Dark Wave Playlists, Radio — February 6, 2022 at 11:00 pm

Playlist: Sirius XM’s ‘Dark Wave’ — hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs (2/6/22)

Cabaret Voltaire

“Dark Wave,” hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XM’s On Demand service for online subscribers.


Depeche Mode, “Black Celebration” (Live) (101)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Kill Surf City” (Barbed Wire Kisses)
The Cult, “Resurrection Joe” (Pure Cult)
Sad Lovers and Giants, “Imagination” (Epic Garden Music)
The Sisters of Mercy, “A Rock and a Hard Place” (First and Last and Always)
Kate Bush, “The Big Sky” (Hounds of Love)
Orange Juice, “Rip It Up” (Rip It Up)
The Cure, “Kyoto Song” (The Head on the Door)
Bauhaus, “Third Uncle” (The Sky’s Gone Out)
Cabaret Voltaire, “Blue Heat” (12-Inch Mix) (Micro-Phonies)
Skinny Puppy, “Antagonism” (Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse)
Front Line Assembly, “Concussion” (Corroded Disorder)
Nitzer Ebb, “Let Your Body Learn” (That Total Age)

Gang of Four, “To Hell With Poverty” (Another Day, Another Dollar)
Pixies, “Tame” (Peel Session) (Doolittle 25)
The Fatima Mansions, “Belong Nowhere” (Lost in the Former West)
Tones on Tail, “Go!” (Club Mix) (Everything!)
Lush, “Ladykillers” (Lovelife)
My Bloody Valentine, “New You” (m b v)
Pale Saints, “Sight of You” (The Comforts of Madness)
Ride, “Leave Them All Behind” (Going Blank Again)
Curve, “Split Into Fractions” (Doppelgänger)
The Bolshoi, “Books on the Bonfire” (Friends)
Little Nemo, “Sandcastle” (Sounds in the Attic)
Gary Numan, “Remember I Was Vapor” (Telekon)
Killing Joke, “Fun and Games” (Fire Dances)

Joy Division, “Interzone” (Unknown Pleasures)
Lene Lovich, “Bird Song” (Flex)
The Comsat Angels, “Will You Stay Tonight” (Land)
Echo & The Bunnymen, “Silver” (Ocean Rain)
Ministry, “Thieves” (The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste)
Revolting Cocks, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” (Linger Ficken’ Good)
Athamay, “Falling” (The Pleasure of Sin)
Severed Heads, “Greater Reward” (Rotund for Success)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Night Shift” (Juju)
Peter Murphy, “I Spit Roses” (Ninth)
Eurogliders, “Judy’s World” (This Island)
The Smiths, “Suffer Little Children” (The Smiths)
Garvey featuring Q Lazzarus, “Goodbye Horses” (Goodbye Horses)


Got a request? To be considered for next week’s show, drop it in the comments below by noon Tuesday. Requests will be considered as long as they fit the show’s format and generally within the 1stWave era — and provided the host doesn’t harbor an intense dislike of the song. 





  1. You played Rip It UP. That is so unbelievably cool. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? You played a sexy game tonight Mr. Sebastian. You played it. You played Goodbye Horses. Night Shift was the song I requested the weekend my daughter was born. Thanks for the memory trips tonight.

    Could we hear:
    The March Violets- Turn To the Sky

    Please and thank you for this weekly communion. You’ve done 2022 well.

  2. Can you dig up Kate Bush’s “Wow” in honour of Valentine’s Day weekend for next Sunday’s show? Thanx!

  3. Great show tonight! The second hour was my favorite tonight.

  4. Thanks for the Little Nemo. Show killed it tonight. Especially that opening set and the shoegaze-y block. Haven’t finished the show, but were you out tonight? Don’t recall hearing you.

    Since next week is Valentine’s Day, would like to request either
    Lords of Acid “Stoned on Love Again”
    X “True Love Pt. 2”
    Thanks as usual. Have a good week.

    • There was some kind of technical mishap. Got fixed toward the end of the show. But I’m told the talking parts have all been re-inserted into the On Demand version of the show that’s now streaming, for anyone who feels like they missed out on needless DJ chatter between songs.

