Video — September 19, 2020 at 5:20 pm

The Replacements dredge up old footage to make new ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ video

Some 33 years later, The Replacements have finally made a video for Pleased To Meet Me lead-off single “Can’t Hardly Wait” — and it’s been assembled from footage originally shot for the banned-from-MTV clip for “The Ledge” then used for follow-up video “Alex Chilton.”

The new video is to promote the Oct. 9 release of Pleased To Meet Me: Deluxe Edition, a 3CD/1LP edition of the band’s fifth album stuffed with 29 previously unreleased demos, rough mixes and outtakes — including Bob Stinson’s final recordings with the ‘Mats. It can be pre-ordered now via




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  1. I always loved this version of that great song. The Mats never were for being understood so it’s enough for me that this is a call-back, not just to those PTMM days but to their first music video. It wasn’t really that something about the Mats was like us, they were us, if we had some ineffable greatest in us and the courage to let it out even though we always knew it wouldn’t save us.

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