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Vintage Video: Hüsker Dü rocks Minneapolis daytime talk show ‘Good Company’ in 1986

Been a while since our last installment of Vintage Video, and even though that post featured the legendary Hüsker Dü, this clips was to good to pass up. The straight-from-VHS video quality’s not the best, but the band’s appearance on a Twin Cities daytime talk show called “Good Company” in April 1986 is priceless.

The band was on the program to promote the release of its Warner Bros. debut Candy Apple Grey, and performs, after a fabulous intro (“You are about to hear a band that is a — what would you call it? — just a break-out, wild, full-tilt sound”), “Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely” and “Makes No Sense At All.” Between the two songs, the band gets some couch time, too.






  1. Batshiz Krazay

    The crowd probably went, “What the hell is this crap???” Their kids on their other hand, probably have their music on their iPods. :)

  2. this is fantastic and hilarious, thanks!

  3. Found this by accident…one of my favorite clips. I grew up changing the channel from this show to cartoons after school, so this was amazing to get on vhs, years ago. Great site, btw.
    Chout (huskerchout)

  4. Scott Stalcup

    This is better than the “Punk” episodes of Donahue!

    Thanks for posting!

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