Stream: Public Image Ltd., ‘Lollipop Opera’ — off ‘This Is PiL’ album, ‘One Drop’ EP

On Saturday, Public Image Ltd. will release its first new music in 20 years in the form of the One Drop EP, a Record Store Day release featuring four tracks off the band’s upcoming full-length album This Is PiL, due out May 28. We’ve already heard lead single “One Drop,” but now comes a second new PiL track: “Lollipop Opera,” which the NME premiered today. Check it out below.







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  • david c

    I’m sure it means something to Mr. Lydon.

  • Chris


  • Brian

    Ye-e-eah…I love P.I.L, but this song sounds exactly like “Boom” by Flight of the Conchords. Trouble is; Flight of the Conchords is comedy.

  • I’m really REALLY trying to like this and “One Drop.” So far, I’m failing. I’m sure it’s my fault. I’ll try harder…

  • The Other Keith

    His bshroom is clean, not even a sign of the flowers of romance.

  • Steve

    Honestly, I used to be the biggest fan of PiL on the planet, but I don’t think I am going to bother with this new record at all. (Please no hate mail… but I also think his voice is shot)

  • xavfitz

    sounds great to me!!! i have followed them since the start. seen them at least a dozen times. saw there first tour, caught them in sf. actually, saw them in sf quite a few times. (i lived in the bay area for a few years). loved them ever since and will continue supporting them.



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