic.

  9. Matthea Carosella

    Driving cross country moving to Los Angeles, and hearing ‘Under the Milky Way’ for the first time under a clear night sky in New Mexico.

  10. David Grossklaus

    Reptile, I love the video. The Church stand alone in great style.

  11. Heyday is my favorite album by my favorite band. Disenchanted not only inspired me to pick up a guitar, but a Rickenbacker.

  12. Dennis Brunet

    Tantalized from Heyday. Great vocals and layered guitars.

  13. Robert Robles

    Lost is my favorite song by The Church. At the time i was questioning God and religion due to the loss of my sister. This song was metaphorically perfect for me at the time.

  14. Unaware so many like my favorite song “Reptile” but they all have good taste like me apparently. The Church is a unique band and I’m happy to say I’m a fan.

  15. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    So many great ones, but today I’ll chose “Electric Lash.” Pretty melody, great lyrics and like all of their songs really draws you in.

  16. “You Took” from The Blurred Crusade. This is where the heady trippyness began (at least for me). A song that’s even better live. An eight minute pop song? Sure why not!

  17. Leana Krytzer

    Myrrh and Reptile are tied for me. Both are absolutely fantastic and give off these great flowing vibes. Plus, Reptile has one of the coolest and most captivating guitar riffs. Both of these songs put me in a trance every time I hear them.

  18. Reptile: gives me chills every time i listen to it

  19. George De Pirro

    Under the Milky Way always gives me a feeling of flying through the cosmos

  20. Unguarded moment as it was the first song I had heard by them. I’ve been a fan for over 20 some years now.

  21. FLY!
    I used to listen to Seance when I was in the field with the US Army… it was my go to.
    thank you for considering, the Fonda is my favorite venue in Los Angeles.

  22. “Destination” still remains one of the first songs that turned me on to The Church and the Australian wave of music. It’s smooth and is both thematic and a great musical composition. (plus today is my birthday, so this would be a great present)

  23. Telepath, has a great shoegazy tripped out guitar attack that I just love. Impossible to pick just one though, I’ve been a fan since Heyday blew me away and love how they continue to change and still sound great.

  24. I’m gonna have to go with Reptile. That bassline is killer!

  25. Reynaldo Garza

    North, South, East, and West is my favorite tune by the Church. I think it’s the first song I got into by them that wasn’t a huge single and it introduced me to their other layers and inspired me to delve into their back catalogue. They have so many great tracks, but this one makes me smile the most!

  26. Between 1989 and 1992 I served in the US Navy. I was stationed the Pacific North West but spent 1/3 of that time floating around the Persian gulf as well as the Pacific and Indian Oceans aboard the USS Ranger, an aircraft carrier out of North Island San Diego. It was a time long before iPods and Mp3 players so music selection had to be precise. “Starfish” and “Gold Afternoon Fix” were in heavy rotation. “Under The Milky Way” conjures up some of my favorite memories of the desolation of being at sea. After Desert Storm, at the age of 19, floating around the Indian Ocean in the middle of the night, headphones on, laying on top of a jet after flight ops and starring at the Milky Way. There was no other light than the stars. I imagined they were pinholes in the backdrop sky and I was floating in toy boat, inside an inflatable pool, on the stage of some mad mans theatre. If it all fell would it reveal scaffolding and puppet strings? “Wish I knew what you were looking for, might have known what you would find,” conjured images of people I loved and harkened back to Kerouac’s line about the “mad ones… mad to be saved… but burn like roman candles.” I felt all had led me there, to that destination, under the milky way.

  27. Thomas Kennedy

    Day 5 is the Church’s best. A brief history of time…. Decades and decades into their career, they’re still producing their best stuff, and this one epitomizes it

  28. Block…even more specifically, live version of the song. The lyrics (Australian, personal, uncompromising), the guitars (no better interplay of both PK and MWP), the change in tempo (slow, subtle to fast, grinding) all come together to form a majestic, uncompromising and unforgettable song. To me there is no more defining song of “who are The Church” than Block.

  29. Priest=Aura
    I love that song and album because it reminds me of falling in love with my then future wife.

  30. “Maybe These Boys” because it sounds like nothing else in their canon–nor anyone else’s. :P

    Seriously. So many stellar songs to choose from, but will go with Priest’s epic opener “Aura.” Seven minutes of bliss from an album that is near and dear to many. From the first sight of that now iconic jacket, you knew this album was something special. And “Aura” confirmed that in the opening notes alone.

  31. Yoselin ponce

    My favorite song from the church would be “to be in your eyes” because I would and still do listen to it when im feeling sad and end up listening to sad songs to feel even sadder.

  32. Metropolis for me. Although Reptile is a close second.

  33. Jacob Matthews

    I always love “almost with you”

  34. Under the Milkyway is my favorite song ….why??? Its a classic !!!

  35. Grind. We got to grind it out one more day till The Church show. Its impossible to pick a favorite to many great songs. This is one of bands you go see and those songs are better live except probably reptile or under the milky way. Tantalized,Myrhh,You Took even better live. I hope you all go see this great band.

  36. michael mattes

    Electric Lash off Seance is my favorite. I bought the album when I was 14 after making my mom take me to the mall to find it. I tried to get a band together and tried to play that song – and was soundly defeated by a lack of skill or talent – but I always loved the song and the album more than any other – probably because it was my first.

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