  5. Great show tonight! Loved the shoegaze and industrial blocks. For next week can we hear “Lovers” by Specimen for Valentine’s Day? Thanks!

  6. Matt …. Thank You for playing my Curve request tonight. Really fun show tonight. Not as much banter from you tonight compared to other Dark Wave episodes. Take care.

  7. The cure – the kiss

  8. radio atlantis

    Great to see the Fatima Mansions getting some airplay

  9. Hour 3 Matt was top shelf material.
    Walk into the Fire by Peter Gabriel.

  10. That was quite a playlist this week I think you outdid yourself.

  11. Glad to see Bolshoi thrown in, I am a fan of that band and they kind of get overlooked in the general scheme of things. Thanks!

  12. Can you please play The Sisters of Mercy “When You Don’t See Me”

  13. Great show! Each hour was on-point.

    Here are some requests –

    The Fall – L.A. (a Los Angeles-hosted Super Bowl with an Los Angeles team playing in it)
    The Gun Club – For the Love of Ivy


  14. Killing Joke – Obsession

  15. Freddie Bingham

    Cure – Fire in Cairo
    Gavin Friday – The Last Song I’ll Ever Sing

  16. Loved tonight’s show Matt! Spot on as usual!!!

    Some possible suggestions for next time:

    Scott Weiland – But Not Tonight
    Passion Puppets – Like Dust
    B Movie – Nowhere Girl

  17. great show to come back to! May I request
    No Love Lost – Joy Division
    The Hanging Garden – The Cure
    Have a good week!

  18. Thank You So Much! For “Kill Surf City” by The Jesus And Mary Chain may I please request “Psychomania” by The Damned or “Green Fuz”by The Cramps loved the tracks by Orange Juice, Echo And The Bunnymen and Q.Lazzarus

  19. Thanks for the best part of Silence Of The Lambs can I hear “Fade into you” by Mazzy Star thank you

  20. I would like to request any of the following
    “Black Heart”-Calexico
    “Grievances”-Daniel Johnston
    “Golden Brown”(Live)-The Stranglers
    “Leave The Planet”-Galaxie 500
    “White Lines”-Q Lazzarus
    “The Witch”-Rosetta stone
    “Jane Says”(Live)-Jane’s Addiction
    “More Human Than Human”-White Zombie
    “Cremation Trust”- Front 242 & Al Jourgesen
    “Voodoo Dolly”- Siouxie & The Banshees
    “Colour Me Once”-The Violent Femmes
    “Hideaway”-Olivia Tremor Control
    “She’s Gonna Die Soon Enough”(Extended) (Stupid Ivy)( Mix )-My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    “Devotion”-Mission Of Burma
    “Cherub Rock”- The Smashing Pumkins
    “Heaven”-The Virgin Prunes
    “Heaven”-Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    “Ghostrider”(Cover)(Live)-The Sisters Of Mercy
    Thanks Loved last nights show Matt

  21. Was re-listening to the show on the app this afternoon and noticed you called my Lush request fantastic! Thank you! I am a big Lush fan. I super appreciate you playing our requests.

  22. Hi Matt,

    I’ll make another run at this, inside the deadline this time. I’d like to hear Get It On from the Woodentops. The songs from Giant take me back to the old days.

  23. “Realize’ by ECO, plesz!!!

  24. Woody Bergman

    I like how you used “Judy’s World” as part of the wind down. Thanks for playing it!

  25. Imaginative episode.

    This week’s Darkness Award:
    Sad Lovers and Giants, “Imagination”

    Great show closer as well.

  26. Request please – “Broken Days” by Lycia. Epitome of February to me.

  27. Miles too late as ever. Any chance of sneaking in Cayman by Mira (projekt records) in honor of my cats for Valentine’s Day? thanks!

  28. Eisen & Grace

    Keep up the great work! We look forward to listening to these DW playlists every week!

  29. I’ve gotten hooked on your show recently. There’s not many places to hear this music and it brings back a lot of great memories. I realize I’m late for requests this week so I’ll try to get some in for next week but with Valentines Day coming up I wanted to go ahead and throw this one out, and I haven’t heard you play anything from this band.

    Greater Than One – Why Do Men Have Nipples?

    Thanks for the great music!

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