Video — July 5, 2020 at 4:56 pm

Modern English shares new quarantine performance of ‘I Melt With You’

No stranger to rerecording its classic 1982 single “I Melt With You,” Modern English has done so again — this time in the style of our times, the socially distanced performance that’s recorded separately-but-together over Zoom. Check it out right here.

Of the new version, frontman Robbie Grey said in a news release:

“We were all at our homes in the U.K. apart from Daniel (Jakubovic), who was in Los Angeles, and decided to film ‘I Melt With You’ to put a smile on people’s faces. We are aware of how much the song is loved and just thought a lockdown version would make people happy in these crazy times.”

The band will be reissue the “I Melt With You” 12-inch single for Record Store Day on Oct. 24, and recently released reissues of their Mesh & Lace and After the Snow albums on both CD and vinyl with “reimagined” cover artwork by late 4AD designer Vaughan Oliver.





  1. This song is a classic and I love it! This performance made me cry a bit, happy tears. Thanks, guys.

  2. Excellent! I’m 23 again. I wish.

  3. Ravyn Guiliani

    I was 19 and this song played across the entire US from NJ to California and my future was indeed open wide. It changed my life musically. From then on music became my life and living in Los Angeles, working s an EMT and doing First Aid back stage in the most iconic concerts this planet has ever seen….I got paid to be at concerts I would have never been able to get tickets to…. my glory days keep me alive now. And this song started it all.

  4. Dave Aman

    So good!

  5. What an amazing some and an amazing rendition. Cheers fellas

  6. I was recording a remake of this song last month. My work stopped because of quarantine while theirs took a different form & are jamming away. Noticed the guitarist Gary McDowell (@4:15 feeding the ducks) was wearing a “Panjabi & Lungi” like he might have seen the Indian Elderly men wearing next door or down the street. My father used to wear that at home all day. That was his sleeping suit. Very airy & comfortable. Though them Bits picked up a lot of things from India, I shouldn’t give them the exclusive honor of being culturally diverse. Many Americans are also doing it these days. ;) But they made better music than their american rock star counter part for sure in any era. Even their pop/Rock songs consists of 7th, 9th, Augmented & diminished chords like Jazz & blues. Not just major or minor chords like most of our rock music.

  7. Patrick Donner

    Wow! That took me back to the best of times-the 80’s. Amazing. Simply awesome. Please come to Austin, TX when this craziness has settled.

  8. Rock Solid performance! Thanks guys!

  9. Theresa Alaimo

    I Love Modern English. Saw them in concert 4 times. The singer hasn’t aged, he’s still adorable. I loved them in 1982 and still love them in 2020. Made me smile for sure. Thank you! Cheers!

  10. Brilliant!!

  11. Justo Orros III

    Fantastic performance !!!
    The best!!!

  12. Thanks, Beautiful, Awesome.

  13. Love them! They still sound grrreat! Cheers!!!

  14. Just finished a taxing Monday shift, sitting in the car breathing. Checked in, clicked the link and now I’m wearing a grin so wide it’s almost legally questionable. Thanks gents.

  15. Alexandre Coelho

    Absolutely fantastisk!

  16. This is a song for the ages. Yet, it is also one of those songs that has endured despite its status as only a modest mainstream hit in its day.

    The song climbed no higher than #78 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1983 despite heavy MTV play at a time when heavy MTV play usually translated into a big chart hit.

    Yet all these years (37!) later the song is a staple and widely regarded as a classic of the “new wave” era. Meanwhile, how often today do you hear songs like Styx’s “Mr. Roboto,” of Hall & Oates’ “One On One” both of which were in the top ten while “I Melt With You” was languishing in the low 70s?

    I was puzzled by its reception in the day, but so happy it has endured.

