Video: Public Image Ltd.’s full set at 6 Music anniversary concert — featuring 2 new songs

On Friday night, John Lydon’s reconstituted Public Image Ltd. performed at the 10th anniversary concert in London for BBC’s 6 Music, and, in the process, debuted two tracks — “Deeper Water” and the single “One Drop,” which has been aired on U.K. radio — off the group’s forthcoming album This Is PiL.

The full 52-minute set can now be seen via the BBC player posted above.  Plus, you can catch PiL live again today when the band plays a “secret” show to help launch Record Store Day 2012 — and that full set will be webcast at starting at 2 p.m. EST.


Setlist: Public Image Ltd., Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK, 3/16/12

1. “Deeper Water”
2. “This Is Not A Love Song”
3. “Disappointed”
4. “Warrior”
5. “Albatross”
6. “Flowers of Romance”
7. “One Drop”
8. “Rise”






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  • Paul Metzger

    How ironic-a man who loathes the queen performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Whats next, butter ads? Oh wait…….

  • I’m far too amused to discover that the BBC player above has a volume control that “goes to 11”. Well played, BBC.

  • dara giannotti

    Thanks so much for posting!!! Love P.I.L.!

  • David Eachus

    Paul Metzger, you foolish boy. When trying to be clever, make sure you get your facts right before looking like a dim wit. He never said he disliked the queen, fool!

  • Boggons

    Fantastic! Loved this concert :)
    “What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?”
    “Put it up to eleven.”
    “Eleven. Exactly. One louder.”



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