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Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Best of New Order: Vote for your 25 favorite songs (out of 157)

We’re back with the fifth installment of our ongoing readers poll series, bowing to popular demand that we ask you, the readers of Slicing Up Eyeballs, to help us rank every song released by New Order over the pioneering electronic-rock group’s 37-year lifespan, from its emergence out of the ashes of Joy Division to its current post-Peter Hook incarnation.

By our count, New Order has released 157 studio-recorded songs since 1981, and we’re asking you to select your favorites from that list so that we may assemble a definitive ranking, like we’ve done already with the oeuvres of The CureThe Smiths, R.E.M. and Depeche Mode.

VOTING: Below you’ll find a ballot listing all 157 songs released by New Order. What’s not included are live tracks, re-recordings, demos and the (most of) the astonishing number of remixes released over the years.

You’re welcome to vote for as many as 25 of your favorite songs released by New Order.

A few notes on all this:

  • We’re fairly confident that our list of 157 songs is comprehensive, but if there are any missing, there is a write-in option at the bottom of the poll. You can also email info@slicingupeyeballs.com to alert us to any omissions, or if you’ve got any questions about song eligibility beyond the rules described above.
  • As mentioned, we are generally not differentiating between the various remixes of a given song. It would only split the vote. That being said, we have included songs that are essentially remixes, yet bear distinct song titles, such as “The Beach” or “The Kiss of Death,” as opposed to, say, “True Faith” (This is a Remix Remix). Those re-titled mixes seem a bit more prominent, and this allows us to acknowledge the band’s remix legacy without swamping the poll with the infinite variations of “Blue Monday.”
  • The songs are listed in strict alphabetical order, meaning “The Perfect Kiss” will be in the T’s, not P’s.
  • While you can vote for up to 25 songs, they all will be weighed equally when the results are tallied. But if you’d like to share your ranked Top 25 lists with the rest of the Slicing Up Eyeballs readers, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and make your case.

DEADLINE: Voting ends 5 p.m. EST Friday, Nov. 17, and results will be posted by the end of the month.

Sound good? Then vote away.

(If you have any difficulty using the webform below, go directly to Polldaddy to vote: poll.fm/5vidd)






  1. Debbie Burgess

    Great selection!

  2. Jenn Gilbert


  3. Thanks!

  4. Hans Pfaffenberger


  5. Never released Homage properly

  6. Brian Illingworth

    Favorite songs

  7. Enjoyed the New Order catalogue for decades. Always lots of fun to listen to. Love Brotherhood!

  8. I’m not the kind who likes to tell you just what you want me to.

  9. Can someone enlighten me as to what the “Untitled” b-side was for True Faith 94?

  10. Great list.

  11. Tyler Roepke

    New Order rules!

  12. Karen Pumphrey

    My favorite band.

  13. I found this one the most difficult poll of all. In the others, it seemed like my 25 choices were long gone before I reached the end of the alphabet, but I struggled to make 25 here–I had to make three passes. That’s not to say that I don’t love New Order, because aside from the Cure, they’re my favorite band among the bands covered in these five polls. Also–I voted for more songs from Siren’s Call and Get Ready than I would’ve initially thought I would.

  14. Wish there was more clarity on if we were voting for 12” versions or Substance versions vs. the original singles — see “Temptation” and “Confusion” — but I’ll take what I can get.

  15. Kristine Chiafos

    I have participated in all of your polls and this one was by far the hardest!

  16. I find it odd that some re-recorded versions are included simply because they tacked on a year to the title, but re-recorded Substance versions of Confusion and Temptation are not. I suspect a lot of casual fans are not familiar with those original 12″ versions.

    Why include True Faith 94 and not the other tracks that were re-recorded with ’94 versions (BLT, R & R, 1963). And how about 1963 ’95, the completely re-imagined version released alongside (best of).

    Anyway, it’s all for fun. I just thought I’d point that out.