  17. A brilliant single from a magical album!

  18. Margie Winney

    I soo totally being thrown back to the80’s. You guys sound just like when I clubbed back then. Miss the scene, keep it up. Love you guys. Thanks for a blast from the past that still sounds like it did in the past. Peace and stay safe

  19. Margie Winney

    I soo totally like being thrown back to the 80’s. You guys sound just like when I clubbed back then. Miss the scene, keep it up. Love you guys. Thanks for a blast from the past that still sounds like it did in the past. Peace and stay safe

  20. Jacqueline

    Luv luv luv this song. Thank you for making wonderful “Lockdown” music ❤

  21. keith patterson

    high school memories

  22. Made me smile!

  23. Some things never change….they still sounds great.

  24. This song always stops me dead in my tracks. Can’t think of a more feel good song! Timeless !!Valley Girl

  25. I love this song as a teen and until now, in my late 40s. Brings back happy memories

  26. All time favorites … never gets old, only me

  27. Frank Quinones

    Got to hangout with them in 1982 when they first came to the US. Bought them some Staten Island pizza after sound check and made their day when I told them they could take it back to the hotel with them. We were all in our late teens. Great memories…

  28. Absolutely wonderful!!! One of the songs that defines my teen years…one that I’ve never stopped loving and playing into my headphones…seeing the band share it so humbly and generously even in quarantine and with social distancing made me tear up a little, it’s just such a gift. :)

  29. I want my 80’s back.

  30. Jamie C Sullivan

    Thanks guys!!! Brings back so many great memories!

  31. I really love this! Even my kids love this song. Lovin those hs memories with my new waver friends.

  32. Thank you, thank you!!! For my husband and I, this is our song!!! I still remember the song playing in a club and we were dancing, knowing that it was love. Such a gift – thanks again!!!

  33. This just made my day ❤️

  34. Man that was great guys! Timeless tune!

  35. More please! I absolutely LOVE this! takes me back to sophomore year…such a great song. ♥️

  36. iconic. totally stands the test of time. brill.

  37. fun getting a peek inside everyone’s homes, and seeing Robbie Grey’s collection of framed ME posters. anyway i’ve always wondered how many people bought After the Snow for that single, then went WTF when they found it was rather more edgy/mopey 4AD before anyone even know what 4AD was. great track … but great album too.

  38. Kelly Nicklas

    Modern English sounds great! What a great flashback to the 80’s song that makes you so happy! Thank you ❣️

  39. Scott Stalcup

    Love the song, but it’s getting to be like Pete Burns’ face it’s been messed with so much.

  40. Oh my gosh that was great. I’m an old metalhead but even back then I loved this song! And the singer dude is just as cute as he was then!

  41. What I want to know is…how do I get the audio only version to put in my iTunes??

  42. Ramon Gerona Resurreccion

    Thank you Modern English for the Great Music

  43. Big smiles here. This one was playing the night I met my now husband at Mean Mr. Mustard’s on the Ohio State campus . Married 34 years this month.

    • Hah! Grew up in Grandview Heights… just a few miles from the OSU campus. Used to go to Mean Mr. Mustard’s on the weekend, and Mother Fletcher’s, shopping at Yardbirds (was that the name?) and Schoolkid’s for music. Ah High Street… the rank and dingy arcades, midnight movies at the dollar theaters, concerts at the Newport.

      I get back to Columbus a few times a year… aside from the Newport, High Street is nothing like it was.

  44. This song always makes me smile even in these rough times. ♥

  45. This just brought such a smile to my face…I adore this song.

  46. Love this song so much. Exactly what i needed. Made me feel 22 again dancing and singing. Thank you so much. You are so missed…

  47. Phyllis Shepherd

    Loved this! Fabulous! Thank you!

  48. Suzanne Parker

    Amazing!!! Thank you ❤

  49. Bill Cooper

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….
    Had me dancing around my house, remembering easier times!!

  50. ATL spartan

    Brought me back to my sophomore year in HS and beyond. I can almost remember what it was like to wake up young (minus aches and pains) with my whole life in front of me. The decades have gone by too quickly albeit with special memories.

  51. Wow.
    Absolutely crushed it.
    Better than the 1980s version. Not that l don’t like the original

  52. Thank you Modern English. It’s great to see and hear something that makes us smile. You’re great!

  53. Reminiscing!

  54. Trista Stone

    I loved this! I’m sure everyone that sees it smiles! I can’t go by a day without music, and during all of this Covid stuff…anything to make a day better! I actually really really love all of the shows from home, very personal and shows the world where true talent lies! Your voice is still fabulous :-) My husband and I saw you on the Retro Futura Tour in St Louis…you,Howard and Men Without Hats made the night!

  55. so iwas 16 and this song was playing on the radio when i asked a girl i was kind of dating to go “steady” we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. we consider this our song, and to this day some 35 years ago, it takes me back. as i type this i am feeling extreme longing for those days…….

  56. I still watch this and it still makes me smile. Thank you!!!

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