Video — January 21, 2018 at 4:20 pm

Watch: Depeche Mode performs ‘I Want You Now’ for the first time since 1994

Depeche Mode tonight dusted off Music For the Masses fan-favorite “I Want You Now” for the first time in nearly a quarter century, with Martin Gore opening the band’s encore in Nuremberg, Germany, with a piano-based performance of the song.

It was the first live rendition of the song by Depeche Mode since July 8, 1994, in Noblesville, Ind. — the culmination of the band’s 1993/94 tours in support of Songs Of Faith and Devotion.

Below, check out fan-shot footage of “I Want You Now.” Will update as more video surfaces.









  1. Aaron Wright

    I miss when Martin used to do these little solo numbers on acoustic guitar. This song (on acoustic guitar) was one of the absolute highlights of the Violator show I saw in 1990.

  2. The man has a solo career waiting for him in Vegas – imagine the setlist

  3. I’ve loved them since I first saw them perform (or mime) Barrel Of A Gun on Top of the Pops all the way back in 1997…..but even I’m getting a little bored of their carry on the past few years, the albums are mostly uninspired and devoid of any of the orchestral thump of their 80s/90s material and the tours are lazily put together, particularly the set lists. They will always be my favorite band but I sincerely hope they jack it in after this, it’s gone beyond the joke.

    • Aaron Wright

      Couldn’t agree more, but instead of just packing it in, what about this? Patch things up with Alan Wilder for a Violator 30th anniversary/farewell tour starting late 2019? Do like 18 months of dates worldwide, make a shedload of money for everyone, then retire.

      That way they go out on a high note, and I get to see one more _good_ DM show before I die.

  4. That would be great for the fans of course but in reality, I think Wilder probably likes the idea that as long as he’s not in the band, they will continue to be seen as only half the group they used to be and continue to prove how lifeless some of the songs are without his input and ultimately, how useless Fletch really is!

  5. Don Letts once said, “I can’t help but be suspicious of bands that keep going after 15-20 years”.
    I know what he means now.
    In reality, all those great bands from the post punk/ new wave era, including Depeche Mode, the Cure, U2 etc…..should have all stopped in the mid-90s, thus fully cementing their legacies and would be even bigger legends now than they actually are.

    • Well in the case of DM and U2 yes but as for The Cure….no!!! They have achieved some great milestones in the new millennium that really have nothing to do with new material. Although, new album already!!!!

  6. I don’t recall the Cure achieving all that much since the turn of the millennium but ok ;)
    They all peaked in the early-mid 90s and should have called it a day right there and then.

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