Stream: Public Image Ltd., ‘One Drop’ — John Lydon’s first new PiL recording in 20 years

As promised, the first new Public Image Ltd. song in 20 years — a lilting, almost dub-ska track called “One Drop” — received its worldwide debut today via Steve Lamacq’s afternoon show on BBC’s 6 Music. You can stream the track, with the DJ’s intro and outro, via the player below. The song will be released on a vinyl EP as part of Record Store Day on April 21 in advance of the release of the full-length This Is PiL in May or June. Check out full details on the first new PiL music since 1992’s  That What Is Not right here.







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  • thaddeus

    welcome back, ya old rotter! xx

  • Steve

    Not bad, not bad…sounds a bit like a demo, or live, a bit of “Careering” in there, mixed with something from ‘9’. It could be worse… I hope they hit Chicago. (music’s not bad, with Lydon’s vocals maybe a *bit* too high in the mix)
    Thank you for posting…been looking on YouTube for it all afternoon.

  • Not too shabby. I was hoping for something a little more daring musically (e.g., “The Rabbit Song”) but I think it’s just fine. Glad they made a new record.

  • Henry Bemis

    Sounds a bit like “Like That” from the ‘9’ album. Still good. Like the strain in the vocals. Good stuff, John.

  • I am not going with “not too bad”…I’m ecstatic I have a new PIL song to listen to. Fantastic!

  • Cronge

    Excellent song.

  • Love it, nice return!

  • Batshiz Crazay

    Actually quite good. Was never huge fan but i do like this a lot. :)

  • Sounds awesome. Too bad Jah Wobble wasn’t playing bass on this track. I too wish it was a bit more daring but whatever… glad to have John back with a great track. Metal Box part II anyone?

  • cubik33


  • Guillote

    Love it! Me and my friends are waiting for PIL in Argentina. Excellent song, a new PIL song to enjoy!!!!!!!

  • “this is PiL?”

    More like “this is krap!”


    People: There’s a recession out there. Save your money. Better yet, get the Wobble/Levene EP which was released on I-tunes on Feb. 13th.

  • Why is the Wobble/Levene Ep so much better? I heard ‘fuck’ a lot in one song. Is that why?

  • Absolutely horrid. Lydon never knew when to quit.

  • Ho ho ho! I’m not a huge fan of him but my father is, and I find it quite well.

  • “This is Pants”

  • Lloyd Evans

    Horrible. Sounds like Amazulu with someone trying to be Wobble on bass; some very lazy lyrics as well.



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