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Watch: The House of Love’s Guy Chadwick digs deep with 2nd hour-long live broadcast

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The House of Love’s Guy Chadwick today played a second “Stay Safe” live set from his home in England, offering fans another 13-song, hour-long set that this time dug deep into the band’s catalog, mostly eschewing better-known songs for fan-favorites requests.

Chadwick said much of the set was comprised of requests made after his first livestreamed performance, on April 4. The set included several songs off The House of Love’s most recent album, 2013’s She Paints Words in Red, and its often-maligned 1993 effort, Audience With the Mind — as well as a cut off his 1998 solo album Lazy Soft and Slow.

Chadwick spoke of having to relearn several songs, and introduced “Ray” — which appears on the 1990 compilation A Spy in the House of Love — as having never been performed live before.

The House of Love had been set to embark on its first North American tour in nearly 30 years on Sunday, but that has been postponed due to the coronavirus and no new dates have yet been announced. But Chadwick did stress, during the live set, that he intends to make good on his plans to tour the U.S.

Below, watch Chadwick’s full solo set as broadcast on Facebook.



Setlist: Guy Chadwick at Home, 5/2/20

1. “Hemingway”
2. “Lost in the Blues”
3. “Into the Tunnel”
4. “Soft and Slow”
5. “Yer Eyes”
6. “Trouble in Mind”
7. “Marble”
8. “All Night Long”
9. “Ray”
10. “Audience with the Mind”
11. “Touch Me”
12. “Sulphur”
13. “Love in a Car”





  1. Great thanks to Chadwick! Most fantastic setlist. Ray song comes from Spy in the House of Love. The first album I bought from them at Tower Records. There was a display that had that cd amongst other new ones guaranteeing you like the album or your money back! Of course I never returned it. So many outstanding songs on that one relegated to a collection not an album proper. Safe, Marble, Ray, 3 of the 4 Love Quadrilogy(one sounds like a sequel to Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well pt 2 which I believe Guy is a great fan of those Peter Green years) and on and on.

    Request for the next one…..another brilliant lesser known song: Haloes!

  2. They have played ‘Ray’ live before – I heard it a couple of years ago at the brudenell in Leeds. first time I’d heard it live though

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