Brendan Perry of Dead Can DancePeter Murphy of Bauhaus

A planned 100-date, joint Brendan Perry/Peter Murphy world tour isn’t happening this spring because of the ex-Bauhaus frontman’s undisclosed health issues, leaving the former Dead Can Dance member to deride his would-be tourmate as being “a sandwich short of a picnic.”

Posting on his official site’s message board as Lovegrove — after the Dead Can Dance song “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” — Perry writes, “There will be no Peter Murphy collaboration… the guy has too many albeit mysterious health issues to deal with and, to be honest, he’s a sandwich short of a picnic.”

Perry announced the trek last fall, reporting it would start in in March “in South America via Mexico to North America and then on to Europe.” In February, Perry announced a solo tour of his own, but said the Murphy co-headlining trek would begin in mid-April.

On his end, Murphy never announced the co-headlining tour, and his own official site has been under construction since a planned February webcast was canceled “due to poor health of Peter Murphy,” according to Murphy’s MySpace page.

On his message board, Perry elaborates on the cancellation of the Murphy tour:

“The truth of the matter is that PM wasted months of my time, energy and effort. It was he, after all, who invited me to tour with him and then reneged on our agreement not once, not twice but three times… can you imagine my frustration? … I would not have minded so much if he had shown some remorse by way of an apology, this would have been the very least I could expect from such an honorable and ‘spiritual’ man. Right? Well wrong… When I last wrote to him to enquire how he was and what the problem was, he basically told me to mind my own business… Cuckoo!”

Not surprisingly, Perry’s comments have riled up Murphy’s fans — see this thread on Murphy’s Facebook page — but Perry defends his statements to his own fans, writing on his message board: “I decided to give you my account of events in order to explain why this tour has not happened and will never happen.”



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