Dark Wave Playlists, Radio — September 20, 2020 at 11:15 pm

Playlist: Sirius XM’s ‘Dark Wave’ — hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs (9/20/20)

The Sugarcubes

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XM’s On Demand service for online subscribers.


Bauhaus, “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” (The Sky’s Gone Out)
Revolting Cocks, “Stainless Steel Providers” (Beers, Steers + Queers)
A Split-Second, “Rigor Mortis” (Ballistic Statues)
Martin L. Gore, “In a Manner of Speaking” (Counterfeit EP)
New Order, “Age of Consent” (Power, Corruption & Lies)
Gorillaz, “Strange Timez” (Robert Smith AURORA Remix) (Song Machine Episode 6)
Public Image Ltd., “Covered” (That What Is Not)
Echo & The Bunnymen, “Villiers Terrace” (Crocodiles)
Killing Joke, “Sun Goes Down” (Wilful Days)
Modern English, “Tables Turning” (After the Snow)
Rose of Avalanche, “L.A. Rain” (L.A. Rain: The Singles Album)
Concrete Blonde, “Cold Part of Town” (Concrete Blonde)
Fields of the Nephilim, “Power” (Dawnrazor)

The Sisters of Mercy, “Marian” (First and Last and Always)
Breathless, “Every Road Leads Home” (The Glass Bead Game)
Joy Division, “Colony” (Heart and Soul)
Wire, “Ahead” (The Ideal Copy)
Nitzer Ebb, “Rope” (Showtime)
Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy, “Reptile” (Live) (Live in Boston)
Front 242, “Serial Killers Don’t Kill Their Girlfriends” (05:22:09:12 Off)
Ministry, “Never Believe” (The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Blues From a Gun” (Automatic)
Catherine Wheel, “Fripp” (Chrome)
Lush, “Nothing Natural” (Spooky)
Ride, “OX4” (Going Blank Again)

The Cure, “Cold” (Pornography)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Melt” (A Kiss in the Dreamhouse)
Clan of Xymox, “7th Time” (Clan of Xymox)
Dead Can Dance, “Avatar” (Spleen and Ideal)
Fad Gadget, “Lady Shave” (The Best of Fad Gadget)
Fou Gorki, “Big House” (Big House)
Cabaret Voltaire, “Nag Nag Nag” (#7885 Electropunk to Technopop)
Chrome, “Perfumed Metal” (Blood on the Moon)
The Smiths, “Headmaster Ritual” (Meat is Murder)
The March Violets, “Snake Dance” (Natural History)
Peter Murphy, “Tale of the Tongue” (12-Inch Version) (Should the World Fail to Fall Apart)
The Sugarcubes, “Traitor” (Life’s Too Good)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, “Only Dreaming” (Nothing Wrong)
Depeche Mode, “Precious” (Playing the Angel)


Got a request? To be considered for next week, drop it in the comments below by noon Tuesday.





  1. Thanx for playing “March Violets” tonite! Can you dig up “Punish Me With Kisses” by the Glove for next Sunday’s “Dark Wave”? Again, thanx!

  2. Excellent show tonight! I like the Strange Timez song by the Gorillaz.
    I hope you can play one of the lost mixes of Ministry’s Everyday is Halloween next month!

  3. Mat Gillespie

    Brother Matt- absolutely Killer show tonight! From the opening Bauhaus track to the closer by DM – just wall to wall goodness! Gave you a huge shout out on my IG along with my Sunday night supper- I loved hearing DCD, Cold by the Cure (one of my all time favs), the new Gorillaz tune, and all that “shoe gaze” (Lush, Ride, and Catherine Wheel)….

    For next week please play one or more of the following:

    Ride- Nowhere
    Cure- Exploding Boy
    Cocteau Twins- Blue Bell Knoll
    Dead Can Dance- Orbis De Ignis
    Bowie- Aladdin Sane

  4. Thanks for playing Chrome!!! I’d like to request Helios Creed’s “Sex Voodoo Venus” please.

  5. That was one helluva playlist. You never fail to deliver.

  6. Simply Outstanding Matt! Love the two selections Cure Siouxsie combo.
    Please play Lions by Tones on Tail.

  7. Enjoyed the list of tunes, Matt! Always glad to get a block of shoegaze mixed-in. And good calls on the

    Here are a couple of requests for a possible DW –

    Joy Division – Exercise One
    Ministry – I Prefer


  8. Matt, what great show man! Thank you so much for playing my request for “Nag Nag Nag” by Cabaret Voltaire, as well “Melt” by Siouxsie (one of my favorites tracks from an often-overlooked album).

    I have a couple of requests for next week if time permits:

    Dead Can Dance – Frontier (Demo version on Lonely is an Eyesore)
    Wire – I Should Have Known Better

    Thanks again for such a great show.


  9. The Stranglers combo please:
    5 Minutes

    Takes me back 40 or more years to my youth.

    RIP David Paul Greenfield

  10. Hey, thanks for a great show last nite. I was hoping you’d be able to play the Abecedarians “Ghosts”. It that doesn’t work maybe Josef K. Thanks. Be well

  11. Front 242 Masterhit & Quite Unusual. Section 25 Hilltop mega mix or radio edit from factory records if it fits better to the format please! Thanks.

  12. Dominic Logue

    I sure you hear this all the time kinda new to your show but love it. you ever have podcasts of your shows ?

  13. The show is always a highlight of the week!!! Thanks as always!!!

    Ministry – Smothered Hope SP Cover
    Gary Numan & Dramatis – Love Needs
    No Disguise

  14. “Fad”tabulous episode.

    This week’s Darkness Award:
    Fad Gadget, “Lady Shave”

    Request for future show:
    Morrissey, “Disappointed”

  15. Great stuff as always. Please consider playing Depeche Mode – I Want You Now

  16. Any show with ‘Cold Part of Town’, ‘Ahead’, and anything by Fad Gadget is always a killer. Thanks.

    Maybe next week ‘He Saw the Light’ by Martin Dupont off Complete Collection? Or ‘Moans’ by Parade Ground?

    Thanks again. Have a good week.

  17. So good you need to listen to it twice.
    Matt please consider Broken Head or I Confess by Catherine Wheel.
    Requests above are magic

  18. That first hour alone was mind-blowing! Requests/suggestions for next week:

    •FRONT 242 / “Tragedy (For You)”
    •SKINNY PUPPY / “Spasmolytic”
    •CABARET VOLTAIRE / “Sensoria” -12”
    •KMFDM / “Sex On The Flag” (Jezebeelzebuttfunk Mix)

    Thanks for keeping late-80’s/early-90’s industrial music alive and well!

  19. Hey Matt! Honestly I haven’t been keeping up with your show since I’ve been through a very hard period rn in my personal life. Anyways my only request is The Smiths ‘I Know Its Over’ and that you will just give a word of encouragement to all the Dark Wave listeners on my behalf and let everyone know to just keep pushing forward no matter what. Thanks.

  20. Always a killer show. You need your own channel. I’d love to hear ‘S. Day II.” by Pink Turns Blue.

  21. Chrome by VNV Nation

  22. I agree with the other posters that the shoegaze block was absolutely wonderful! I’d love to hear the following in upcoming shows (thank you for including my requests – I’ve noticed!)

    Kissing The Pink – Certain Things Are Likely
    Xymox – Believe Me Sometimes
    Curve – Doppleganger
    Secession – Sneakyville
    The Neon Judgment – Awful Day
    Project Pitchfork – Corps D’Amour
    The Weathermen – Bang!

  23. Excellent show as per usual Matt. I’d love to hear Christian Militia by New Model Army

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