Front Line Assembly, 'Echogenetic'

Long-running electro-industrial act Front Line Assembly returns next month with a brand new album titled Echogenetic, and label Metropolis Records this week debuted the set’s first single, “Killing Grounds” — which you can stream below. The album, due out July 9, is billed as showing off a “new facet” of FLA, and is completely guitar-free.

Check out the song, full tracklist and European tour dates below.


Front Line Assembly, “Killing Grounds”


Tracklist: Front Line Assembly, Echogenetic

1. “Resonance”
2. “Leveled”
3. “Killing Grounds”
4. “Blood”
5. “Deadened”
6. “Ghosts”
7. “Echogenetic”
8. “Exhale”
9. “Exo”
10. “Prototype”
11. “Heartquake”


Front Line Assembly tour dates:

Aug. 9: PIPL Club, Moscow, Russia
Aug. 11: M’era Luna Festival, Hildesheim, Germany
Aug. 13: Battschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
Aug. 14: Zold Pardon, Budapest, Hungary
Aug. 15: Lucerna Music Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
Aug. 16: Kantine, Augsburg, Germany
Aug. 17: E-Strasse, Dresden, Germany
Aug. 18: Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany
Aug. 21: The Garage, London, England
Aug. 22: Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland




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