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Erasure enlists LGBTQIA+ stars for ‘Nerves of Steel’ video off new album ‘The Neon’

Photo by Phil Sharp

Erasure today debuted “Nerves of Steel,” the third track off the duo’s first new record in three years and 18th studio album overall — a 10-song collection called The Neon that will be released by Mute on Aug. 21. Hear the new song in full below via its Brad Hammer-directed music video.

The track follows The Neon’s first two singles: “Hey Now (Think I Got a A Feeling)” and  “Shot a Satellite.”

The video features more than 20 LGBTQIA+ stars helping perform the song, which frontman Andy Bell says is “my favorite track from the album.” He adds: “I am truly honored that all our LGBTQIA+ friends were so creative during lockdown and helped us with this joyful video. Thanks for creating such a lovely piece of art!”

The cast: 6, Amanda Lepore, Aurora Sexton, Candis Cayne, Cara Melle, Cheddar Gorgeous, CT Hedden, Delta Work, Detox, Honey Davenport, Joey Jay, Kiki Xtravaganza, Manila Luzon, Mayhem Miller, Mercedes Tyler, Morgan McMichaels, Nina West, Pandemonia, Pearl, Raja, Sherry Vine and Widow Von’Du.

See the video right here:






  1. This tuneless song sits at the intersection of godawful and unlistenable.

  2. I hate to say this but it’s quite clear that the Andy of old (voice-wise) left the station many years ago. I think that Andy should help Vince find a “new” Andy that could actually do the songs justice. Someone that could sing any of the old songs with no problem hitting all of the notes. Andy could obviously still help behind the scenes or even still perform live. Vince still has it in him somewhere. He just needs a singer that has it too.

  3. Where are all these LGBTQA+ stars? It appears to me a number of drag queens are preforming the song, not as inclusive of as the title of the article suggests.

  4. First song was average, second was poor and now this….whatever it is lol

    The Neon is shaping up to be Erasure’s worst album since Loveboat and possibly even of their entire career.
    It’s clear that Clarke has no ideas left whatsoever, just a few tired recycled beats. Shame.

  5. Steven Boljau

    Critics can lift up or bury any song or artist. It should bounce back like a boomerang to the ones who puts it online.
    Just to see if it makes them happy. Karma .You can hear that these 2 really enjoy making music together. Of course, no voice or face is spared in ageing. So after bringing us 35 years of melodic pop music, and no matter what or who you are. Homo or straight. Their lyrics feels as if they are there for everyone. These latest tunes are enjoyable and in times corona, it brightens up the days. Well done.

  6. I personally like this track and really liked the first single. Didn’t care as much for ‘Shot a Satellite’ which technically is an album track and not a single. Looking forward to the new album next week (and hopefully a tour next year).

  7. LGBTQIA+ ?? It’s changed, again. I’m beginning to think the whole point of these acronyms is to perpetuate a never-ending treadmill of early adoption, followed by a fall from grace, leading to another acronym. Repeat Ad nauseam. The key, it seems, is novelty.
    Don’t bother damning me, I’ve already booked my apology tour.

  8. Wow, very surprised at the comments here. Though Andy doesn’t sound the same as he did at 20-something (who expected he would?), these songs have all been great. The first single has some dumb lyrics (“a stick of warpaint?”), but is a good tune, and each subsequent song has been better. Amongst my Erasure loving friends who all came to the band around The Innocents era, there’s been universal love for the new songs. Best stuff since Nightbird!

  9. Sick Bastard

    I quite like the video “Nerves of Steel”, and the Good The Bad and the Ugly, I kind of recognised almost all the characters and even one reminded me of one of the Avenger Films that is definitely Pop Culture Comic Art, Marvel etc. I seem to be recognising many faces in more recent films and usually discover lately that some of the female performers are trans or Female impersonators, some of whom connect directly to my childhood. FACTO.

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