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Holly Anderson, poet and artist who wrote Mission of Burma’s ‘Mica,’ 1955-2017

Holly Anderson, the poet and artist whose “White Story” — which she once described as “an anthem to being disconnected” — was turned into the Mission of Burma song “Mica” on the band’s 1982 debut album Vs., died last week, according to the St. Paul, Minn., Pioneer Press.

Anderson, 62,  was one of the thousands of 9/11 relief workers diagnosed with cancer after breathing the toxic air at Ground Zero, according to the newspaper. She spent three months working at a relief center near the World Trade Center site following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on New York City.

In addition to contributing lyrics to Mission of Burma — she also shares songwriting credits on reunion albums ONoffON (2004) and The Sound The Speed The Light (2009) — Anderson designed the sleeves for 1981’s Signals, Calls and Marches EP and the band’s debut album, released the following year.

The video posted below is a 2012 interview in which Anderson discusses her work with Mission of Burma. It’s also well worth reading the Pioneer Press’ obituary for a deeper look at her life and work.




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