Free MP3: The Cult, ‘Lucifer’ — first track off new album ‘Choice of Weapon,’ due in May

After swearing off albums in favor of multi-song “capsules” over the past few years, The Cult roars back into action this May with a brand-new, 10-track album called Choice of Weapon, co-produced by Sonic Temple veteran Bob Rock and preceded by the rocker “Lucifer” — which is available here as a free MP3 download.

Produced by Rock and Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age), Choice of Weapon is the band’s ninth album and first in five years, and is set for release May 22.

Frontman Ian Astbury tells Billboard that he and Billy Duffy plan to tour the record, but plans are “all TBA, TBD, nothing in concrete right now. We’re going to be doing a bit of everything. It’s possible it could start in the United States; we’re looking at that potentiality. We’re looking at Europe for the summer, probably a mixture of festivals and our own shows, and larger venues in the U.K. in September. It’s just all falling together now.”

In a separate interview with Rolling Stone, Astbury discusses the themes of the record: “The title of the record reflects the fact that here we are, we have a choice to make right now. We can choose different modalities. We can either choose literal weapons, which, many people have picked up weapons in Libya, Egypt, Syria. Or picking up weapons and overtaking systems, physically, by force. In a more metaphorical sense, a weapon can be a camera, a weapon can be a pen, a weapon can be a statement, a verbal statement, a weapon can be an article of clothing.”

Check out the full tracklist below, and download “Lucifer” in exchange for an e-mail address.


Tracklist: The Cult, Choice of Weapon

1. “Honey From a Knife”
2. “Elemental Light”
3. “For The Animals”
4. “Life & Death”
5. “The Wolf”
6. “Amnesia”
7. “Lucifer”
8. “Wilderness Now”
9. “A Pale Horse”
10. “This Night in the City Forever”






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