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Stream: Depeche Mode, ‘Delta Machine’ — hear full album a week early on iTunes

Depeche Mode, 'Delta Machine'

Following live previews of some of the album’s songs at a pair of special performances last week and a leak of the full record on Sunday, Depeche Mode is now streaming its forthcoming LP Delta Machine, for free on iTunes one full week ahead of its release. The record’s out in North America next Tuesday, but check it out now at the link below.

LINK: Stream Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine on iTunes






  1. Listened to it twice. There is a lot to like – some beautiful melodies wrapped in crisp, unusual electronic sounds. Also heard a lot of Martin Gore harmonies which I enjoyed. Kind of harsh and an odd type of aggressive at times, but the nice melodies keep things pleasing to the ear. My biggest complaint would be simply that the song “Soft Touch/Raw Nerve” sounds unfinished. I wish it had a little more to it musically. I’m looking forward to listening to it again.

  2. Hmmm, I don’t know. Heard the first 5 songs and I love Angel, Heaven is O.K. and well…I don’t know about the rest. I really liked the last 2 albums. Heck I have been a fan since People are People single, but this album just doesn’t do it for me. I am not listening to anymore. Will wait till my copy comes in the mail. Too bad.

  3. ‘Eh’… Slightly better than ‘Exciter’ and ‘Sounds of the Universe’… worse than ‘Playing the Angel’.

    Not the worst DM album, but certainly nowhere on par with the ‘classic’ era albums.

    Pretty boring in most parts. I won’t be purchasing this record, and if they don’t change up the setlist I won’t be seeing this tour.

  4. Awful album. Only a couple decent songs (Soothe My Soul, Secret To The End, Broken & Alone). Agree on previous comment that this album is better than SOTU, but worse than Playing The Angel. After two disappointement in a row, maybe it’s time for retirement.

  5. My New Ranking of DM albums:

    1. Violator
    2. Music for the Masses
    3. Black Celebration
    4. Songs of Faith & Devotion
    5. Some Great Reward
    6. Playing the Angel
    7. Construction Time Again
    8. Speak & Spell
    9. Ultra
    10. A Broken Frame
    12. Sounds of the Universe
    13. Exciter

    So, DM have put out their 3rd worst record imo, lol… not really much improvement.

    Its time for DM to retire, the last song on this is called ‘Goodbye’.

    Do this tour, and maybe a farewell tour in 2015 and call it a day.

    • My ranking of DM albums:

      1. Ultra
      2. Music For The Masses
      3. Violator

      12. Delta Machine
      13. Sounds Of The Universe

  6. Martin Gore is a F@#$KING LIAR!….this in no way sounds like a mix between Violator & Sounds Of Faith And Devotion…..they haven’t been inspired in a REALLY long time and it shows….sounds like Depeche Mode are knocking on deaths door.

  7. Today listen ‘Exciter’ first, then listen Delta Machine. I must admit that Exciter compare to this new Depeche Mode album is a masterpiece. This new Depeche album is complete bullshit. Dave voice is awful, every song on this new album sounds like unfinished demos and lyrics is boring (pain, heaven, god, jesus, faith, love & other common words in Depeche Mode songs from 1990 to present day). Boring, boring, boring…What happened to the best synth pop band in the world?

  8. Thought SOTU was brilliant as was PTA but so far am not that impressed with this one. Heaven is great and few other tracks seem interesting but it seems a bit tuneless to me.

  9. Loved this album. It was much better than what i was expecting.

  10. Been a fan for easily 25 years and I have to agree. This album sucks…. it was painful to listen to. Dave was over singing on nearly everything and it was just so boring it is either time to get Alan back somehow or call it quits. Also, lay off the leather a little they look like alternative spokesmen for a testosterone commercial. I have noticed that bad albums from artists always seem to get “leaked”. This album just proves my belief even more.

  11. Tough crowd. I honestly think its their best and most cohesive album since the 90s. Broken, The Child Inside and Alone are classic Depeche Mode. You all cant seem to accept the fact that they have moved on and are a much different band than they were, i really like Delta Machine, of all the bands that formed in 1980, Depeche Mode are the only one still making great music, they never short change their fans.

  12. Last album I bought was Violator. From reading the reviews, I guess it will stay that way.

  13. I can’t stand My Little Universe and Always, the rest is good shit! Best songs are Welcome To My World, Heaven, Broken, Should Be Higher and Sooth My Soul.

    I Think this is way better than Sounds Of The Universe but not up there among the rest. I Listen a lot to SOFAD, Ultra and Exciter.

  14. Worst DM album EVER. I have been a fan since Speak & Spell. I have seen (and LOVED) them live many, many times over the years. I’m genuinely disappointed and have to agree it was actually painful and difficult to listen to this one. This will be the first concert of theirs that I’m skipping in the last decade. Oh well. I have three words …over the hill.

  15. Awesome album. Right up there with Violater and 101 (live album, admittedly). Angel has an awesome beat. Just hoping they tour long enough for me to finally get to see them. Will have to go to the US though, as they’ll never come to NZ or Aus.

  16. Personally I think the songs on “Delta Machine” are overall pretty weak; production is “ok.” Sounds of the Universe was even worse- just an awful album. “Playing the Angel” by contrast was a masterpiece. the song were good and the production sublime. To me Playing the angel was the true successor to Violator.

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