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Abecedarians’ debut mini-LP ‘Eureka’ to be released on CD for first time, reissued on vinyl

Pylon Records next week will release an expanded reissue of the debut mini-LP Eureka on vinyl and, for the first time ever, CD from late-’80s Los Angeles post-punk trio Abecedarians, the only American band to have released a single — 1985’s “Smiling Monarchs” — on Manchester’s legendary Factory Records.

Due out Dec. 4, the reissue “collects all the songs from the Eureka era, including the demos, which were mixed down in the early ’90s,” and will be released on CD and double vinyl. The first 300 copies of the LP release will be on blue vinyl, and will come with a bonus CD featuring “the rest of the Eureka-era tracks.” The blue-vinyl pressing will only be available directly from Pylon Records, and the bonus CD will not be included with the regular CD or LP reissues.

The label also is selling a limited-edition, custom Italian leather iPad sleeve bearing the logo of the band, which featured Chris Manecke, John Blake and Kevin Dolan.

Full pre-order options for the Abecedarians reissue can be see on Pylon Records’ site.

Below, check out the Eureka tracklist and hear the band’s Factory single.


Tracklist: Abecedarians, Eureka

1. “Ghosts”
2. “Soil”
3. “Beneath the City of the Hedonistic Bohemians”
4. “I Glide”
5. “Mice & Coconut Tree”
6. “Misery of Cities”
7. “Smiling Monarchs”
8. “Benway’s Carnival”
9. “Switch”
10. “Other Side of the Fence”
11. “They Said Tomorrow”
12. “Wildflower”
13. “John’s Pop”
14. “Spaghetti Western”





  1. Smiling Monarchs is a killer track!

  2. ESG, based out of Brooklyn, released a single on Factory – “You’re No Good” (FAC 34)

  3. Thanks for posting! Love this band – very underrated (or perhaps they’re just under-known). Have the original EP on vinyl but just ordered the limited edition blue vinyl – and am thrilled to get the additional tracks.

  4. wish this band would get lots more attention, nice piece on this release, it has me excited like when i was a kid waiting for the next package in the mail

  5. The song isn’t bad at all. Kinda has a Heaven17-y vibe to it. How do you pronounce their name?

  6. a·be·ce·dar·i·an a tyro, a beginner

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