Sonic Youth, 'SYR9: Simon Werner a Disparu'

As we reported earlier this month, Sonic Youth is preparing to release its soundtrack to the French film “Simon Werner a Disparu” (aka “Lights Out”) as SYR9 in the long-running Sonic Youth Recordings series — and today the band revealed the release date, tracklist and cover art for the project.

The 12-track SYR9: Simon Werner a Disparu — Original Enregistrement Sonore will be released digitally via on Jan. 25, with CD and LP (with a download code included) releases following sometime in February, according to the band’s website (see full tracklist below). The CD also comes with a bonus 13th track, “Thème d’Alice,” that also will be available as a download with the purchase of the LP.

Furthermore, when the film — which screened at the Cannes Film Festival last May — is released on DVD in France on Feb. 1, will include a five-track “bonus preview CD” featuring some of Sonic Youth’s music from the film — and judging from the tracklist provided by the band, it will feature some tracks not on the SYR release.

Check out a minute-long trailer of the film, with Sonic Youth’s new music, below.

See tracklist for Sonic Youth’s SYR9 and trailer after the jump…

Tracklist: Sonic Youth, SYR9: Simon Werner a Disparu — Original Enregistrement Sonore

1. “Thème de Jérémie”
2. “Alice et Simon”
3. “Les Anges au piano”
4. “Chez Yves (Alice et Clara)”
5. “Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre”
6. “Thème de Laetitia”
7. “Escapades”
8. “La Cabane au Zodiac”
9. “Dans les bois /M. Rabier”
10. “Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia”
11. “Thème de Simon”
12. “Au Café”

13. “Thème d’Alice” (CD bonus track + available as download w/ LP)

Tracklist: “Simon Werner a Disparu” bonus CD

1. “M. Rabier (aspect)”
2. “Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre (aspect)”
3. “Alice et Clara (aspect)”
4. “Thème de Jérémie (aspect)
5. “Thème de Simon”



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