Album News, Tour Dates — December 15, 2018 at 2:50 pm

The Cure nearing completion of first new album in a decade, may tour U.S. this fall

Robert Smith called into Sirius XM’s “Debatable” program this week to chat about The Cure’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, and, along the way, revealed that work is nearing completion on both the band’s first new album since 2008 and a Tim Pope-shot film of the group’s huge 40th anniversary concert in London’s Hyde Park last summer.

In fact, Smith called in late because he was tied up working on the sound mix to the Hyde Park film. He did not reveal when or how that film will be released, but did say he’s finishing the audio this week.

A new album from The Cure would be the first since 2008’s 4:13 Dream. Smith didn’t say much about it, though it certainly sounds like it’s entirely new music — inspired by the newer bands he invited to this year’s Meltdown — and not another attempt to finish off the unreleased second-half of 4:13 Dream, which, once upon a time, was to be titled 4:14 Scream.

Smith told the Sirius XM hosts:

“Primarily because of the Meltdown thing, and seeing all these new bands, I listened to many bands and met so many of them, that it’s kind of inspired me to do something new, so, yes, we’re going in in about six weeks time to finish off what will be our first album for more more than a decade. So it’s very exciting times for us all around.”

Keyboarist Roger O’Donnell, in a separate interview with Cleveland’s WKYC TV, discussed the new album, too, saying The Cure is going back into the studio in February. “We listened to all of the demos, and Robert, I’m pretty sure, right now is busy writing lyrics. So we’re all very excited. It’s been a long time since The Cure’s been in the studio,” he said.

In the meantime, 2019 is shaping up to be a very busy touring year for The Cure, with shows in South Africa in March followed by — so far — 19 announced headlining appearances at European festivals this summer. O’Donnell, in his interview, referred to it as a year-long “world tour” that would be “ending probably in South America.” He said there also could be “possibly American shows in the fall.”

Below, see the band’s current tour dates — and hear/see the Smith and O’Donnell interviews.


Obligatory disclaimer: Robert Smith says a lot of things, and they often don’t come true. You’ll know there’s a new Cure album when you’re actually hearing it in your ears. </disclaimer>





The Cure tour dates

March 16: Rock on the Lawns, Johannesburg, South Africa
March 21: Rock on the Lawns, Cape Town, South Africa

June 8: Malahide Castle, Dublin, Ireland
June 14: Nova Rock, Nickelsdorf, Austria
June 16: Firenze Rocks, Florence, Italy
June 21: Southside Festival, Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany
June 23: Hurricane Festival, Scheessel, Germany
June 24-26: INMusic Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
June 28: Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium
July 4: Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
July 6: Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
July 11: NOS Alive, Lisbon, Portugal
July 13: Mad Cool Festival, Madrid, Spain
July 17: Ejekt Festival, Athens, Greece
July 18-20: Colours of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
July 22: Rock the City, Bucharest, Romania
Aug. 3: Afisha Picnic, Moscow, Russia
Aug. 7: Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway
Aug. 9-11: Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Aug. 16: Summer Sessions, Glasgow, Scotland
Aug. 23: Rock en Seine, Parc de Saint-Cloud, France





  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Its not the Cure without you Lol…

    • Michelle Wolf

      The Cure’s music is an ear-gasm! They have never disappointed! The are extremely talented. been a fan since ’87!!!!

  3. Murphy's Law

    I’ll believe when I see it – we’ve heard this from him before.

  4. I don’t want to hear a new record with Reeves on it. He is the worst.

  5. Gotta love that disclaimer

  6. OK somebody help me out here I’m hearing two completely different things. “We’re going… in about six weeks time… to finish the album.” The articles I’ve read are taking this to mean they’ll be finishing up the album in roughly six weeks. However one can interpret what he said as meaning they’ll be going IN, as in back into the studio, in six weeks, simply to record new music. Big difference, that pushes the release of an album back way longer than six weeks from now. The six weeks must be only a reference to studio time booked starting in February. That seems to be supported by Roger’s statement above saying “We listened to all of the demos, and Robert, I’m pretty sure, right now is busy writing lyrics. So we’re all very excited. It’s been a long time since The Cure’s been in the studio,” he said.
    See what I mean? I know that I need to get a life but I need clarification on the matter. Due to the extensive brain damage the band has caused me.

    • Yes that was buggin me too, but I figure it’s coming out in April or May, because RS likes to release the albums on or after his birthday.

  7. I agree about Reeves. There was a reason he was in david bowie’s past…. They need porl /pearl back, Laurence back, Jason out and Boris back! Bring back the classic 80’s lineup.

    • I disagree about Reeves I like him much more than porl/pearl these days. If it was Porl 1985 coming back, sure I’d agree then, but what an overworked mess pearl was on the last album, and I haven’t forgotten how muddy it was having three guitarists on Wish. Does ANYONE else miss Perry? I do.

  8. I really love Robert Smith just to finish the remaster and release Wish, Wild Moody Swing and Bloodflower then a new album instead.

    It’s a endless waiting !!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t you think Robert ????

  9. Reeves needs put out to pasture. I agree with bringing back Porl, Lol..Jason is ok but wouldnt mind Boris either. The main God is Robert. Without him nobody else matters.

  10. We should probably get a life though. And stop getting drunk all the time and listening to the Cure and doing bongs, we used to call them. Back in the day, before the internet. Those days we didn’t waste our lives away doing nothing on the internet the way you see some people do. We didn’t do no nothing on the internet. We had mosh pits. And we liked it that way! Now there’s these whipper snappers snapping around asking if they can help you carry one bag of groceries or how to use a debit card. Just because they went to some fancy college.

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