  17. Thanks

  18. So happy New Order was chosen! One of my all time favorites

  19. Leave me alone

  20. Steve Hennessy

    Impossible really

  21. This is like picking your favourite child…how do you do it?

  22. Joshua Burke

    Love them

  23. Nik Chalkley

    My selections

  24. Totally would have voted for “Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)”, the b-side to “Murder”, over the vocal version.

  25. Love New Order and look forward to seeing how my picks compare to others!

  26. I need about 5 more choices. Had to leave out Regret, World, The Village, Your Silent Face, and Truth. That’s not right.

  27. So many great tracks!

  28. Dang this was so fun. “Lonesome Tonight” is still my favorite track!

  29. My all time favorite band

  30. My list was Joy Division/Movement heavy. No surprise from someone that grew up with both bands. Though there were many fine songs post-Republic that I voted for.

    • Same, with most of my votes going to Movement and the stuff on the ’81-’82 EP. Also a few songs on Technique, after which I kinda checked out on New Order.

      • Same exact thing here, Bryan. When Bernard started to sing like Kermit the Frog (or maybe Fozzie ?) as in The Perfect Kiss, that’s when I started to sort of “check out”, as you said. Still obtained their new releases after that, but nothing can beat the Movement/81-82 EP/PC&L days.

  31. Chris Contreras

    New Order = Endless Fan-bloody-tastic listening pleasure!

  32. Too many great tracks to pick a favourite

  33. Let’s go!

  34. Leave me alone

  35. 1963 first on the list and first in my heart.

  36. Matthew Ferguson

    It will be interesting to see where “Mesh” and “Cries and Whispers” end up given that the latter was included on Substance labelled as “Mesh.” Though I suspect anybody that would either of these in their top 25 will probably know the difference.

  37. I had to leave out New Dawn Fades because I consider it a Joy Division song. It was hard though.

  38. Leave Me Alone

  39. Rubens Faro Pompeu

    Leave me alone

  40. Stephen Hanula

    That’s tough. Trying to limit myself to only 25 songs from my favorite band was impossible. I could have used a few more selections, maybe 30.

  41. Glad we were given 25 votes… Still difficult to have to leave some out!

  42. Favorite band in the world. This was really hard but I got it done. I love every single album for some reason, there’s always something to enjoy.

  43. Yazmin Vizcarra


  44. The soundtrack of my life….special, special music.

  45. Yvonne Smith

    Everythings gone green.

  46. Corin Denton

    Vanishing Point
    Broken Promise
    Leave Me Alone
    The Perfect Kiss

  47. Love it all very much!

  48. Everythings Gone Green ! Greatest song of all-time, any band !

  49. The greatest band ever!

    I’m fully expecting the top three to be Ceremony, Temptation and The Perfect Kiss, in no particular order.

    I guess it depends on how many casual fans vote.
    The super-fans will likely vote for the holy trinity above, whilst
    the average person will be more likely to vote for True Faith, Blue Monday and BLT (not that there’s anything wrong with this; all superb tracks). The Joy Division fans (myself included) will try to ensure Ceremony and In A Lonely Place are as high up as possible.

    Will be really interesting to see what happens. Thanks for doing this.

  50. Ceremony is my all-time favourite song by anyone. Add The Perfect Kiss and Temptation and you do indeed have the holy trinity!

  51. Scott R Stalcup

    As the man who swallowed concrete said, “That shit was hard!”

  52. Your Silent Face has got to be my fave. Well, along with Unlearn This Hatred!

  53. john thomas

    Does anyone know why Substance isn’t on Spotify. I love the particular mixes on that album and also the collection of B-Sides includes “Lonesome Tonight” which is my favorite New Order song. Sucks it isn’t on Spotify.

  54. sunshine valley dance band

    trainspotter alert: Peter Saville Show Soundtrack is missing (one of my favorite instrumentals from them). And despite what wikipedia says, I don’t think there is an track called “Untitled” on the True Faith 94 single (most likely this is the Perfecto Mix of True Faith)

    • OK, upon further investigation, yes, that “Untitled” song listing on Wikipedia appears to be bogus. I don’t usually change the polls after they’re up, but I removed that and replaced it with “The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack.” Any write-ins for the that (and there are some) will be added to that total.

