XTC, circa 1982

Andy Partridge is asking fans what he should include on Bric-a-Brac Breakfast, a forthcoming companion to XTC’s 1990 odds-and-sods collection Rag & Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts & Leftovers, which itself is being prepped for a reissue this year on the bandleader’s Ape House Records.

Writing on Ape’s blog, Partridge says XTC is planning to reissue the 24-track Rag & Bone Buffet — which collected b-sides, BBC sessions and tracks by side projects The Three Wise Men and The Colonel — with “lots of new notes, photos and a sparkling remaster job.” Furthermore, “we also think there is a sister volume to be found. Yes, another herd of b-sides, extra tracks or odious oddities that found themselves escaped into the wider world and we’d like your help in rounding them up.”

To that end, Partridge is asking fans what “you would like brought back from the grave.” To be considered, the songs must not appear on Rag & Bone Buffet or be found “sitting snug on a regular album somewhere.” A few tracks already have been selected, including “Spiral” and “Say It” (the two new tracks included on 2005’s Apple Box), as well as “Where Did the Ordinary People Go?” (a digital-only single also released in 2005). Partridge also asks, “The 12-inch remix of ‘King for a Day,’ anyone?”

Submit your suggestions for Bric-a-Brac Breakfast in this thread on Ape’s forums.



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