Stream: Depeche Mode’s new single ‘Heaven’ and B-side ‘All That’s Mine’

Depeche Mode’s new single “Heaven” is set to premiere this Friday, but the highly anticipated lead-off from the upcoming Delta Machine has leaked, along with its accompanying B-side “All That’s Mine.” Check them both out here while they last via Philly’s Radio 104.5; the tracks go on sale digitally via retailers such as on Friday, with CD singles going on sale Tuesday.

UPDATE: Watch the official “Heaven” music video.


Depeche Mode, “Heaven”


Depeche Mode, “All That’s Mine”






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  • Once again they have surprised us with something completely different to their last. Its doesn’t sound like an obvious single but they never really go with the most commercial track as the first single. Its definately a grower, just like Dream On was. Cant wait for Delta Machine!

    • So glad you understand how mature they sound now. I loved DM back in 80’s and 90’s, but this is song is brilliant.

    • I love it right off the bat, but I do think it’s going to have to grow on a lot of their fans.

  • Scott

    Single reminds me of Pulp’s “We Love Life” album for some reason. I think it’s the pacing and lyrics.

    • Mistermonotone

      Though one of Pulp’s biggest influences is DM so therefore they sond like themselves?

  • Larry Mac

    Already gone from YouTube

  • Heaven is more of a grower than an instant like I think. Love that it’s another different sound for them. More like Dave Gahan’s SoulSavers album than a DM track. It’s also more akin to the ‘live’ sound of Songs of Faith and Devotion than to Violator as Martin Gore has recently suggested. The B side is a little more standard DM of yore.

    • I prefer the b-side. You can
      I’m glad to see they are still getting progressive and not spewing the same sound that many bands do… Still signature Dave’s voice. Can’t wait for the album and hopefully tour details to come soon.

  • Both are decent. Actually like the b-side more…

  • Peter

    Yeah, I like the change of pace on the single, but the b-side has more of that icy 80’s feel that I do quite like. Can’t wait for the album and tour!

  • Craig

    Totally prefer the B-side track. Looking forward to the album to see what they’ve been up to.

  • Not loving the b-side to be honest, very ordinary Gahan track. I really wish he wouldnt write for the band, his influences are quite boring. Still a great frontman though.

  • Perfect. So mature. Brilliant song. Brilliant vocals, Dave.

  • Linnen

    Wow! I love “Heaven” – not at all what I expected but I’m really happy that it’s what I received! I hear some SOFAD in there, mixed with a bit of the Soul Savers sensibilites. Great vocals, some music that is truly kind of catchy even though it takes a few listens to realize it…. Really makes me psyched for “Delta Machine!”

  • Mike C.

    Disappointed. Don’t care for either one.

  • I don’t know what people on here are hearing from these two singles, but both are fantastic! Classic DM. Go back and listen to Heaven again. It’s amazing!

  • modey

    Definetly takes a few listens,everyone expects a really noisy first single,but I completely get where there coming from with that track,But would like some ” A PAIN THAT IM USED TO ” type tracks on album,LOUD AND GRUNGY!

  • Not that impressed with either song.

  • Both were pretty boring to me.

  • Liked the b-side better, over all not to impressed with heaven

  • I don’t know if this makes any sense but neither sounded like they were produced by a BAND. Both sounded like some guy laid out a Garage Band track and Gahan just oversang. Just doesn’t have the depth their previous tracks have. If that makes sense. Seems Postal Service-ish.

  • Matt Abell

    For those not sold on the bluesy sound of Heaven (single version), check out the Owlle mix – fantastic and sure to satisfy those of us who love the more dancey, techno Mode.



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