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Deathline International enlists Jello Biafra and more for cover of ‘Troops of Tomorrow’

Industrial-metal group Deathline International today debuts a newly recorded cover of the punk anthem “Troops of Tomorrow” — originally by The Vibrators, later done by The Exploited — that features appearances by Jello Biafra, Stabbing Westward’s Christopher Hall and more.

The recording — which you can stream below — was put together by producer John Fryer and also includes contributions from members of Pigface, Black Needle Noise, Chiasm, Suicide Queen and more.

According to Deathline International, the choice of song is a direct response to the state of America, a country wracked by pandemic and protest.

“The United States of America has never reconciled its treatment of the ‘undesirables,’ its systematic racial discrimination, and ultimately its violence against its own citizens. We are now experiencing a tectonic shift in public opinion related to these treatments, and, as artists, we want to do our part to keep the momentum of this shift going. This fight is far from over. It was out of this sentiment that ‘Troops of Tomorrow’ was born. It is dedicated to the oppressed. It is our big cheer to those who stand up, call foul and resist.”

Profits from the eventual release of the song will be donated to the ACLU, the band says.

British punk act The Vibrators wrote and recorded “Troops of Tomorrow” for the band’s second album, 1978’s V2, on which it appeared as the closing track. Four years later, Scottish punk quartet The Exploited covered the song, then used it as the title track to their own 1982 sophomore album.

And this isn’t even the first time Deathline International has covered the song: It appears alongside a cover of Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” on the band’s 1997 album Arashi Syndrom.

Below, check out the new “Troops of Tomorrow” — and hear The Vibrators’ and The Exploited’s versions.


Deathline International
Jello Biafra
John Fryer (Black Needle Noise)
Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward)
Emileigh Rohn (Chiasm)
Betty X (Pigface)
Anjela Picard (Black Needle Noise)
Kay Dolores (Suicide Queen)
Lilith Bathory (Luna13)
Jim Semonik (Red Lokust)
Jasin Monday (CF2020)
Tom Berger (Johnny Tupolev)
Warren Harrison (Jess Lamb & the Factory)
Jay Tye (Soil & Eclipse)
Shawn Brice (Bloodwire)






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