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The Lords of the New Church’s debut album to be reissued with bonus 1982 live set

The self-titled debut album from The Lords of the New Church — the fabled post-punk act featuring Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys and The Damned’s Brian James — will be reissued this summer in a new expanded edition featuring bonus B-sides and a live album recorded in 1982.

The Lords of the New Church: Special Edition is due for release July 20 by Blixa Sound Records on CD, and will include a 12-page color booklet with photos, gig-poster replicas and new liner notes by journalist Craig Rosen, who interviewed the band in 1983 for his college newspaper.

The reissue features the original 10-track album from 1982 on one disc, with bonus B-sides “Girls Girls Girls” and “Young Don’t Cry,” as well as the single version of “Open Your Eyes.” The second disc features a 13-track live set recorded at My Father’s Place on Long Island in 1982.

Check out the full tracklist below.


Tracklist: The Lords of the New Church, The Lords of the New Church: Special Edition

Disc 1:
1. “New Church”
2. “Russian Roulette”
3. “Question of Temperature”
4. “Eat Your Heart Out”
5. “Portobello”
6. “Open Your Eyes”
7. “Livin’ On Livin’”
8. “Li’l Boys Play With Dolls”
9. “Apocalypso”
10. “Holy War”
Bonus Tracks
11. “Girls, Girls, Girls”
12. “Young Don’t Cry”
13. “Open Your Eyes” (Single Version)

Disc 2:
Live From My Father’s Place 1982
1. “New Church”
2. “Question of Temperature”
3. “Girls Girls Girls”
4. “Livin’ On Livin’”
5. “Eat Your Heart Out”
6. “Russian Roulette”
7. “Fortune Teller”
8. “Open Your Eyes”
9. “Li’l Boys Play with Dolls”
10. “Holy War”
11. “Portobello”
12. “Apocalypso”
13. “New Church”





  1. I loved this record back in the day! “Eat your heart out!”

  2. Pedro Gorman

    Great album! What’s up with the new horrible cover? The original was perfect.

  3. Or “Lords of the non-denominational church”

  4. Terry Dahl

    Pedro: The cover art is actually the original version as used on the UK release of the album.
    Chris: I sense you’re trying to make some sort of point that is not really relevant to the article. In the process, you’re coming off as having a real problem with Black people and race issues. Was that your intent? Or do you just need some attention today? Perhaps it gets lonely being a racist. You should consider what you could change about yourself in a positive manner to relieve yourself of those unpleasant feelings.

  5. Pedro Gorman

    Wow! Can’t believe I didn’t know that was the original cover. Thanks for setting me straight! Looks cheesy to me, but I’m a fan of reissues going with the artists original intent so I guess I’m glad it’s being used. Either way it’s a great album. Didn’t like the subsequent albums as much, but all the members have been involved in some great music outside of the Lords.

  6. Shut UP and Sit Down!!/Rich Bitch, Eat your heart out

  7. Any plans to reissue the other 2 albums? I actually really liked Method to Our Madness.

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