  55. Leave Me Alone

  56. I’m still determining out what their best tracks are – might get there next year – http://newordertracks.wordpress.com

  57. Wow, had to leave out some ace tracks from my vote because 25 really isn’t enough but I think I did it justice :-)

  58. Linus Solanki

    Too many hits and great songs from New Order over the years and plus their side projects, Joy Division, Electronic, Bad Lieutenant, Monaco and The Other two

  59. Hate to state the obvious, but Blue Monday is a lock for number one. Yes, yes, you’ve heard it too many times and for too many years (and let’s just say nothing about the ’88 edition). But when it comes down to it, it is objectively the best song of the 80s and easily the most influential.

    Putting that obvious choice aside, I go for these as my top picks:

    Age of Consent
    In a Lonely Place

  60. Top 10:
    Dream Attack
    Leave Me Alone
    Vanishing Point
    The Perfect Kiss 12″
    Cries & Whispers
    Lonesome Tonight

    Greatest band ever.

  61. Shane Madgett

    Age of consent
    Blue Monday
    Fine time
    Everything’s gone green
    State of the nation
    Dreams never end

    Pretty heavy on the early days. But a few newish ones too.

  62. Andrew Cooper

    An amazing selection of songs and so consistently brilliant. Technique era will always be my favourite (6 picks) and Republic too (4 picks). So many great lesser known tracks, but hard to look past all the “greatest hits”-Ceremony, Temptation, Blue Monday, Perfect Kiss, True Faith, BLT, Regret…

  63. Love this! new order day now. If I could vote for Electonic….

  64. We can vote as many times as we like? Is that a good idea?
    I’m not convinced that including Run2 as well as Run is a good idea (it was just the single edit of the album track). Nor indeed World (the price of Dub), Bizarre Dub Triangle or other B-side dub versions. They are basically the same song as the A side.
    Incidentally this poll is being discussed on the new order forum (which has a link on new order’s official website, or go to: forums.neworderonline.com/ . Feel free to visit!

  65. Bloody horrible that feel like I’ve betrayed some relatives…

  66. I missed The Cure & The Smiths but have really enjoyed voting in these last three polls. Future nominees: The Replacements, Beastie Boys, The Ramones, Psychedelic Furs, Inxs.

  67. Ceremony
    In a Lonely Place
    Cries and Whispers
    Everything’s Gone Green
    Blue Monday
    Your Silent Face
    Thieves Like Us
    The Perfect Kiss
    Bizarre Love Triangle
    True Faith
    Fine Time
    Round & Round
    Vanishing Point
    Best & Marsh
    World (The Price of Love)
    Everyone Everywhere
    Someone Like You
    Here To Stay

  68. Haha I’ve never heard Vietnam until now…it may end up the one NO sing I don’t bother owning.

  69. I didn’t even know “The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack” existed until I read this (how the hell did I miss that ?). THANK YOU ! I’ve been listening to it this whole week – so good !

  70. Glad to see this happening!

  71. Low Life was a huge influence for me.

    Also, most of the 12” singles I own.

  72. The entirety of Power, Corruption and Lies.

  73. Umm… Love Will Tear Us Apart (New Order 511 – 2002)?

  74. I know I’m talking to the converted here; but if anyone is about to vote and has never heard Lonesome Tonight (hey, it’s not on Spotify so it’s possible!) – go do that first and come back.

  75. My life in a list of amazing songs!

  76. A chance to put hidden gems like ‘The Village’, ‘Face Up’, ‘Broken Promise’, ‘Mr Disco’ and ‘Times Change’ in the spotlight.

  77. Matt Thurston

    My list featured tons of non-single deep cuts from the albums Low Life, Brotherhood, and Technique, the three-album apex of New Order.

  78. In addition to many classics I had quite a few from Waiting for the Sirens Call and Music Complete… and I’m not sorry.

  79. Micah Stupak

    You’re throwing out any ballot that contains “Rock the Shack,” right?

  80. The Village, Dreams Never end, Procession
    Magnificent timeless story of my life

  81. Can we do this next for Siouxsie & The Banshees?

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