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Paul Weller returns with ‘Fat Pop (Volume 1)’ — hear synthy new single ‘Cosmic Fringes’

His tour scrapped by COVID-19, Paul Weller spent lockdown working on his 16th solo album, and will release the results — the 11-track Fat Pop (Volume 1) — in May, less than a year after the arrival of his last full-length record, last summer’s On Sunset.

The new album — it’s Volume 1 “to keep options open for a second volume in the future” — is available for preorder in a wide variety of formats, including digital, CD, vinyl and cassette, as well as deluxe packages up to and including a “completist’s set” that includes a 3CD edition, the album on red vinyl and a cassette.

Weller started the album himself, sending tracks to bandmates Ben Gordelier (drums), Steve Craddock (guitar) and Andy Crofts (bass) to add their parts, and they finished together later in the year when restrictions lifted. The record is described as featuring “a diverse selection of sounds.”

Check out the first single, the synth-heavy track “Cosmic Fringes,” below — plus the album art and tracklist.



Paul Weller, Fat Pop (Volume 1)

1. “Cosmic Fringes”
2. “True”
3. “Fat Pop”
3. “Shade Of Blue”
4. “Glad Times”
5. “Cobweb/Connections”
6. “Testify”
7. “That Pleasure”
8. “Failed”
9. “Moving Canvas”
10. “In Better Times”
11. “Still Glides The Stream”





  1. Jeff Koger

    This man never disappoints! Several tracks from this album were played during his Lockdown Streamed concert, and they are brilliant! Hoping lockdown/restrictions are lifted soon, so we can get back to live shows. Weller now has TWO new albums of material to play.

  2. Must add that his last release, On Sunset, is his best, most consistent material, since Sonik Kicks. Highly recommended.

  3. What’s with the Ian Dury vocals ?

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