New releases: The Lords of the New Church’s 5-disc ‘The Gospel Truth’ live/rarities box set

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ARTIST : The Lords of the New Church
RELEASE: The Gospel Truth
BACKSTORY: The classic post-punk act this week is anthologized on a  new 4CD/1DVD box set that includes a disc of 16 studio rarities recorded in 1987 and 1988 plus, on three subsequent CDs, live concerts recorded in 1982, 1983 and 1986. The fifth disc is a DVD featuring songs performed at a 1988 concert in Vienna.
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  • Notch Johnson

    I kinda want this. Didn’t Stiv die in Paris after being hit by a taxi or something?

  • Charles

    Pretty cool but would prefer their catalog be remastered and released as well. Some of their early albums are out of print still.

    • Scott

      Track Records out of England did remaster their studio albums. They sounded great. I got their debut. They are out of print now and expensive.

  • It’s 3CD & a DVD, not 4CD (I have it).
    Agree I would like to see the canonical catalogue out again – but not, please, after getting killed by brickwall limiting & overcompression.
    “Is Nothing Sacred” should also have the proper version of “Dance With Me” as on the vinyl – not the one on the CD I have.
    (I have all CD’s available as far as I can tell except for the 13 track version of the debut – my CD is just t he 10 original tracks)



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