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Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel announces plans for first full U.S. tour in a decade

The Jay Aston-led version of Gene Loves Jezebel — there are two incarnations of the band, each fronted by an Aston twin — will tour the United States this September in support of the band’s latest album Dance Underwater, the first collection of new music from a version of GLJ in 14 years.

The tour, which opens Sept. 4 in Austin, Texas, and wraps up Sept. 29 in Mesa, Ariz., is being billed as the band’s first U.S. trek in a decade — though the group has played sporadic American dates in recent years.

The 10-song Dance Underwater was released last year. It’s the first studio album from a version of Gene Loves Jezebel since 2003, the year that Jay’s GLJ released The Thornfield Sessions and Michael’s GLJ released Exploding Girls.

(Per legal settlement between the brothers, Jay Aston’s version of the band goes by Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.K. and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.S., and Michael’s is the opposite: Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.S. and Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel in the U.K.)

The new album — which was funded via a Pledge Music campaign — finds Jay Aston backed by past GLJ members James Stevenson on guitar, Pete Rizzo on bass and Chris Bell on drums.

Check out the full tour dates below.


Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel tour dates:

Sept. 4: Austin TX @ Elysium
Sept. 6: Atlanta GA @ The Masquerade
Sept. 7: Winston Salem NC @ Ramkat
Sept. 8: Philadelphia PA @ KungFu Necktie
Sept. 9: New York NY @ The Cutting Room
Sept. 10: Providence RI @ Fete Lounge
Sept. 12: Pittsburgh PA @ Crafthouse
Sept. 13: Chicago IL @ Bottom Lounge
Sept. 14: Kansas City MO @ Riot Room
Sept. 15: Denver CO @ The Venue
Sept. 16: Salt Lake City UT @ The Rye
Sept. 18: Vancouver BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
Sept. 19: Seattle WA @ El Corazon
Sept. 21: Portland OR @ Star Theater
Sept. 22: San Francisco CA @ DNA Lounge
Sept. 23: Los Angeles CA @ The Echo
Sept. 26: Santa Ana CA @ The Observatory
Sept. 28: San Diego CA @ The Casbah
Sept. 29: Mesa AZ @ Club Red





  1. Haunted When the Minutes Drag

    This is a band that had three or four minor hits on 80s alternative radio (always the opening act, never the headliner). How is it possible that there are two incarnations of this band simultaneously recording and touring in 2018???

    • My understanding is that the twin brothers split the acid, the band, down the middle. They have some type of binding agreement about who can play what when where why how…

    • I think it’s the magical pull of nostalgia. I mean, I never gave a damn about this band or owned any of their albums, except that song “Worth Waiting For” on a Beggar’s Banquet comp (“One Pound 99”) … but then the other day I streamed Immigrant and Discover, and was magically teleported back to 1986, sitting in a darkened dorm room, smoking pot and staring idly out the window at the girls walking across the IM fields on their way to class. Not sure how that works, but it was fun to go back. That’s music for ya.

  2. Acid = asset. However, it is entirely possible that when they were on speaking terms they did share LSD.

  3. GLJ headlined plenty of shows/tours. Looks like I’m making a road trip.

  4. Albums Heavenly Bodies and House of Dolls have aged extremely well.

    • Michael Schlesinger

      They all have, but yes, Heavenly Bodies is still incredible! Their songs just keep on glittering!

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