Video: Watch Blondie’s 45-minute live NYC webcast — plus download 3 new songs

New Wave superstars Blondie performed a 45-minute concert in New York City today that was webcast as part of the YouTube Presents series — and the video is still up at YouTube, so feel free to relieve the experience right here. As an added bonus, the band released three brand-new studio tracks — “Bride of Infinity,” “Dead Air” and “Rock On” — that are free for the downloading (or streaming) below.











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  • As a casual observer, couldn’t get past the whole visual look thing for the concert. They just didn’t quite give the impression of being terribly interested to me. Put them at a large indoor arena with multi video screens and so on at it’s probably different. The new studio tracks though sound rather good. “Dead” air probably my pick.

  • Amelia

    “They just didn’t quite give the impression of being terribly interested to me.”

    That’s like criticizing Pete Townsend for windmilling–it’s their schtick.

  • Mike C.

    … or chastising Justin Bieber for being a little turd.

  • Saw her in Port Chester last week. Same kind of performance, I enjoyed it.

  • I saw Blondie in SF about a month ago, with Devo. It was kind of sad actually. they were really off that night.Devo were great though!

    • I just have come to expect less with these kind of performances. It still has a nostalgic value to it though.



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